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    Hope all goes well for your daughter dianne..thinking of you em
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    My dear husband was diagnose at age 72. We suspected something not right about two years earlier. When he went for a physical he had absolutely no problems, all vitals right on, we asked then why he had tremors, was noticing difficult in walking. Doctor basically at that time brushed it off. Two years later he was diagnosed. He passed away this January and it was two years before that his speech, had to have a wheelchair, and memory started to progress. Again all his vitals BP etc was right on. This year it rapidly started to progress, refused eating, completely shut down. New Years Day I went to see him which I went every day, he was smiling we had some drinks and 10 days later he completely shut down. He died the 28th. Cause Thrive refused to eat, and Parkinson's. Kidneys were the first to shut down. So he had a short time as he was in much pain was on morphine and died a peaceful death. Being a avid reader and learning everything I could on PD being his caretaker, it appears what I have read that PD can progress much faster than someone developing PD in Younger years. Miss him terribly but so grateful he did not suffer long.