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  1. Jack65

    What's next?

    Hey Kim, There is a book out called STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST - sounds strange I know but it is suppose to help artists focus on their creativity and ideas. Have not read it yet but it's cheap and has good reviews " Amazon. Hand cramping is an issue for me as well as standing. It helps me if I take some Advil, soak my hands in warm water and wear anti vibration gloves. The only problem is gripping and picking up things with the gloves can be tough. Have you ever thought about trying oil? Nice thing about oil is it stays fluid so long and mistakes are easily scraped off, just a thought for you. I hope you can get back into your art Kim, it's great for the mind, body and spirit. Take care, Jack
  2. Jack65

    Good morning!!

    Hey Saraho, I have Never been judged in this forum and everyone has more complicated issues because of their PD. So I think to share your frustrations is what this forum is for. I admire your faith and I am thankful that you have God's presence in your life. Sounds like you been blessed with a wonderful family. Hey all, Anybody ever sleep walk since they have gotten PD? The other night I woke up at the front door, weird! Have great day everyone! Jack
  3. Jack65

    Drinking Alcohol while on Sinemet

    It's never been an issue for me and I am glad. However, I have noticed if i over indulge I get a major headache. So, two or three and that's it for me! Yes I take Azlect and my Doc has given me the all clear. Jack
  4. Jack65

    Good morning!!

    Sleeping has been an issue for me to lately. I kind of have a pattern were I get 5 hrs, then 3, then none. Then I take 2 lorazepam crash for 8 hrs, and the pattern begins again. So 3 or 4am good morning, I must say I don't mind the quite time and its fun sometimes to do a surprise breakfast for my wife. But yeah it gets pretty old week after week, it would be nice to have normal sleeping pattern. Hope your daughter made back from her youth trip safe and sound Sarahjo - I hope a good nights rest comes soon for you. I hope your pattern changes Jenette to good nights of sleep. Here's to sweet dreams & good mornings, Jack
  5. Jack65

    What's next?

    Thanks Kim, Good information! Yes, for me the meds are wearing off quicker and I have several side effects from the sinemet. For me one of the big problems with sinemet is low blood pressure, I pass out rather easily. It makes my wife pretty nervous to find me in the hall way or bathroom passed out. I have finished all the fun testing they put you Through to see if the DBS is a fit. Just waiting now for the final sit down with my doctor. They will put the wires in both sides so two battery pack implants and yes, I will have remote. My wife says she is looking forward to the remote so she can turn me off, hahaha! Yeah can't say I am looking forward to having two holes drilled in my head, I don't know how that won't hurt. So Kim what medium do you use for painting? I am mainly an oil guy, love landscapes and still lifes. My tremors have added a very interesting type of impressionistic look, hoping the surgery will give me back a little more detail control. I also make brair tobacco pipes and wood jewelry. The wood working art is better for me to control because I can often still my hands by propping them on a table or piece of wood. Jc
  6. Jack65

    What's next?

    Great advice Kim! This may sound a bit crazy, but I have always loved art. I'm thinking of trying to make a go of it. Jack's shaky art? Become a starving artist? My wife says hmmmm.....? So the DBS, how's it working for ya? The surgery seems well, pretty crazy? Do you have any good general advice for me? They are putting me through all the testing to see if I am a good canadate for it. Last week did the sinemet depletion test, wow do I need sinemet. Should find out soon if its a go or not. The disability thing, my wife and I are going to a counselor to help us figure out, us and pd as well as the $ ? Does it ever piss you off that whenever you type in Parkinson's it always auto corrects and capitalizes Parkinson's. I don't think it should be honored and given respect to be capitalized, I know it's a guys last name but still! I wonder if he is ticked that they named this crappy disease after him. Man! I got to get some sleep! Peace! Jc
  7. Jack65

    Good morning!!

    You guys are awesome, I am doing it smily face t-shirt! If you want to see me smile stand on your head!!! Having beer at old Chicago with my wife right now. Got to see about those t-shirts my wife says heck ya!
  8. Jack65

    Good morning!!

    Hey Kim, Yeah the mask! It hit me when we came home last year for a visit. My kids who we were staying with kept saying hey dad are you alright are you ok. I kept saying yeah I'm fine! Why do you keep asking me that? Their response was well you just seem so serious you don't smile much anymore. Then it hit me stupid PD! I have had other people say " I seem more serious " it's the PD. You just feel like saying I am in here! I am really the same person! I guess I need to spend more time in the mirror practicing smiling. I guess I do not know the answer for this. Other then PD sucks! Hopefully folks will still give a chance, maybe we should start wearing smily face shirts! I only have one friend who will dare to yell my name in a airport "hi jack!, hi jack!" It's always a fun timeless joke! Good to meet you Kim!
  9. Jack65

    New to PD and Sinemet

    Hmmm... 12 hrs later? As far as more of the sinemet maybe, but are you experiencing less on then off? Do you have acid reflux? I have bad acid reflux and sometimes it can cause me nausea issues. I am use to playing around with my meds. I lived Africa for a long time with no access to a doc, so would just try different dosing on my own. The key is to do it gradual to see body reaction. The right move would probably be to see your doc. Sorry tremblenurse for the issues it is a bummer getting the right mix of meds for this stinking disease. The key be stubborn and keep tweaking it! Hope you find the right mix soon! Jc
  10. Jack65

    Good morning!!

    Thanks for the welcome! Good to back in the land of technology, I think? Good for JB!
  11. Jack65

    Motivational Deficiency

    PJ day, I like that! Right now I just feel like slip sliding away. Just really tired. JC
  12. Jack65

    Good morning!!

    Hi everyone, I remember some of you and some of you I don't know. I am Jack lived in Africa now have moved back to the US been back about 3 weeks. Lately the parkie flu has been kicking my butt! Seems like DBS is around the corner for me. Feeling frustrated and trying to keep a smile on my face. Seems like folks only see the mask lately, sucks! Anyway hope to get reacquainted with you all! Peace&health, Jack Ps- have not seen JB on, is he on vacation?
  13. Jack65

    New to PD and Sinemet

    Hi, I am one of those parkies that always gets sick from sinemet. One thing that works for me is to eat sugary things with it like some cookies or M&M's. If i just eat a piece of bread or cracker i still puke, for me the nausiea hits about 30 minutes after i take the sinemet. Stay away from protein like Kim advised. You can also try taking just straight up carbadopa if your insurance will cover it. I am soon going to be getting DBS so I am hoping to be able to lower my sinemet. Sorry you got this stinking disease! Know there is lots of great people on this site who are walking along with you. Peace and health, Jack
  14. Jack65

    What I Hate About PD

    Chelle, Thanks for sharing! Feeling like a burden I can relate to that. It never feels good when you feel like you are making life hard for family and friends. It's sounds like you have a very loving husband and children who will stand by you, what blessing! I am very much like you in as my faith plays a major role in how I deal with this disease. I try hard to take one day at a time but its hard to not ask and wonder what's next. However, in those times of uncertainty are the times I need to give it to God and trust it will all work out. God's Peace and Comfort as you continue to live out your faith and deal with the issues of PD. Jack
  15. Jack65

    Applying for Disability

    So for you Kynlyn it was A very good choice? In the end were the attorney fees a lot? My doc is getting me going on the DBS treatment. He also prescribed a wheel chair and handicap plates yesterday. He told me because of my situation and condition I will receive disability form the government. He said once my long term disability kicks in my insurance company will insist they get involved. Do you know anything about this process? Thank you for sharing Peace and health to you!