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    You never forget but you put it into perspective. Early stage is mainly a nuisance of symptoms that hardly rise to the level of panic. I'm trying to enjoy these years knowing that they are numbered. I'm encouraged by those on this forum who have been at this for ten, fifteen, twenty years and still are able to manage their symptoms. It could be a lot worse! Gardener
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    Tom...you have several great stories within the one post. That is great. Man, i could not even contemplate a 10 K run. Good for you..be careful. I was on the floor, on purpose , the other night working some knots out of my back on my yoga mat. I HAD A BIT OF TROUBLE GETTING UP WHEN THE TIME CAME, Sorry bout those caps but takes too much effort to change them. I will be 60 something this year. I think that I am getting tired of having Parkinsons. My shoulders, arm, chest area continue to be cramped and locking up on me. Keep up your physical conditioning Tom, that is great that you do, Hope everyone is avoiding the fires of California. 100 yr anniversary of the ceasefire that ended WW1 on Sunday as well. Peace be with you all and your lives. jb Tom, we could call you Tommy James or something if you want......
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    Thanks, Diane and JB. Five years ago is when my son helped me off the floor in the garage. I had changed the oil in my truck, and got "stuck" and couldn't get off the floor for about four hours. Thankfully he stopped by for something and assisted. I never did fess up but thought my days of working in the garage were over. Hard to realize it's only been two years since I've had DBS! Marcia, do be careful with the kitties. A friend with Parkinson's wife missed a step and fractured her Tibia. She had surgery this morning but normally works out with us. The oddest part about running 5K was I wasn't winded and made up back up that hill (course looped back) without an issue when most had to resort to walking. I was talking with someone else doing the same pace, and she commented I could push much harder as I wasn't having an issue conversing! I may start working on 10K's, but prefer trail (dirt path) runs over the pavement as it is easier on my feet. With all my HIIT exercise, my resting heart rate is 50. When I didn't work out for three weeks, only did yoga stretching, it slowly climbed back up to 62. After a week of HIIT back to 50-52 range. My cardiologist gave me the green light to push to 170 on runs, as I am in great shape for 60. Normally you don't want to go over (220-age), but his comment was he wished more of his patients exercised more. I have this joke. My parents picked out a fine name for me, but when I was born my mother told the nurse my name was Thomas. It was listed on the birth certificate and forgotten until my mom got back from the Hospital and there was a banner welcoming Mother and Baby James. I think Thomas was the better choice. Her sister, upon hearing the name, exclaimed: "You named your son after that CAT!" Seems a stray would always hang around the house, which mom called "Tom" (short for tomcat). Little did anyone realize that I would be good for nine lives, so I plan to live each on the fullest.
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    I am an outside person. My favorite hobby is gardening. Now that winter has come I Dont know what I am going to do with myself. I am limited with what I can do.I dont drive any more my balance is getting bad and I have been falling alot. I try to read lot. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do to keep from going crazy this winter !!!
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    Wow, we have been on a wild ride this last week. Ten days ago I got really sick with pain and nausea in my midriff on the right side. Sick both Friday and Saturday night, it got so bad on Monday night I had to drive myself to the ER at 3am because I was in so much pain. I woke hubby up and told him I was going to the ER and I would call our daughter around 6 am and he would be fine. He went right back to sleep. They decided to keep me and transfer me to another facility. My SIL came to stay with hubby during all this transfer part and DD went with me. Turns out I had stones, sludge, in my bile ducts, gallbladder, and my pancreas. They had no time for a surgery spot for me. Giving me fluids perked me up a bit but I had to eat a small meal so I could go home. Discharge was fine, but on my way home after that tiny meal I was sick as a buzzard again. Off to the ER again. Sent me to a different hospital again. Saturday I had the procedure to break up the stones and place a stint. That was so painful. Had Gallbladder surgery on Monday. Home resting now. A few takeaways, our emergency plan worked to perfection. Family, friends were there the second I needed help. The real issues were with reassuring hubby that it would be fine. He panics when I’m sick and this set him back a bit.they brought him to the hospital daily, I phoned him daily, all in all he handled it well. Moral of the story Caretakers have your plan ready, periodically review and see if those outside the family are still in the plan for you. Hubby’s anxiety was off the chain a few times, walk-in the floors etc. he wanted car keys so he could drive😳. They would divert, change the environment up a bit and got him through. Take care everyone!
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    Do you live in an area with a good library? I discovered quite by accident that the Seattle Public Library will deliver up to 100 books, DVDs, CDs and magazines to my home every month free of charge. I order online and a cheerful guy named Chris brings my entertainment to me. There are no late fees or overdue fines. I will be warm, cozy or cool and airconditioned and entertained all year round, simply because I'm disabled. Check it out! (pun intended) Dianne
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    Thanks, everyone. Love Peter Dunlop-Schols story. Linda, glad they found this issue. Odd things happen to our bodies, so I always remind friends Parkinson's is very gradual. Sudden changes and get checked out. My wife kept ignoring bowel issues. To her a lady never discusses such things, so when her doctor noticed her abdomen and asked "do you have regular BM's" her response was "yes". Yet it was a ribbon 1" x 1/8" wide (hint, that isn't normal at all). Hence her ruptured colon, sepsis, three months in ICU. 2005, so amazed she survived that. Everyone should google the Bristol Stool Chart and tell their doctor "number four on the Bristol chart, 2-inch diameter" Or for me, Type 1 rabbit pellets! It's a body function, doctors want to know details. I realize TMI, but I love my family here and want them to be informed and honest with their doctor. Spent a week on the road. Two days drive into Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Two days there, one spent at a football game (Roll Tide) and another walking around the campus. Saturday I put in six miles walking in addition to watching the game. My biggest concern was my wife as she hasn't joined me for a walk in years. She is the football fan, so had extra energy to enjoy the game. The drive there was in pouring rain, and despite breaking the drive into two days of a maximum of six hours, pouring rain and a pile-up on the freeway meant it turned into a ten-hour drive arriving after dark. Thankfully my wife was with me and the hotel was right off the interstate. I do not drive at night for a reason (visual processing is more difficult in low light, and add fatigue it isn't good). Arrived at the hotel, but exhausted. Didn't go out for dinner, but a place delivered Mulfatta's, so it was a good dinner. First time attending a football game. In college, all the Engineering students would joke "We have a football team?" as Saturdays were spent doing homework. o even when I lived on campus I never attended a game. To suddenly be in a stadium with 100,000 loud screaming fans who like watching the whole game while standing was an experience. The home side is in the shade, find on those hot days but we have a cool 45F with wind and my tremors kicked in full time. Medication on time, eating on time, everything on a schedule like clockwork and I couldn't stop shaking. Still had a great time, but by halftime people next to me were asking if I was OK or if they could get me a hot chocolate. I would have loved a hot chocolate, but my bladder wouldn't have lasted one minute with any additional fluids in it as I wasn't able to walk down the stairs without assistance, least make it to the bathroom. So it was shake city and "I'm fine" After the game, I was able to get my legs to move, but slowly walk and keep upright. We made a few stops, one in a local brewpub. Nice dark Stout. Then next stop for dinner (new place, thankfully no one knew was there, so we could get a table). After dinner made it back to the hotel, so the day was a success. I didn't do a faceplant and my wife was able to walk the full day. Enjoyed a few more nice restaurants on Saturday. The old downtown historic district, so lots of little places. One looked good for lunch. Hostess said "follow me" so my wife was in front of me, and we proceeded up some narrow steep stairs to the upstairs loft area. Have I ever mentioned while I can go up a flight of stairs, I can not go down them? No elevator, only a dumb waiter in the back for food and dishes. Yes, the bathroom was downstairs so I didn't drink as much water as I should have. Nice lunch, enjoyed a wonderful Kolsch, and slowly holding both handrails got my size 14 feet to get down those 8" wide stairs back down. Challenge meet and accepted. The best thing we can do when living with PD is just remember to go on living. I hurt and somedays never want to get out of bed, but there is so much I still want to do and press on. Taking a week off from boxing and exercising make it clear how much worse my symptoms get after a few days. So I need to get moving and keep on moving.
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    Miracle, nice to see you on here. What you do is hard, but so rewarding to know you are doing everything you can for your precious Mother. My husbands PD is about the same, very slow progression for him and I am so grateful. OMT keeps him moving, helps with flexibility, etc. and is an asset in our plan to deal with his issues. His Dementia has progressed, again slowly, no big changes. Recently I was hospitalized for a week and he was stressed to the max. He slept for three days when I got home and the house emptied out. His way of dealing with things is sleep and more sleep. Keep posting friends! We need each other more than ever!
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    MiracleSeeker, I think most of those days. Many days I have not wanted to go home and deal with my DW's attitude. I have been dealing with another situation and this week she has been kind and considerate. What a relief. I know she can be this way now, but how long will it last? Do what you can, don't worry about the others, they will get their reward in different ways for what they have and haven't done. Keep posting as that is a good way to let off steam. Coachj T
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    Miracleseeker, look back at the last year and see all the acts of kindness you have given to your mother. No one is ever sorry for being kind. You do what you do because you love your mother. I know it is hard. I have been there, but there will be no regrets. Please take some time for yourself if you can. A little break does wonders.
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    Dear Miracleseeker, You have contributed so much to this forum and all of us have benefited from your kindness and experience. Believe me when I say that no parent wants their child to sacrifice their best years as their caregiver. Your mom is fortunate to have such a devoted daughter and as hard as it is to see her through this journey please know that some day you will be able to look back on all those years knowing that you did everything you could to make her life worthwhile. Your Mom, though she may not be able to say this, wants you to take care of yourself so please try to do this for her. Take care, Gardener
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    It's now more than 2 years later from when I started this thread and things have gotten worse. As the year ends I reflect and say this has been a crappy year and I'm glad it's ending. Well.. I say that every year because I have very little to be thankful for. Why does life have to be so hard? People who have it all just keep thriving while the rest of us struggle. I can count at least 5 ex CG's from this forum that have lost their loved ones and it really saddens me. I re-read some of the previous posts as if it was just yesterday and can't believe how life has changed.
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    I don't think that Dr. Okun has ever said that Levadopa does not cause dyskinesia. What I have read from Dr. Okun and also have been told by my MDS is that dyskinesia is the result of too much levadopa in the presence of Parkinson's disease. I developed dyskinesia when my dose was approaching 1000 mg a day. I lowered my dose and no longer have dyskinesia. Gardener
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    Good morning,that is a good read Peace. As I feed my horse, often I wonder why I bother. Cause I still can seems to be the answer still. Hope everyone has a good day! All the best to all of you! jb. Hi to you Em, how are things in Ireland.?
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    This election is probably the most important social event in our lifetime.We stand at a time our country needs the balance in power restored.The present leader now brags about being a nationalist on top of racking up countless lies and acts of shaming his enemies.Most of all he blames our free press for not going along with his agenda of authoritarianism. Midterms elections are notorious of having a poor voter turnout.We need every voter to first be objective and know the true facts .of the scandals already exposed by this corrupt regime If you want our country to restore order and save our democracy,please do your best in getting others to vote Dr.Low said the best thing for our being is revitalizing energy.Empathy,love,hope,fellowship,patriotism and other other group centered drives all contribute to this.On the other hand he also said if we are struck with fear,hate,envy, antipathy,we must reject not nurture these dark . enemies of peace whether within or outside.Get the idea.?He also said a good philosophy that life will get better .The catch is it takes work and dedication for this to happen not wishful thinking. Finding just causes that will leave our heritage in a better world can help greatly in living with PD and other chronic illnesses.It sure has helped me and I hope others. This also affects our hope of a breakthrough that could stop the disease.Drug companies have been greatly rewarded with huge tax cuts yet fail to spend even pennies on R&D..The democratic platform seeks to correct this crime and make them pay their fair share .The dems also want to protect pre existing conditions something most GOP fail to do.Healthcare fhas gone up a whopping 15& GNP since 1975.There now also is a decline in life expediency even with this vast expense..these issues much also be addressed and just paying more for less just won"t help. This is not a political statement.For me it is my patriotic duty to help keep our country safe and on track that life will get better for all humanity. Thank you john
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    guys like these have my respect and gratitude LAD
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    Well, if you've got a mouse at home with PD, this drug might be just the thing. Whether it will do anything for people is another question entirely.
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    It’s not politically correct to roll your eyes when you hear facts.... lol!
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    Coacht, thank you for this information. This is the way I prefer to do things crunching numbers like this. I didn't know that one spouse can get insurance and it applies to the other. Great thinking on this one and I will run some numbers on it.
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    PatriotM, Guess what? The facts don’t support most of that list of Trump talking points, despite what Fox News says. It also ignores all of Trump’s lying, racism, and bigotry. You seems like a decent person, so maybe Trump is right when he said, there are good people on both sides... -S
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    @Sherrie Thanks for the input. I was doing the same thing with driving, like limiting my distance and time of day. Driving has actually gotten better for me over the last month and a half now. I started new treatments with my therapist and more focus on meditation, which has helped with stress and anxiety. I also had .125mg or pramipexole prescribed to me along with 100mg of Wellbutrin. I think all of these have helped with driving and even other complicated tasks. After being so low for so long, I can definitely attest to the fact that being optimistic and engaged makes a big difference.
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    I've been trying out taking my last dose of Rytary arund 8 pm before swimming and it's a totally different experience. I'm more flexible and it's easier to swim without pain or restriction of movement. I like it. I'm also able to hit my top speed in lap swimming without feeling like i'm running a mile. It's a much smoother and connected feeling. So far I haven't noticed a drop off in dopamine after swimming. I'm usually in bed by 10:30/11 and have been able to sleep pretty soundly until about 530/6 am on most nights.
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    Hey Papa57, im so sorry you’re suffering - which is what I call pain and worry mixed together in a seemingly unavoidable, inescapable muck. theres no easy answer to your situation and it’s a question that faces us all....when is it time to move from the past to a new future and do we have the energy to make the best of things. It can be daunting to make that change, especially if you look past or downplay what you have gained in life and focus mostly on what you’ve lost. ...I used to be this, could do that, had those things..now I don’t, what will I do, etc... it takes courage to live and thrive, and even more courage to live gracefully as you get older and sick. But it also takes the wisdom of living in this earth for six decades...and you’ve got that..so go and explore, and learn, and teach and encourage. you’ve also got friends and support on this forum and you can always make more if you get out and find what makes you happy now. My therapist recently asked me what did I want to be when I grew up..and what kind of job did I want to spend my last working years doing. I’m thinking about that...I wanted to be a spy...or a scientist, or an orchestra conductor. -S
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    A teaspoon a day should be fine. I don't so far agree with the advice to take it by the cupful daily; but it is a good food in moderation, as is olive oil, walnuts and walnut oil, avocados and avocado oil. All have health benefits, but should be used prudently.
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    I've read in several publucations that coconut oil is good for your brain. What is your opinion on taking/eating a tsp a day? Luckily, if I take a mouthful of water and the coconut oil, it is easy to swallow. (I down a handful of vitamins the same way).