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  1. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Hi to all,, Glad that you are back keeping us posted Linda. We all missed you! Cold here today, well, colder than it should be. At about -6 C or 20 F it sends you scrambling for gloves, long underwear and the winter coats. Brr. Canada.. YOu all have a good day and say a word for the Golden Bear State. All the best to all of you. jb
  2. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Good morning,that is a good read Peace. As I feed my horse, often I wonder why I bother. Cause I still can seems to be the answer still. Hope everyone has a good day! All the best to all of you! jb. Hi to you Em, how are things in Ireland.?
  3. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Tom...you have several great stories within the one post. That is great. Man, i could not even contemplate a 10 K run. Good for you..be careful. I was on the floor, on purpose , the other night working some knots out of my back on my yoga mat. I HAD A BIT OF TROUBLE GETTING UP WHEN THE TIME CAME, Sorry bout those caps but takes too much effort to change them. I will be 60 something this year. I think that I am getting tired of having Parkinsons. My shoulders, arm, chest area continue to be cramped and locking up on me. Keep up your physical conditioning Tom, that is great that you do, Hope everyone is avoiding the fires of California. 100 yr anniversary of the ceasefire that ended WW1 on Sunday as well. Peace be with you all and your lives. jb Tom, we could call you Tommy James or something if you want......
  4. jb49

    Caretaker emergency!

    Hello ms. Pathfinder. You are a saint in your dedication to your husbands well being and your organizational skills.
  5. jb49


    Dr. Okum, I am having a problem since having my dbs installed. this summer. I am from Ontario and the the surgery took place in Toronto. For some reason, when I relax to sleep, it seems like my arms go on overdrive and I awake even after only 2 hours of sleeping and my arms are pinned like my joints are all frozen in position. In place and very painful to move. When I get up in the morning or even in the nightime still if necessary, it takes me a long time to get them moving again. As the months go by, it seems that they freeze up even more seriously. This week I will have an ultrasound to see if I have a rotator cup issue. Why would this be happening.? It is not like I pitch for the Blue Jays or swim the front crawl for the Canadian Olympic team. I am just sleeping when this happens. Any ideas.?
  6. jb49

    A journal became a blog

    Nice work Lori! jb
  7. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Oh Marcia, get back into your green bottle (Green Genie!) if you are going to be falling. I am sorry your cats, kid's cats, whoesever cats are causing you work. Be careful. Tom . that is wonderful that you can run that far. Man, I would be so winded. If one subscribes to the theory of incarnation, one could do worse than coming back as one of your golden retrievers Tom.Do you have eyes on your next marathon. You should. And Dianne , I hope that the sun is shining onto you and you are comfortable, happy and warm. And any one find out where Linda is yet? As aways, jb
  8. jb49

    Good morning!!

    That is great Dianne, I'm glad that they realize your potential for helping others, Lori, I'm glad your son is fine, It does make one happy to see the world gather together and stare down terror. Stand tall and strong ps. Anyone spoke to Linda of late??
  9. jb49

    Good morning!!

    So sorry to the City of Pittsburgh, Jewish people everywhere, and anyone who thought that the world was civilized. Obviously we are not there yet! jb
  10. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Good afternoon everyone, well everyone that peeks in here I wish good afternoon to. Well, good afternoon to everyone. I want to be inclusive. If Marcia can live in that bottle of green stuff for as long as she has, then I should be able to spend some time in the transmitting bottle connected to this site and transmit good wishes to all Parkys living on this planet earth or the other one that Canada purchased from the Aliens and occupies with a skeleton crew to maintain our control over it in case we have need for it one day. Please note that a lot of what I write has no facts, subliminal messages or merit of any sort whatsoever. Hey, that reads like I maybe have spent time in a bottle, maybe Canadian Rye, But no, If I wobble when I walk, it isn't from time with a bottle, I get my wobble honestly from Parkinsons disease. Hey, you know how we do that escape to the beach thing from time to time? I see that the Toyota Rav4 is using that same song in its Canadian commercials at least. I hope that Marthaa and the muffins get some royality money for it. And that is all I guess. Have good days everyone. jb
  11. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Good morning all Parky's from Parks Avenue to Parksylvania and all the little parks places in between such as Parkseatlleburg. The fall here, rather the autumn here has been going on whether or not I get my fall jobs done or not. All things absolutely always get done one way or another. I have most of the stuff out of the garden except for a few beets. Jack Frost I see came last night and picked the last of the tomatoes though. I should of had them picked and in the garage. I hope that everyone has had a good weekend. I hope anyone involved in the hurricanes is ok and getting back to more normal. best wishes to all...jb .
  12. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Wow, Mike the hurricane, really gave west Florida a rough going over. So sorry to see that happen. Where do you start on that cleanup???
  13. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Happy Birthday LAD!
  14. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Thanks Marcia. It always is sad to lose a pet. Sad if they die, or if they are put down. Maybe you should come out of the little green bottle that you have been living in. Come out and stretch your legs and arms and stand up straight. It might feel good to get out of that green kryptonite anyways. jb
  15. jb49

    This & that!

    I agree Peace. Great poem, I think that the bear visits my house about 3 in the morning and is a real pain. He twists my arms, whacks me on the shoulders and pulls the blankets off of me. He wakes me up asking if I have to go to the bathroom and he tells me I might as well, seeing as "you are awake anyways." He says "see you tomorrow night" as he leaves the room and the sunrise starts to pull back the curtains.