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  1. planogent

    Survey: rigidity dominant vs tremor dominant

    Cberns I do notice that I can work out much harder since I started sinemet. And I also notice that my muscles fatigue and sometimes cramp more easily depending on the timing of my workout vs my dose--gotta have that dopamine. And i am definitely a different person depending on how much sleep I get. I fatigue more easily when my sleep is disturbed (which may sound self evident, but if you experience PD fatigue, you know what I mean). The thing is I sleep much more soundly since I got of mirapex. Hope this helps.
  2. planogent

    Survey: rigidity dominant vs tremor dominant

    Thanks for all the great info (and the new nickname)! I actually have never tried stalevo, I take plain, generic carbidopa/levodopa. The dyskinesia I experience is a wagging right hand (I call it 'the evil hand') and sometimes my head will nod or wag side to side. I usually experience it near the end of my dose, but it can come any time. Personally, I feel like my progression went faster year one and has slowed a little in the second year (or maybe I'm just better medicated). Great discussion! Mr. P90X
  3. planogent

    Tips for Coping with Depression?

    Hi Kevin, I'm Elizabeth's husband. Just wanted to add my two cents. I really feel for what you're going through. A few years ago, prior to my diagnosis I was confronted by the fact that I could no longer do bedside nursing. Once I was diagnosed, I had to mourn the loss of the future I thought I was going to have. I really feel like the anxiety and depression is mostly situational and will resolve as you get a better idea of what your future will be. You have options. At first, I took a case management job that was stressful and involved a long commute and it was no better for me than bedside nursing. I kept looking and I found a much better situation, a case manager job that allows me the work/life balance I need to manage my PD and still pay the bills. With the reduced work and financial stress my symptoms have reduced so much. i sleep great and exercise every day (something i could not do 2 years ago). Just know that you have options and likely have a lot of productive years left in you. It's going to get better.
  4. planogent

    P90x Anyone?

    I feel like my last post triggered several comments opposed to overworking. its got me wondering if something in my post implied people should do that. As i said i did not excercise most of my life, so this created huge emotional inertia. when i spoke of pushing through that, i was not suggesting someone push through PD symptoms. I've not felt an increasing in fatigue (quite the contrary). Also sleeping better and feeling stronger. I can see how someone could try to fix their PD by exercising, but this thread was not started to intend anything of the sort. Just clarifying.
  5. planogent

    P90x Anyone?

    Hi everyone! Just checking in with an update. We have completed 7 weeks of p90x and I feel terrific! Working out vigorously 6 days a week is sometimes difficult (I should explain that I have a disc problem in my low back that gives me chronic pain and have had a fusion in my neck, in addition to the PD) but I haven't missed a workout. I am not a naturally athletic person. Sometimes the incredible inertia of day to day tiredness coupled with the fatigue from PD is difficult to overcome but if I get up and do it I ALWAYS feel better. I truly believe, at this point, in the value of pursuing the most vigorous exercise you can manage as often as you can manage it has tremendous value. It's a matter of doing as much as you can to empower yourself and preserve what function you do have. Plus I'm getting killer guns! LOL! Thanks for the support. I hope someone else tries it and posts their experience here.
  6. planogent

    P90x Anyone?

    Sandy, maybe you could get a trike? Those work great for PWP that like to ride
  7. planogent

    Inspiring story

  8. planogent

    What's it like after 10, 20, 30+ years?

    You may as well ask "what's it like to be 60? 70? 80?" I mean I know some people who are the living dead at 65 and some people that are still working at 90. PD is the same. It affects everyone differently. The best thing you can do is remember that the future was always just a dream anyway. Now is all that exists so make healthy choices to give yourself a life worth fighting for and tomorrow you'll be able to handle whatever tomorrow throws at you when you get there. The first year of diagnosis is the worst, but I promise life goes back to normal. Give yourself time to grieve this surprise.
  9. planogent

    P90x Anyone?

    Wow thanks for all the support everyone! I promise to keep you posted but so far I feel great. Delta- it's nice to meet a fellow Parkie with the same love for staying active despite adversity. Lets stay in touch man! (PS I got the tremor when I pushed too hard too but haven't seen it since I got on Sinemet last June)
  10. planogent

    P90x Anyone?

    Obviously this topic is not for anyone far into their progression. I am 2 years in and on 2 25/100mg carbidopa/Levadopa regular 4/x a day and 100mg Amantadine twice a day. I'm happy with my meds right now and my only side effect is right arm and head get dyskinesia. I usually practice yoga, walk and do weights but wanted to try to amp things up. My wife and I just started p90x and really like it. Has anyone else done intense workouts 6 days a week for more than a month? What were the benefits? What negatives did you experience? Again, I know not everyone has the level of function (or the interest) in these kinds of workouts so there's no need to comment below if that's where you're at.
  11. planogent

    MJF returning to TV

    Christie and Luther I agree with you both. In the end this gives a lot of hope and cultural awareness... Which is good
  12. planogent

    MJF returning to TV

    Christie, working on a TV series requires enormous stamina. I'm not suggesting he doesn't feel the effects of his PD, but his thalamotomy was 15 years ago, and he's clearly been out of options besides Sinemet since then. Do you know anyone who works 22 years into their diagnosis? 15 years?
  13. planogent

    Oily Skin????????

    If I don't use my fash wash you can see your reflection in my forehead
  14. planogent

    Need some feedback on Mirapex Er

    One Mirapex 3mg ER a day initially made my hands more functional. They felt warm, I had more cordination and could write more easily with less cramping. It did not return my right arm swing. It did help with fatigue but that went away after a few weeks and the fatigue returned. I also got horrible nausea and dizziness as well as some compulsive behavior. Id say it was 6 on a scale of one to ten as far as satisfaction goes. After ten months I went up to 4.5mg things got bad and I got off the medication after a few weeks of horrible withdrawal. I am happy on Sinemet now, which gives me a right arm swing, lessens my fatigue and relieves my other symptoms way more than Mirapex. I have no side effects except dyskinesia for whch I take Amantadine which works great, no side effects. I'd rate it an 8.5 on the same scale. This is only my experience and you will need to find what works for you. Try everything and give the drugs time before you judge them. Don't sacrifice your quality of life because you are holding off on levadopa or dopamine agonists out of fear. There are many people (like the previous poster) who do just fine on agonists and there are many people (MJF included) who have been on Sinemet for decades and still do great.
  15. planogent

    MJF returning to TV

    Here is a link to the article http://m.washingtonpost.com/blogs/tv-column/post/michael-j-fox-returning-to-series-tv-with-a-sitcom-on-nbc/2012/08/20/84517e16-eb17-11e1-a80b-9f898562d010_blog.html MJF will be playing a dad with PD! I'm truly excited about how this sitcom may raise the cultural awareness of life with Parkinson's Disease On a side note, it's hard not to wonder how someone 22 years into their diagnosis can work the grueling hours required to do a sitcom.... Most parkies I know retire by 10. Do you think his money is buying him better treatments or is it a slower peogression? Does anyone know ANYONE 22 years in that still works?