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  1. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hi guys. Enjoy your holiday Sheila, let me know if your in Kilkenny... Take care Em
  2. em45

    Getting Out

    Curious (jm) ...believe me you are not on your own, same here with the tremors, gatherings etc. anxiety takes over...I need to get out more.. Take care Em
  3. em45

    Phantom smells???

    Hi guys...I don't understand but my smell and taste senses seem to have gotten worse since DBS 4years ago. .is this normal ? I can't smell anything. Take care friends Em
  4. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hi jb and friends...Judging for Enterale Florale competition is on September 22nd so we'll know then how our village gets on... Take care guys. Em
  5. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hi guys.. Haven't posted in a little while been a bit down but in saying that jb always cheers me up...thank you jb you have your uses ... I love your photo LAD...take care friends, to be continued ... Em
  6. em45

    Good morning!!

    To be continued guys..till next time.. Em
  7. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hey jb , Echo Beach sounds good let us know when. Been busy here with tidy towns as our village is in Enterale Florale competition. take care jb and friends Em
  8. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hi jb..yes we watch the football but not big fans..as Linda says we are all thinking of you Take care guys , Em
  9. em45

    Good morning!!

    Yes Mireille, it is 30 degrees next time you try to make it to Inistioge, co, Kilkenny.. Em
  10. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hi folks, very hot here in Ireland , how are you jb? thinking of you.. take care guys, em
  11. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hope all goes well for your daughter dianne..thinking of you em
  12. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hi folks, hope ye are well, jb how are you doing? thinking of you.,.em
  13. em45

    Good morning!!

    I don't believe it mimi, let me know if your heading for County Kilkenny...enjoy
  14. em45

    Good morning!!

    Listen to Mireillle, jb take it easy.. Take care, Em
  15. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hi jb..It's good your home and DBS went well. However I will say look after your shoulders as it is almost 4 yrs since my DBS my shoulders get very weak ..I have to stop carrying bags over my shoulder ...Take care jb nice to hear from you. (take it easy) Em