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  1. Hola! tengo 30 años y hace poco mas de año fui diagnosticada con Parkinson.. uno de los sintomas que mas me molestan son el calor que en veces siento.. es un calor muy diferente, siento que casi me quemo por dentro. ( y por me edad podemos descartar la menopausa) Puedo estar en un cuarto con otras personas y todos estan de lo mas comodo y yo me muero de calor.. (me da como en episodios) x lo general una a dos veces al dia - aveces se pasa el dia y no da- estos episodios duran como unos 10 minutos. Ya le comente a mi neurologo (MDS) y me mando a revisarme la tiroides y todo salio bien... algun consejo?
  2. hello all:) I am 30 years old and was dx wit PD a little over a year ago. One of the things that most bothers me is this very hot episodes I have... I get very very hot... (and from my age you can discard menopause) I can be in a room and everyone perfectly comfortable and I am just burning up- its a very different sensation- I feel I am hot like internally.. and it really bothers me... I find what ever I can find to start fanning air... I have mentioned it to my doctor- she had me check my thyroid and it is fine.. I am very involved in the PD community and have found out this hot episodes are in fact a PD symptom ( I just don't know how to treat it and my DR does not seem to know either) any advise??? Does anyone have this same problem?
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    MITO Q

    My doctor told me to take MITO Q- (it needs to be bought online- I bought it 2 times but it is expensive $70 a month) what is the component of it? I am hoping I can get it at for cheaper if I know what is on it? thank you