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    I feel like you. My husband has PD, but I feel so lonely. My demeanor has changed---I don't enjoy anythng anymore. I feel like a care giver and I want to feel like a wife! He doesn't like me to go to the grocery store or anywhere without him, but then he sit in the car and is miserable. I can't go shopping for clothing, etc, because I know he is sitting in the car waiting for me so I have to hurry. I know I can't go on like this for very long. We live in a town of only 1000 people---45 miles from a city, and I feel clostraphobic. I have lost my desire to go to Church---work in the yard---go visit people-----I am afraid I will be getting sick and then who will take care of us??
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    Lost and do not know where to turn

    I too would like to know how to tell at what stage my husbands PD is at. My experience is similar to yours. My husband had both knees replaced at the same time in 2006. From then on he blamed everything on his knees and I agreed until he had some close calls while driving (cutting other drivers off) dribbled, and his hand started shaking. Now both hands shake and his head also kind of goes in small circles while sitting relaxed. He also had the episodes of hollaring out in his sleep and trashing wildly. Once I awoke with him above me just ready to hit me with his fist. He has screamed out while asleep in other homes, and hotels. When I ask his Neurologist about that he said that wasn't PD, so I was glad to hear you have had the same experience. Also, he does nothing but sleep all day and all night! He gets up, eats breakfast, watches TV for possibly an hour, takes a nap, gets up and eats, watches TV and then goes and takes another nap! In the evening he watches TV and falls asleep unless its a ballgame! I mentioned this to he Neurologist and he said, "Thats what Parkinson's Patients do. So I continue to be lonely and a little angry sometimes because everything is my responsibility---the yard, driving, making ends meet, cooking, cleaning, laundry-----doesn't seem fair but its better than having him deceased and being alone. He's still my sweetheart! He is on Stalevo 200/50 and Miraplex .25 mg. I think he started with Parkinson's in 2005, but I guess we will never know. The first Neurologist, Feb 2009, told us he had moderate Parkinson's with dementia (After a brain MRI was taken). The second Nuero says Beginning Parkinson's, but he was already on meds for over a year before we went to the second Neuro. He is doing much better since he added Mirapex to his meds. Good luck to you!