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  1. I used to work @ a diabetes center where it was primary used. I seem to remember that there was concern about its relationship to cancer. I could be remembering incorrectly but i thought i would mention it
  2. Actually I am a grandma (noah was one of my favorite dogs name) thanks for the comments
  3. Hi mark i havent had to bother you lately I m still struggling with being off alot nothing i do helps. my doctor thinks that i am not absorbing my medicine because i am on very high doses and in am still off alot I have been using apokyn which has been a life saver. I have decided to get the pump. I am hoping that it will provide some relief because my quality of life sucks. my daughter just had my first grandchild so I need to get better hope all is well with you
  4. Since I started taking all thus medicine for PD I hardly have any hair on my legs so i rarely have to shave any more
  5. noah

    duopa pump

    i had my first visit with the surgeon and I all so had a visit from the dupoa nurse. After hearing what the pump offers I am very excited to get it. I asked the surgeon about the kinking and he said he doesnt see alot of it. I also asked the duopa nurse and he said that yes kit can be a problem and he thinks that it is because people are twisting the tube when unhooking it and putting it back on . Also he said that people pull on it I am so excited about the possiblity of being on again
  6. noah

    duopa pump

    I just get so frustrated about having to think about everything that i have to do My speech is bad so when i have to say something i always have to think about making sure that is loud enough and slow enough Alot of the times I forget and then my husband gets made Then I have to watch my walking because I freeze alot which makes me prone to falling I liked it much better when I didnt have to think about every thing !!!
  7. noah

    duopa pump

    diane 'did you find that the pump helped with freezing
  8. noah

    duopa pump

    The thing i hate the most about pd is that you have to think about everything. You have to think about how to talk it needs to be loud and slow.,how to walk. I dont know how that person can think about where he puts his feet for every step that he takes
  9. noah

    duopa pump

    I was given the same option a few years ago and because i was having a more difficult time with dyskenisia i opted for DBS which took care of the dyskenisia but now i am having more problems with freezing. so those of you that have had the pump did your freezing improve.
  10. noah

    duopa pump

    Drummer girl Did you find that the pump helped with freezing
  11. noah

    duopa pump

    Drummer girl i have had DBS and it really isnt that bad. I know it sounds weird to say that having brain surgery isnt that bad but it really isnt
  12. noah

    duopa pump

    when I am off i thrash around like a fish out of water. do you think that the tube would get more twisted after hearing all the problems that drummer girl is having i am a little more nervous than i was.
  13. noah

    duopa pump

    I have an appointment with the duopa pump rep next week. I am very concerned about this kinking issue. When i am off I wiggle around alot like a fish out of water. i am concerned that i may pull the tube out
  14. noah

    duopa pump

    I am so sorry to hear this. I have an appt with the gi doctor on the 14 th I will make sure to ask that ??
  15. noah

    duopa pump

    good to hear from you. I am glad that the DBS has worked so well for you no meds thats amazing. I had DBS about two years ago and it actually made my speech worse. The main thing that DBS has helped with is my dyskensisa. Some of my other symptoms I had that DBS helped with like tingling in my hands have come back. I have been having a lot of off time. If the pump was working so good for you why did you go off it?
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