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  1. noah

    has anyone seen this?

    That would be great but ut takes so long for drugs to go through clinical trials. I have had PD for 10 years and I dont think it will help me🙁
  2. noah

    Sports and Dopamine

    I find that the opposite is what happens to me if I exercise in the late afternoon or early evening I am totally off my rationale is that I am dopamine depleted if I exercise in the morning I feel like. Have more dopamine because I have not been moving so I haven’t used much dopamine over the night
  3. noah


    Thanks appreciate it
  4. noah


    Have you talked to your doctor about it didcthey have any suggestions
  5. noah


    YES I have been having trouble catching my breath for a while now. Part of my problem is that i dont sleep very well so i am always yawning. Nobody has been able to tell me what its from. My educated guess is that since dopamine is needed for any ,movement that the diaphragm isnt moving the way it should because of a decrease in dopamine. My neurologist had me see my pcp to make sure there was no cardiac issues and there wasn't . She really did say much about it. MY PCP gave me a RX for a puffer and that helps I have been doing breathing exercises and have been using a respiratory exercise thing. I got it at www.voiceaerobicsdvd.com I think it helps thats just my opinion . It was only 30 so in said what the heck. do you know if there is anything we can do about it
  6. noah

    Sports and Dopamine

    i find that if i am really active whether it is planned exercise or just being active around the house that i get off. I kinda compare it to a person with diabetes if they are really active their blood sugar drops. I usually take an extra 1/2 before exercise or after if i forget
  7. noah

    new meds

    I thought I read somewhere that the fda has approved 2 new medications for pd. is that true if so could you explain what they are and who would benefit from them
  8. noah

    new PD support in upstate NY

    Where are you going to have this group
  9. noah

    Gum Enlargement

    This doesnt really relate t0 gums but I have a ? about teeth. It seems that over the past fews years the 4 bottom front teeth have shifted back so now my two eye teeth look like fangs is that due to PD or just old age
  10. noah

    new PD support in upstate NY

    where do you live i live in Syracuse
  11. noah

    duopa pump

    So it sounds like it took about 3 weeks for the healing ect the fine tuning i imagine is done on a reg basis. What kind of change did you notice with your pills were you able to get rid of the pills
  12. noah

    duopa pump

    what I meant was how long did it take you to recover from the surgery and how long did it take to get your doses fine tuned
  13. noah

    duopa pump

    In was wondering how long it took you to get back to what ever your new normal was after being dx. I am very interested in the pump but I have so many things on the calendar I have to get my batteries changed for my DBS which will have to be done before the end of the year. I am also getting a puppy . We have had to put down 2 dogs in the last few months which has been really hard for my husband they were like his children. He has done so much for me that i cant tell him no Then y daughter is having our first grandchild in Feb. Even though I want to have the surgery i am not sure about the timing. Did it take you long until you felt like you had your PD grove back?
  14. noah

    duopa pump

    how is the daily care for it. what do you have to do and how long does it take
  15. noah

    duopa pump

    i just came back from the doctors and she thinks i would be a good canidate for the pump. I wanted to hod out for the one that doesnt require surgery but that one is still in the study phase and will be years before it is available, and the doctor said that when it is approved by the FDA i can always switch i just cant wait any more. I feel like my life is controlled by the clock ,when is it time to take my pills, how is that going to relate to my food. i am ready to seriously consider it. those of you who have it could you please let me know how it has gone both pros and cons thanks in advance for your help