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  1. gmk

    Freezing, while trying to walk

    It is really frustrating situation. You must not be let sinking into deeper and deeper depression. DO FIRST, first:. Answer Dr. Okun's question before a Board Certified Family Physician who should see into the situation and help you to deal with all its aspects, not just the Parkinson's, including your living conditions, significant others, dietary modification and physical reconditioning. gmk .
  2. gmk

    Sinemet Choice?

    Take Sinemet att least 1 hour before meal or 2 hrs after meaL GMK
  3. can be attributed to various causes: what are they and how to proceed with management? gml
  4. gmk


    Is the DATSCAN covered by Medicare in 2013? gmk
  5. Make your treatment as simple as possible. Ask your MDS to change your therapy to Sinemet. gmk
  6. Thank you for your presentation. We are waiting for your results and in meanwhile tell us more about yourself and signiticant others in your life. gmk
  7. gmk

    Sinemet causing severe speech impairment?

    From your note on Nov. 23 #6, Kimin and by accelerated deduction based on historical element in medical thinking. gmk.
  8. gmk

    Sinemet causing severe speech impairment?

    The patient with diagnosis PD made 10 years ago at Mayo Clinic has not had a follow-up examination there . Because he specialized in psychiatry, he is not immunized against a depressive disorder and has not been seen by family physician either and likely has tried to manage his condition to his best knowledge and experience. Do frst frst; help him tu find a board certified family physician. who will inform Mayo Clinic about the problems in turn. GMK
  9. gmk

    Sinemet causing severe speech impairment?

    Thank you for the presentation. Did they make the diagnosis of PD at Mayo Clinic? gmk
  10. gmk

    Stalevo dosing

    Don't you have tendency to do more than to do something at all? gmk
  11. gmk

    Pregnant with parkinson plus syndrome

    This is really very stressful situation for you and your family. I would suggest to you that with the reply of Dr. Okun and all medical information you might have about your health go to nearest University affiliated hospital Emergency Service and ask them to arrange for you to be seen at their Department of Family Medicine. I am sure that they will help you to resolve the situation and they will also enrich their teaching program for students, interns an d residents. Good luck. gmk
  12. gmk

    Siberian PD Treatment Breakthrough?

    I would supplement Dr. Okun's reply with the comment that critical attitude to this type of news depends on our ability to understand or to see into the cultural milieu they have originated from. We have to be familiar or grounded in modern psychology/psychiatry, which has developed and advanced vocabulary indispensable for conceptualization of the insight/s and communication, for example, about "paranoid culture" and so on. gmk
  13. gmk

    difference PD and Parkinsonism

    I just have wanted to stimulate asking questions to Dr. Okun as well as thinking about his answers from the point of view of the latest subspecialty in neurology, i.e., the movement disorders specialist/s. On the other hand, I always appreciate/d the suggestion that every patient with the type of nervous condition to enter and maintain his/her position in our (U.S.) health care system through office of a board certified family physician. gmk
  14. gmk

    difference PD and Parkinsonism

    You have grasped the meaning of my sententence perfectly. But,I think that Dr. Okun may say it even better because any diagnosis in neurology and/or psychiatry must take into consideration of this etiology first. gmk
  15. gmk

    Apokyn (Apomorphine) Worth Trying?

    It was my understanding that the major disadvantage of apomorphine was the way of its administration by injection. Does it become possible with Apokyn to use it by taking it by mouth? gmk