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  1. jeff1smith

    nite meds?

    I take a C/L 50-200 ER. Had back surgery recently, and wake up often when shifting positions. Helps with the shaking while trying to get back to sleep.
  2. jeff1smith

    Pain Meds interaction w/PD Meds

    Mark... I tried the tramadol......vivid dreams and hallucinations. Back to Advil and Tylenol. Thanks for the advice. A quick note note for anyone having surgery, you gotta write out your dosages and verbally tell your nursing team. They don’t get what we take , when and why. Bring your own meds, seems hospital pharmacies don’t stock them. Jeff 007 “shaken, not stirred “
  3. Had back surgery last week. All went well with the exception, I found out I'm allergic to the Opioids that most pain Meds have in them. ( threw up some great hospital food too , lol) So after trying 3-4 different pain Meds, I was sent home with directions to use a combo of Advil and Tylenol and add a muscle relaxer. Well, as you are probably figuring out, that mixture isn't even close to making me comfortable at all. Do do you have a recommendation that I can help them with? Tylenol 3 ? what I take currently: I take carbo/lev 25-100 x2 6 times daily 2 Amantadine daily 2 Selegeline daily The sooner the better as you can imagine. Thanks, Jeff
  4. This is awesome news,,,,,,,,,,,, Now for my burning question. What will the cost be? I'm an ex Mirapex ER user, and it was $1600 for a months supply. Nice to have insurance to cover. Huck Farkinsons Jeff
  5. jeff1smith

    What I Hate About PD

    right on with that. and when you want it to be "on" it doesnt work out that way
  6. jeff1smith

    Mens health question/Mirapex

    Thanks Mark for you advice. I discontinued the Extenze, it was making fluid stay in my calf and feet..........odd. I finally put away the pride and visited my Doc. We are plan "V".....and it is working awesome. Thanks for all you do for us "movers and shakers" lol Jeff
  7. Mark.........I have been on Mirapex (for PD) with varying doses for 4 years. For the past year I'm on 1mg 4x daily and I'm 50. Ok thats some background. The question : I am having ED issues for the past year off and on. I have read where that is a side effect of Mirapex along with compulsive behaviors. The drug makers are not funny with those side effects together. I'm not comfortable going to my Doc. regarding this yet. I picked up the product Extenze at a pharmacy. What is the drug interaction with this product and with Mirapex? I'm open to suggestions for other over the counter products to help. Thanks, Jeff