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  1. Is this the thing we all fear the most? Losing our independence and having to rely on someone to protect us from now on? What's worse is not be of sound mind. My mom hit the jackpot with that one. All of you on the forum are not that bad since you can still communicate and post. Be grateful of what you can do today.
  2. Thanks OT. I know there are not a lot of people like me and I'm not patting my own back. I'm just saying it gets lonely because not a lot of people can relate to what I do. Since July of last year my mom has not walked. I'm trying my best to make that happen again so I switched her from Stalevo to Rytary because Stalevo seems to not work right for her anymore. I know it's a trial and error game with Rytary and I'm doing it blind folded.
  3. Since starting Rytary my mom has been snoring at bedtime every night for the past week. Does this mean she is over medicated? Sorry but i think I realized what is causing the snoring but still need answers. Her head is now tilted backwards where all she sees is the ceiling. This is causing the snoring and she is also having trouble swallowing liquids because her chin is not tucked in. I think the real question now is retrocollis from being on too much or too little? I asked my mom's new neurologist yesterday and she didn't have an answer for me. My mom's head used to tilt to the side when she was on Stalevo and now it's to the back. Maybe she won't tolerate Rytary at all. I have no clue.
  4. Have a safe and fast recovery LG.
  5. Dr Okun, I just saw a commercial for this new medication. It said up to 50% of people with Parkinson's will develop hallucinations and delusions. Since everyone with Parkinson's will most likely be on either an Agonist or C/L , how can anyone know if it's the disease that is causing it or the meds they take?
  6. Well that is interesting to know but it hasn't done that to you right? I know what works for one person may not for the other. It's all a mystery. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Mark. That's encouraging to read. My mom is seeing yet another neurologist next month. I will ask about Lexapro for her. I was reading about SSRI's on the forum and some people said it actually interfered with the PD meds. Looks like it didn't happen to you. Because of my mom's advancing Dementia it is very hard to know how she feels but I do know that she is scared of everything so anxiety is on the top of list of things I want to address with the new doctor. Nothing has gone right since last July so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will find the right person to help her.
  8. Mark, This is an old thread but you didn't answer April 1987's question. I am interested to know since I think my mom could benefit from an SSRI. You said you tried most of them but Lexapro worked. What happened to you with the ones that didn't and how does Lexapro help you? Thank you.
  9. Would you rather have a wife who takes every thing for granted and when the time comes for you to need help but she won't be around or is in constant state of denial? Having PD puts you in a category of getting hit harder when you get sick or have an accident. That is why she fusses over you.
  10. Sorry to hear this. My mom is still not up to speed since whatever she had last July. It never ends until it's the end.
  11. Interesting that you brought up SSRI. Which one is prescribed most by you that you have seen to benefit your patients with their PD symptoms?
  12. Thanks Linda for this. I was wondering what happened to this and now I know. More delays. https://parkinsonsnewstoday.com/2019/02/05/fda-opts-not-to-approve-apl-130277-parkinsons-off-periods/
  13. My mom has a shower chair that swivels. It will be beneficial for you on days if he's not that mobile. You just back him in the chair facing you and then you can pivot the seat and move his legs into the tub at the same time. Before we moved we only had a tub and I didn't have the chair then. I would go into the tub and turn her around manually. She always slide down so hard that she would almost fall out of it so I would then have to lift her up to back her in. Now that I have a big walk in shower I can actually walk her inside now but still helps to have the pivot function when I get her out. I turn her around facing the door and pull her out. I actually wish I have the tub now. It might be easier.
  14. I had an argument with my sister this morning. Her SIL and family had renovations done to their house that lasted well over a year. They had added more bedrooms because the kids moved back home. A 3 bed 2 bath house is now a 4 bed 3 bath house borrowing some space from the backyard. My sister told me this is going to be their forever house so this is it they are done. Her SIL and husband are 60 years old and she was just diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. Naturally my question to my sister was are there steps in the house or leading into the house? Are any of the bathrooms big enough for a wheelchair? The answer is no because all the rooms are tiny now. My sister immediately called me a pessimist and said I always think the worse of everything. No I planned ahead and moved our mother out of the 2nd level apartment that we lived in for years knowing one day she would not be able to walk the stairs. Guess what? 2 months after we moved out my mom had trouble lifting her feet off the ground so it was not an issue at the place we moved to. My sister reminded me that her SIL has Alzheimer's and not Parkinson's so walking is not a problem. I stared at her and wanted to tell her to get a clue but I held back and said fine you are right. I have no idea what I'm talking about. Plenty of people that like to believe they will live to be over 100 and be healthy as a horse so they refuse to plan ahead. I really liked the apartment we lived in. The rent was cheap and I had a good view from the bedroom window and the rooms were spacious. I knew what was coming so I did what was best for mom and never looked back.
  15. Why does Inbrija inhaler only have Levodopa? Aren't most people going to get nausea without the Carbidopa? My mom has advanced dementia. She will not know how to inhale so the next best option would ideally be Apokyn injections but I was told people throw up instantly after getting the shots unless they take anti nausea medications. Will people have to do the same with the inhaler? This is too complicated.
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