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  1. I would recommend posting your question in the Ask the Doctor Forum. This Forum pertains to questions using this site. Thank you.
  2. All of the Forums listed under "Medical Questions" are moderated. This is the only way for the moderator to keep track of what is answered and what has not been answered. Which forum are you waiting on answer? Thank you,
  3. What is the subject of your post in question?
  4. Please email your password to forumadmin@parkinson.org and I will login with your account to verify the results. Thank you,
  5. Please verify that you are entering t he correct password. You can also click the "Remember Me" check box on the sign in screen so that your computer stays logged in and you do not have to login every time. Thank you,
  6. You are posting in a Moderated Forum. Your post is only visible to you. Your post will become visible to the rest of the Forum when it is approved by the Moderator and the Doctor has replied. Thank you,
  7. I would verify that you are not having a problem with your keyboard. You may want to open notepad on your computer and type your password into notepad to verify that what is displayed is your current password. Thank you,
  8. Your topic is waiting to be approved by the moderator.
  9. ForumAdmin

    Scammer alert

    Please ignore and delete any PM's from the user Cynthiakonate. They were completely banned (IP address, username and email address). Thank you,
  10. your post is pending approval of the moderator of that forum.
  11. This ongoing post has been closed. Please refer to the Forum Terms and Rules located here: If the abuse continues users will be banned. Thank you.
  12. Waywrd1 The updated Forum has been completely tested on various platforms, computers and networks, with no reports of it being slow. You may want to look at the device that you are using to access the Forum, and your internet speeds. Thank you.
  13. swva - There is no longer a mobile version of this site. The updated Forum is mobile friendly.
  14. genden69 After you login to the Forum you can select the word "Activity" in the main menu at the top of the Forum. Then you can select from the various sub-menus below to view the content that you are looking for.
  15. Swamper - Please verify that you are logged in to the Forum. If so, you may want to try this function using a different browser/computer. I have verified that this is functioning correctly. Thank you,
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