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  1. Thanks for sharing this article, Linda. I'm deep into swallowing issues now. I had dysphagia several years before I was diagnosed with PD. Dianne
  2. Thanks for letting us know. Swamper was a huge asset to our community of PD patients and caregivers. May you be blessed as you navigate your journey through grief and loss. Dianne
  3. I was told by an MDS that, when we sleep, dopamine builds up in our brains. This gives us a short honeymoon period when we first wake up. Sadly, my honeymoon period has gotten shorter in the nine years since I was diagnosed as the dopamine cells have continued to die. Dianne
  4. Beau's Mom

    Duopa Pump...

    Congratulations, noah!l Wishing you the very best Duopa experience. Dianne
  5. I have jerks. My MDS calls them myoclonic jerks, and says they are due to too much Sinemet. I have them more in the evenings when my pump has been running all day. Dianne
  6. LAD and Pathfinder, please be careful. Dianne
  7. Beau's Mom

    Duopa Pump...

    I mostly wear elastic waist pants. Sometimes I have difficulty with the zip and button pants; the tube gets caught in the zipper. Dianne
  8. Mark, where should I look for an openminded pain management doctor? I was told yesterday that spinal cord stimulators are only approved to treat nerve pain, not muscle pain. This doctor also told me that the only stimulator that treats dystonia is DBS. I've been told that I'm not a good candidate for DBS because I have a bleeding diathesis. I would appreciate any comments you can share. Dianne
  9. Beau's Mom

    Duopa Pump...

    I was allowed to take my Sinemet with a small sip of water an hour before the procedure. My caregiver gave me another one in the recovery room. Dianne
  10. Beau's Mom

    Duopa Pump...

    Thanks, Drummergirl, for the idea to remove all the tags from the cassettes when the shipment arrives. When my pump was started, the ABBVIE nurse taught me to use a retractable ballpoint pen to tear the labels off. Over time even that has become more difficult. noah, to answer your last question, the week before the pump was hooked up was the same as any other week. My MDS had me come to the appointment in a totally off state. Have any of you been given different instructions? Dianne
  11. Good night, jb and to all Parkies everywhere. Dianne
  12. I figured it was something like that. I'll continue praying for you, jb, and for all of us. Dianne
  13. Beau's Mom

    Duopa Pump...

    Prayers ongoing for successful treatment with Duopa, noah. Dianne
  14. Dear Troy, Thank you for courageously sharing your story. We don't talk enough about the potential for suicide in folks with PD or for caregivers. I wish it wasn't a taboo topic. Talking about it openly will not cause more suicides. It might prevent some, though. Dianne
  15. The thought of DBS scares me too, Marcia. I've seen it work wonders for some and make things worse for others. For now, I'm happy with the Duopa pump. Best wishes on your decision-making process. Dianne
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