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    Where do you turn when the one who helped you make the finanacial living, help you sort out you problems, is now hasPD HE'S NOT THERE ANYMORE TO TALK TO. Where do you turn! I feel lost and isolated, and i know i am not the only spouse having to deal with this He's not ready to go nor am I ready for him to go. BBut he's sure actting like it's close. I do believe he's in the demnsia stage
  2. He's continued none of the activities he use too. He slurs speech so bad very hard to understand. at night his lips poke out and become bright orange and he's extremely hard to understand. He itches all the time. on coumindin, hight blood presssure meds. plavics, valieums. and he's still quite short with the family. Seems like he's getting rid of all the things he use to do. He had a small animal farem with chickens and goats.Seems like he's just lost interest in anything and everything
  3. My husband has been diagonsed this week. He has tremors, memory problems, kidney issues, liver issues Hepititis c, 2 stents put in his heart in February 2010. Trouble urinating, constipation, masked face, shuffles, freezing, falling, cramping hands, feet hurting, bad varicos viens in his legs, eyes have slits instead of being open. Sleeps alot. Moody, cries, bing eates, alot of weight loose. He's on 12 different meds. for his high blood pressure from the heart attack. How can someone go from good to this is less than 3 months. How to tell how long he has had this.