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  1. This topic is of great interest to me. Fatigue was the primary symptom that made me realize that something was definitely wrong with me. I had been doing something in the yard, when suddenly I became so exhausted that I had to discontinue doing what I always did with no difficulty. My fatigue is frustrating because I never know what triggers it. It might be a simple task, usually intensive, that triggers it. Also, it is a fatigue which is different from being tired. It is a feeling of being an "empty tank," usually lasting a couple of hours. Twice I have discussed this with my neurologist who attributes it to the medication (l-dopa) but as I mentioned above, it began long before my diagnosis. It is true that I do get tired but this "fatigue" is different. I have to be careful to pace myself and my wife monitors my activities to help me from tiring out too much lest I trigger this fatigue. But as I said, it could be a simple task that does it. At other times I can be quite active and function in a quasi normal manner. I am curious if others experience this kind of fatigue or is it the same as tiring.
  2. mswize

    Vivid dream

    Just a couple of thoughts re RBD. My vivid/acting out dreams occur when I am in my deepest sleep cycle and happen most often when I am most exhausted. Interestingly, as the years have passed their frequency has lessened., are less violent and have taken on a different style, fewer snakes and animals attacking me to more humans doing so, less kicking and fighting to more running and hiding. I am not sure what that means. Clonazipan doesn't seem to help me.
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    What a beautiful statement. I agree with you completely
  4. mswize

    Trial Meds to see if it is truly PD

    Howard, I've been away from the Forum and failed to respond promptly to your question. I did not have your symptoms but the usual, constipation, loss of smell, REM Behavior Disorder, etc. Clearly, Sinement has a different reaction for me than it does for many with PD. It has been very effective but became so gradually as I first indicated. At the same time, I do not suffer the "off" period which so many do although I am extremely faithful in taking my medication at the same time each day. I believe that "Silverfox" gave excellent advice. I would only add that hopefully you will find an expeienced neurologist who will work with you to determine through clinical efforts whether or not you have PD. Myron
  5. mswize

    Trial Meds to see if it is truly PD

    I was diagnosed with PD four years ago with tremors on my right side, etc. It took considerable time in terms of weeks for me to notice the difference. This may be due to the fact that my neurologist gradually introduced me to sinemet...taking approximately a month to establish my regular routine that I am still on. I would encourage you to be patient and not expect a rapid improvement. This was certainly the case for me but after a couple of months I suddenly noticed that my left arm no longer pulled upwards and backwards and my tremors were lessing. Good luck
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    I've been interested in this particular topic for some time since I have had such "acting out" dreams for many years. For a long time I felt that there was something pschologically wrong, even though I am a psychologist by training. But the more that I read about this topic, the more it became clear to me that, at least in my case, it was a matter of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and that REMBD often preceeds parkinsons and can be considered a "marker" that should alert one to the possibility of having parkinsons. What is interested is that when I first discussed this with my primary care physician, he attributed the dreams to the medication. Later I discussed this with my neurologist (a wonderful person) who again said that it was due to the medication. Now I have a new neurologist (my previous neurolgoist retired) who again attributed these dreams to my medication. I know of course that this is not the case since I have had these dreams for so many years prior to my diagnosis and the medication treatment. My hope is, of course, that the topic of REMBD is discussed more frequently and more research done on the topic lest some of us start attributing these dreams (acting out and vivid) to some deep psychological problem. In my case my lovely wife gently and if necessary awakens me and even though at times it may take me a couple of hours to "calm down", at least I am not hurting her or myself. Thanks for letting me share my personal experiences.
  7. mswize

    Can you write?

    I am a retired educator who went through similar experiences. I was convinced that I would be unable to write or sign my name and in fact had my wife do the writing, signing, etc., whenever possible. However, after a number of months of taking L-Dope, I began to notice the difference and could sign my name, etc. While I still experience difficulties at times, I am so much better. I hope that this offers you some encouragement.