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  1. Oh LAD! I appreciate the offer but I’d feel really bad if you got injured making a video . I’m concerned. M
  2. So sorry to hear about falls and RA. I don’t rush anymore because I have fallen in the past. LAD is right. We need to know how to fall like a stuntman. That’s what I call it but not sure I know how to do that. I tripped once on the vacuum cord and accidentally fell right cause I didn’t get injured, not even a bruise. Now I use a cordless vacuum. The neurologist gave me a sheet on preventing falls which mostly I already knew. I have fallen twice when it was not caused by tripping. The house we have has three steps down to a family room where the washer and dryer are. We are considering moving to a place that doesn’t have any steps. Hoping everyone doesn’t have falls in their future. Hang in there jb. M.
  3. Thinking of you. Add me to your list of caring people. Hang in there. M
  4. Well, neurologist said I’d be the perfect candidate for the surgery. DBS. He gave me a CD to watch. I’m not sure I can cope with it. I know some of you have gotten it done. Then I saw an episode of Star Treck where they opened a cover on Data’s head and exposed his electronics. Not the same but in a way it is. I guess it boils down to I’m scared. I admitt it. The meds started working except for Saturday. Not sure why that was. And TTom, I don’t know how to swim either. There is a story behind why we have the cat but that will wait for another day. The two cats were my sons and his wife’s which they rescued. Now we have one and they have one. Thinking of all you and hope things are going well.
  5. Thanks LAD and OTom for positive thoughts. I like Lala land too. Sometimes I get thrown out. I should know better. But some days are difficult when meds aren’t working. Tuesday maybe neuro will try something else. We have a cat now. Wasn’t doing well at sons house. He loves DH. Not so much me. Smart cat. We might have to take him with us when we travel. Or my sister can watch him. I’m afraid he’ll get away. P.S. if you want to see pictures I have a blog since 2010. Hellomarcia.com
  6. I just read an obituary of my moms cousin. He died of Parkinson’s at 74. Eek! I knew it was on my dads side but not my moms! I’m doomed! It said he enjoyed skydiving and bungee jumping. Bucket list?? The meds aren’t working. For me. Tuesday neuro appointment.
  7. Happy birthday JB! We love Buckees! We even have a Buckee pillow. Texas Tom, that’s a lot of exercise. LAD, At our sons, We didnt know how to dance so when we had to get up at the reception we just did circles. It was more fun then worrying about what we looked like. You gain another person into your family. Anyone who can flip tires will be ok. windy here today. Possible thunderstorm. Then gets cold again.
  8. Ok, here is the only picture I like of me. Reminds me of a bird. My DH took this picture. He was standing I was sitting but he is taller than me anyway. My meds aren’t working like they should so neuro might increase dose at. Next visit. I am predicting. I hate how this progrzam changes what I type. 8m not changing it to show what funny stuff it substitutes. Oh well. Marcia Bird. P.s. Some mistakes are mine I’m sure.
  9. Good morning Parkie friends. LAD, my meds say not to drink alcohol when taking meds! She-Ra, we don’t have a MDS in our town either. We’d have to drive two hours for one. So I make do with local guy. im looking for a decent picture to replace green me. Can’t find one yet. Keep warm.! M
  10. I have been looking into this further and getting different info so the end result is I’ve got to talk to my neurologist. This drug has side affects also. No cure. Should always check with your doctor first anyway. This is where I’m at in my PD journey.
  11. Hi all! I started my new meds and, wow, it’s working! It’s not perfect but I can do things again. Now I need to do exercises to try and do better. I’ve been on the Amantadine for four days. Plus still on the Ldopa meds. And B12. I read the paper of side affects and it says it fights the flu also so I can’t go in and get a regular flu shot but need to ask for a special one. I hope all are doing good. We are still camping but wanted to update you. it is going to be cold again Saturday. I’ll take what I can get.
  12. Dianne, that is horrid to have days like that. I hate hospitals. The one thing you think you should get, sleep, you don’t get. You feel like putting a sign up Do Not Disturb. Tom’ right. Sometimes you feel like you got in the fork line by mistake. May your next spoons be tablespoons. Or a giant serving spoon.
  13. Yes, I remember the spoon theory. My problem is I don’t know how much to count. The meds mess up my math. How many do you use.? id bring all of you to the south if I could😀 it is cool here, not hot. But I count my blessings. I send heat to all who are cold . I try with laughs. Did you hear the one about...
  14. I everyone. I have not been feeling well. I think because my neuro is changing my meds. We decided to spend the winter in the south. We have two boys and their families to visit. Cold at night but nice during the day. We camp when we get tired of living with others. Right now in Arizona. Hope this is saved. I’ll write more later. M
  15. It turns out my computer broke. My DH told me I should just get a new one. I have to use a desk top screen to use my lap top. Difficult. We took the cats to our son. They hide till dark and then come out. Their toddler points this out to MaMa and Papa. He is starting to make sentences. He is entering his twos. Terrible twos. Christmas we are having lots of food and relatives over to help eat it. The fake tree has a couple branches lights are out. That's ok. There are lot more. My screen is flashing green. Nothing to do with my green face. In case I can't get back in for awhile I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas. And a happy New Year. M
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