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    Yep, I've been up since 4 am. Yep, I went to bed at 11:45 pm. So, here's what I think: I had a pretty stressful evening (thanks boss!) so I decided to skip the usual plan of nightly swimming and reading a book before bed. Instead, I just watched TV on the couch and did some random web searching. Also ate less than optimal food, re: spicy junk! So, note to self: my brain and metabolism are far too active to be fooled by vegging out when life is stressful. Stick to the routine if possible - especially on stressful days - but also have a plan B of secondary activities in place just in case I need a break from the routine.
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    PD is a (blue book) condition for SSDI and SSI which is completely different programs. I learned the hard way that not enough work credits within the previous 5 years will prevent you from drawing SSDI regardless of how much you paid in for the years before the 5 year window. SSI was approved the first time I applied. I included copies of medical reports that showed the required symptoms of PD to be automatically approved by SS. I also answered the questions about how PD impacted me. Less than two weeks I received the call telling me that I was approved for SSI. During the two weeks the VA approved Non Service Connected VA PENSION, which is just enough to make one ineligible for SSI but NSC VA PENSION pays twice the amount of SSI. I was approved for Service Connected Disability for Parkinson's Disease a few months later and 3 years to the day from the day I filed my original claim. I will find the link for the SS automatically approved criteria and posthttps://www.apdaparkinson.org/resources-support/living-with-parkinsons-disease/disability/ This discusses it some I hope it helps somehow.