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  1. cntrydreamer

    Good morning!!

    JB...Your Grandpa was a wise man. You sound like a Southerner with the "I would melt like a stick of butter in a hot cast iron skillet.." and I do believe I'd melt like that too
  2. cntrydreamer

    Good morning!!

    Diane....Glad you enjoyed your birthday! It's been so long since I've been to a symphony. I've always loved live performances of any kind. The last thing I saw live was a Celtic Christmas, 2 years ago! I think it is time I get up the courage to go out again. Thanks for the heads up about Medicare prior approval on the Botox injection for the toes. My MDS recommended that for me at my last visit. I was skittish about it and still haven't decided if it is for me. JB...It's great to see that you are still here! Over 5 years since you began this "Good Morning" thread! Peace....Hot chocolate sounds positively yummy. Have a wonderful day everyone.
  3. cntrydreamer

    Good morning!!

    A couple of weeks ago I went out with my husband to a local beer joint to have a burger. He always has beer and I always get a diet coke. This time the diet coke tasted funny so I took a sip of my husbands beer and it was so good! I had to order myself one. It was the first taste of alcohol I've had since being diagnosed 5 years ago. Since I am also Diabetic it might be awhile before I have another one but I sure did ENJOY
  4. cntrydreamer

    Good morning!!

    Hi Marsha, The MDS is over an hour away for me. I don't enjoy being in a car in the city. It causes me high levels of anxiety. We take a longer route through the country side so it takes twice as long but at least it is more enjoyable than being on the interstate. The MDS clinic here is in a teaching hospital. The doctor in charge is probably very knowledgeable but he rarely speaks and allows the students to do all of the talking. The first time I went in to see the young resident he had me do a test that I've never had before. He got up real close and stuck out his tongue, then says, "do this" and stuck it out again and moved it side to side real fast. My daughter had went with me to the appointment. I looked over at her and her eyes were as big as saucers at that! One other test that they did was ask me how many words I could think of that started with F and gave me 60 seconds to answer. I didn't think of very many. For the next 3 months I kept thinking of words as fast as I could that started with certain letters. Figure I would study up for that test Wouldn't you know that they have never repeated that test! Just my luck lol
  5. cntrydreamer

    The switch from Mirapex to Sinemet

    I started on the same dose. It wasn't enough so at the next visit the doc doubled the dose. I now take 1 1/2 tablets every 3 hours and 1 CR Carb/levo at bedtime. I was so happy to get off of Mirapex and so pissed that they ever gave it to me. I've had no bad side effects from the carb/levo. I can't say the same about the Mirapex.
  6. cntrydreamer

    Finally a diagnosis?

    Lee, Hate to have to welcome you to the club, but I know that finally having a diagnosis will relieve some stress. It did for me. At least we know what we are fighting and don't have to continue to waste our precious energy on trying to convince doctors that it isn't all in our head. You have a great resource here on the forums and from the folks at Parkinson.org too.
  7. cntrydreamer

    Good morning!!

    Good Morning everyone! It's been ages since I have been here to say hello. Hope everyone is still fighting a good fight. I finally visited a Movement Disorder Specialist almost 4 years after my diagnosis. I didn't feel that they did anything much different than the regular old neurologist did for me. What is all this talk of snow? Y'all are far braver than I, the snow makes me shiver and my parky side gets all wiggly jiggly as my young grandson would say. I'm ready for a warm sun shiny spring sun on my face already.
  8. cntrydreamer

    medical marijuana

    Please sign this petition if you would agree that the treatment of PD with Cannabis should be researched more or that it should be available as medicine. This kind of research should be happening in the United States! It would be if Cannabis/Marijuana was not Schedule I by the DEA. Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence. Some examples of Schedule I drugs are: heroin, LSD, Ecstasy. Cannabis does NOT need to be grouped with those drugs. No real research will be conducted on it as long as it is classified this way. WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Remove Marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act to Allow for its Medical Use. http://wh.gov/iwv6v
  9. cntrydreamer

    medical marijuana

    It is my hope that with all the tax revenues rolling in from the legalization in some lucky states that there will be much more money given to research. It's far past time for there to be more research into the medical benefits rather than trying to prove only the negative.
  10. cntrydreamer

    medical marijuana

    I am a 51 year old grandma that never enjoyed the "high" that one would get when smoking pot. However I'd try medical marijuana in a heartbeat for my PD. First of all, I'd try one of the high CBD and low THC varieties so I'd hardly be walking around "stoned" all day. I'm actually thinking about moving to Colorado since we can't seem to get medical marijuana on the ballot here in Arkansas. It makes me so sad when people won't educate themselves about the plant and it's uses. Far too many people buy into the whole "reefer madness" junk that is perpetuated by the news, the far religious right and the politicians.
  11. Have you ever googled "Mirapex Lawsuits"? Wish I would have before I ever took that poison.
  12. cntrydreamer

    Robin Williams had early PD issues?

    Seems like there are people posting here and elsewhere that are very judgemental about Robin Williams past use of drugs and alcohol. Since the toxicology reports are not complete yet, we don't know if he was currently using at the time of his death. The fact is that quite often people who suffer from anxiety use alcohol or sedative type drugs because they produce feelings of relaxation. This type of drug is also attractive to those who are dealing with depression. Moody people tend to abuse opiates. This is because such drugs can help to stabilize their mood. Stimulants can give a burst of energy and this makes them attractive to people who are trying to fight the symptoms of depression. It seems possible that he was self medicating rather than just making a choice to be a raging drug addict. I feel very sorry for anyone, famous or not, that feels they have no option other than suicide.
  13. cntrydreamer

    Obamacare? Anyone signing up?

    I know exactly who "subsidizes" my discounted meds. It is paid for by donations through a faith based organization voluntarily, not paid by you or any other insured person. The 55% hospital discount was given by another faith based organization, a Catholic hospital. The free ambulance ride was given by the same ambulance service where I worked as a volunteer EMT in the past. You make it sound as though we chose to be without insurance. We had decent coverage right up to the point of when I had a biopsy for breast cancer, got MRSA while in the hospital, got terribly sick and my husband got terminated from his job from which we had insurance while I was still sick. WIth both of us not working at the same time, COBRA coverage was out of the question. I was simply using one little peak into the life of someone who finds themselves uninsured in response to an earlier comment about people who don't have insurance can't get help and will be 'dying in the streets,' Sure didn't mean to come off as some low-life who just wants other people to pay my way. Frankly in my opinion that is what Obamacare is, a whole bunch of people thinking they are going to get something for free or at a lower cost than what they pay in.....free on the backs of young healthy people. Young people who are Forced to pay...not do it voluntarily as in my case of discounted meds.
  14. cntrydreamer

    Where are you?

    50, Diagnosed 3/2011, first symptoms 1999. I live in Arkansas. First one in my family with PD.
  15. cntrydreamer

    Stopping antidepressants?

    Hope you are successful Jeff. I was only able to reduce my dose by half rather than stop completely. I've seen a psychiatrist and he said with therapy it is possible to come off completely for some people. He also said that he wished MDs and the Neurologists were not so fast to prescribe these types of drugs. He said that they tend to think a pill with ever increasing dosages can solve everything but quite often they won't.