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  1. vipowitz

    carotid surgery

    Thank you Dr Okun for your expert opinion. If surgery is indicated, do you favor stenting?
  2. vipowitz

    carotid surgery

    Hi Doctor Okun, Now 5 years since dx. Had episode a couple pf days ago where under stress lost my ability to speak, which returned gradually in about 1 hour. ( could say "ok" only). Various tests in hospital revealed 80% blockage in left carotid . Hospital neuro said to see vascular surgeon, I have appointment next week. Saw my Cardio, he said there are risks either way, prescribed plavix. . also, anesthesia will probably worsen pd symptoms. What is your take on this please?
  3. vipowitz

    red feet

    thanks for the response Dr. When the symptoms first started there was considerable swelling accompanying the redness, but now (and for the last several months it's just redness with no swelling. Dependant edema seems to include swelling. Any thoughts on this?
  4. vipowitz

    red feet

    Dr Okun, My feet are red all the time except for when I'm in bed or they are elevated. I did have a trial of amantadine, which as I understand can damage capillaries. It's amazing how quickly the redness dissappears when i just get into bed . Could the amantadine trial have caused this (permanent?) damage or could there be another cause? Thank you once more for all you do.
  5. vipowitz


    my gastro has given me some samples of Linzess to try for constipation. Anyone have any experience with this medication? Anyone know if rytary has been approved for medicare RX use?
  6. vipowitz

    Swollen and discolored feet and ankles

    Doctor I have been taking just a small dose of requip (0.25mg 4 times daily, plus sinemet 25/100 4x) for about 3/12 years, the swelling and redness has started about 2 months ago. Could the requip allone be the culprit after all of this time? Can such a small dose of requip be helping me?
  7. vipowitz

    Swollen and discolored feet and ankles

    doctor could requip cause this as well?
  8. vipowitz

    prospective employers

    Anyone here know what the laws are concerning informing a prospective employer that a person has Parkinsons? (i'm in new jersey).Also, if my previous employer knew of my condition, can they legally disclose that information when called for reference?
  9. vipowitz

    Surgeries prior to DX

    I had quad coronary bypass surgery 12 years ago, D/X 3 years ago
  10. vipowitz

    What is the best I can expect?

    While any of us here at this forum would love to give you a concrete answer, it seems that every case of parkinsons ( and you really should seek a second opinion) is different in symptoms, progression and prognosis. You could have a very slowly developing progression or a quickly developing one. I think you need to see an expert neurologist and get a complete work-up. I don't see anything good coming out of your current medical (neurological) care.
  11. vipowitz

    NPF Article,2012

    Dr Okun, Are you saying 64% of ALL people on Medicare died during the 6 year study, whereas the study indicated 64% of parkies died, the same rate?
  12. vipowitz

    NPF Article,2012

    what percentage of all people on medicare died during the six year study?
  13. vipowitz

    Sleep Issues

    thank you
  14. vipowitz

    toes squeezed together

    Thank you Dr. Okun I am in the process of moving to new jersey and will be seeing a new MDS in a few months. Am I safe to experiment with dosage to see if it alleviates problem? Is there a possibility that the toe squeeze problem is a side effect of my sinemet and/or requip? It seems to get progressively worse during the day ( of course, I'm wearing shoes), then at night usually gets better when I am in bed
  15. vipowitz

    Sleep Issues

    I have been on a regimen to .5mg clonazepam with (alternatively) an over the counter sleep aid one night, then the next night its the clonazepam and 2 Tylenol pm. Will this put my cognition in jeopardy in the long run, and which dopaminergic or other drugs work for sleep problems?