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    Thanks, Diane and JB. Five years ago is when my son helped me off the floor in the garage. I had changed the oil in my truck, and got "stuck" and couldn't get off the floor for about four hours. Thankfully he stopped by for something and assisted. I never did fess up but thought my days of working in the garage were over. Hard to realize it's only been two years since I've had DBS! Marcia, do be careful with the kitties. A friend with Parkinson's wife missed a step and fractured her Tibia. She had surgery this morning but normally works out with us. The oddest part about running 5K was I wasn't winded and made up back up that hill (course looped back) without an issue when most had to resort to walking. I was talking with someone else doing the same pace, and she commented I could push much harder as I wasn't having an issue conversing! I may start working on 10K's, but prefer trail (dirt path) runs over the pavement as it is easier on my feet. With all my HIIT exercise, my resting heart rate is 50. When I didn't work out for three weeks, only did yoga stretching, it slowly climbed back up to 62. After a week of HIIT back to 50-52 range. My cardiologist gave me the green light to push to 170 on runs, as I am in great shape for 60. Normally you don't want to go over (220-age), but his comment was he wished more of his patients exercised more. I have this joke. My parents picked out a fine name for me, but when I was born my mother told the nurse my name was Thomas. It was listed on the birth certificate and forgotten until my mom got back from the Hospital and there was a banner welcoming Mother and Baby James. I think Thomas was the better choice. Her sister, upon hearing the name, exclaimed: "You named your son after that CAT!" Seems a stray would always hang around the house, which mom called "Tom" (short for tomcat). Little did anyone realize that I would be good for nine lives, so I plan to live each on the fullest.
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    It's now more than 2 years later from when I started this thread and things have gotten worse. As the year ends I reflect and say this has been a crappy year and I'm glad it's ending. Well.. I say that every year because I have very little to be thankful for. Why does life have to be so hard? People who have it all just keep thriving while the rest of us struggle. I can count at least 5 ex CG's from this forum that have lost their loved ones and it really saddens me. I re-read some of the previous posts as if it was just yesterday and can't believe how life has changed.
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    I don't think that Dr. Okun has ever said that Levadopa does not cause dyskinesia. What I have read from Dr. Okun and also have been told by my MDS is that dyskinesia is the result of too much levadopa in the presence of Parkinson's disease. I developed dyskinesia when my dose was approaching 1000 mg a day. I lowered my dose and no longer have dyskinesia. Gardener
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    Good morning,that is a good read Peace. As I feed my horse, often I wonder why I bother. Cause I still can seems to be the answer still. Hope everyone has a good day! All the best to all of you! jb. Hi to you Em, how are things in Ireland.?
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    Tom...you have several great stories within the one post. That is great. Man, i could not even contemplate a 10 K run. Good for you..be careful. I was on the floor, on purpose , the other night working some knots out of my back on my yoga mat. I HAD A BIT OF TROUBLE GETTING UP WHEN THE TIME CAME, Sorry bout those caps but takes too much effort to change them. I will be 60 something this year. I think that I am getting tired of having Parkinsons. My shoulders, arm, chest area continue to be cramped and locking up on me. Keep up your physical conditioning Tom, that is great that you do, Hope everyone is avoiding the fires of California. 100 yr anniversary of the ceasefire that ended WW1 on Sunday as well. Peace be with you all and your lives. jb Tom, we could call you Tommy James or something if you want......
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    Well, if you've got a mouse at home with PD, this drug might be just the thing. Whether it will do anything for people is another question entirely.