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  1. km7396

    Segeline as the first medications

    I've been on it for six years, since diagnosis. My PD is still only on my left side. It is supposed to give some protection/prevent the PD from progressing. It was my first med too, it also didn't do much for my symptoms.
  2. km7396

    Mirapex and its nasty side effects

    I was on it for about 3 months. I woke up 1 morning and felt that my wife and I should both go and get tattoos then I knew that I was having side affects. I switched to sinemet...I am still tattoo free.
  3. km7396


    Bill, Hope you have a speedy recovery. I'll send out some prayers too! Kurt
  4. km7396

    Restless/Cramping Legs

    I had horrible problems with restless legs last fall when I went off mirapex and onto sinement. I experimented a bit and found that if I take 0.25 mg of mirapex a couple of hours before bedtime, I don't have the restless legs. Otherwise, it is VERY difficult for me to get to sleep. FWIW, I mentioned it to my Dr. and he is ok with my routine.
  5. Thanks for the information...good to know about Tokyo.

  6. Tokyo would be a fantastic experience for your daughter. It is a really fun city, and safer than any US city by far so your worry about her safety could be minimal. I'd send my 13 year old with friends to Tokyo no worries. She's been going around our smaller city without an adult for a few years now. Japan is also very easy to be a tourist in, so if you can, by all means do visit her.

  7. km7396

    Time Out for a Little Humor

    What a hoot! Thanks for sharing.
  8. My daughter is planning on spending next fall semester in Tokyo - she attends the U. of Minnesota, and is working on her English degree and certificate to teach English as a second language. My wife and I may come to visit her (if we can swing it).

    Anyway, take care...we're currently in the middle of a blizzard here in MN.


  9. km7396


    I'm Kurt, a native Minnesotan. Married with two daughters (19 and 20). One dog, three cats. Like to shoot competitively, hunt a little and try to bike as much as I can from March to November. Been diagnosed since February 17th, symptoms for a while before that (which is, I guess, typical).
  10. km7396


    Thank you for posting, that was very interesting. I didn't know John Paul II was a PWP or about the miracle attributed to him. Kurt
  11. Hey thanks for the encouragement! By nature, I am a "get back up on the horse kind of guy" or maybe more accurately "...if at first you don't succeed..." I did the treadmill today...going to try the Tai Chi again tomorrow.
  12. The old joke: Patient: Dr, will I be able to play the violin after surgery? Dr: Yes. Patient: Good, I've never played before. I tried Tai Chi yesterday (on DVD in the comfort and safety of my own home). It was as basic a DVD as I could find. I'm more of a biking/walking/treadmill kind of guy, but it's supposed to be good for us - right? Well, it didn't go all that well...and having PD didn't matter...I'm not the most coordinated or rhythmic guy...when I was in basic training (Army) and we would be marching...I'd be the one trying to keep in step. While I was doing it, my wife was watching me and making comments too ("you're on the wrong foot.") Eventually, it will come to me...and it did feel good (even if I repeated the most basic of moves multiple times).
  13. Hey, that's good to know. I'm going to file it away for when I get "down the road" a bit. My typing is worse, but I still can use all my fingers - and sometimes the words even come out correctly. Thanks for the tip. Kurt
  14. km7396

    It's survey time...

    "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
  15. Would it be possible to enable us to contact other forum members via email or private message through the board? There are times when I find it to be useful for follow up questions or comments. Kurt