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    Look on line for IGeneX Labs in California. They will send you a kit that you take to any lab to have your blood drawn and then sent back to IGeneX to test. They are one of the best labs to get more accurate results than most. You'll need to find a Lyme-literate doctor. Be sure they are Lyme literate, or you''ll just waste your time and money. There are Lyme Organizations on line that can help you. Don't go to the LDSA. ILADS is the more up-to-date organization for Lyme Disease information. I'll be doing the same testing at some point, too, as I have a Lyme-related condition in addition to PD. Best wishes to you-- https://igenex.com/order-a-test-kit/
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    Lyme is devilishly hard to accurately diagnose. I think there's only one or two labs with a reputation of getting it right. If you can get that test done it might give you peace of mind. That said, not everyone responds well to any given PD medication. Being on my phone I can't see if your signature block lists meds, but if you can post what meds you have tried, including dose and frequency that might help. Including non-PD meds helps too.