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  1. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    The doctor suggested grinding there pills. Apokyn is the injection which right now is the only thing that keeps me from getting off i have a orotho appointment on wednesday to determine whether my knee is from the medicine or is it something else I am still having trouble with the fanny pack. It rubs against my stoma which is infected how do you sleep I sleep horribly
  2. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    I am usually pretty good until around 11-12 ( no bumps needed in the morning . I am usually pretty bad from around 4 on especially at bed time. my doctor is using the apokyn i was taking before to help with the off times. I am usually off at bed(which is 9 for me) The challenge now is to find out if my swollen knee is related to the medicine my doctor doesnt want to adjust any of my pd meds until we find out about the knee I have an appointment on wed with an ortho doctor So all this waiting is going to delay fine tuning my doses. Do you take any pills @ all I have tried grinding up some sinemet and putting it in the stomach tube to see if that will calm down my bed time How long did it take you to finally get your doses fine tuned I am just frustrated!!
  3. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    that sounds like me i was taking 29 pills per day with alot of off time i wasnt absorbing the pills evenings are still a problem for me as well
  4. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    I am really struggling with this pump. I have yet to find a dose that will help keep things under control. I am still having off times which is really frustrating the doctor wanted me to try adding a IM sinemet to see if that helps but it didnt. because my stomach doesnt digest the pills(which is why i got the pump to begin with i was up to 28 pills per day still having off times) .so she has been having me supplement the pump with apkoyn which i had used before and it works well. Now on top of not having a dose figured out . All of sudden my left knee is swollen. My doctor said it could be the new medicine but usually it appears in both legs not just on one If the edema is from the medicine they will have to decrease the dose and I havent found my happy place yet So I went to my pcp who drew 12 tbsp of fluid off my knee. If it doesnt improve with doing that she wants me to see an ortho doctor(just what i need is another doctor) I must have hit my knee and didnt realize it I thought things would be easier i am sooo frustrated
  5. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    my on time is getting better. I am still fine tuning the rates To be honest the biggest problem is how to carry the pump. i fond that the fanny pack is to bulk and rubs against my skin. If I could solve that problem that would be great
  6. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    What kind of carrier are you using i have been trying the fanny pack and i find that it keeps sliding around I cant lay down with it in the fanny pack because it just keeps slipping and i am afraid that i will pull the tub out and because i cant tuck in my shirt then it rubs against my skin . Drummergirl i got some of those dex com tape but i am confused about how you use it.
  7. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    my doctor told me to take a b complex vit with b12 do ant of guys take any if so what brand
  8. I did in the beginning because I still had enough dopamine. But it went away i havent felt normal in years
  9. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    So you had sad that you had problems eating as well the pain was just awful i have never experienced anything like that and i hope i dont experience it again i am so worried that i am going to pull it out When I am off which I am alot of the time i get quite fidigity. I keep hoping that i wont pull it out i have gotten a different type of holder from q company call poppy pockets i have been having problems with the tape no sticking so i am going to order some of the tape you suggested Have the pump really made a big difference in your life. .Any other tips please let me know Thanks
  10. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    Well I finally did it i got the pump on Tuesday . The procedure went pretty well until i tried to eat again we were getting ready to leave and we decided to get lunch so i had gotton a turkey sandwich after 2 bites i had excruciating pain liked i had never had before the doctor finally gave me some pain medicine which helped they took blood and did an xray which showed nothing so i stayed on wed and they did more blood work and took another xray which both were normal they said that if i could eat without any problem i could go home so i ate some soft foods ate small portions and sate slowly i had no problems so i was sent home One of my problems is how do you sleep with those things hanging off you? I am i side sleeper and i have been trying to sleep on my back and i just cant do it any suggestions?
  11. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    I mentioned my concern about the timing of meds to the doctor. I am bringing all my meds with me and i wont hesitate to take them if nobody gives them to me I am actually just heading out the door Will let you know how I make out
  12. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    You can swim with the pump but you have to take it off. you may need some extra sinemet depending on how long you are going to be off
  13. I had DBS and still had a problem with the protein issue. I am having a pump put in tomorrow which i hope will help with the protein issue since the medication is going directly into the intestine
  14. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    what kind of pants do you wear
  15. Gardener how much trazadone do you take
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