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  1. johnnys

    tensing of muscles

    Two years ago I tarted getting myoclonic jerks,i ve been able to control them with keeping busy in both mind and body.So it seems others have had simular success with their symptoms.The mind can do alot in PD.
  2. johnnys

    Your expertise of Parkinsons, what if?

    I"m doing fairly well .My balance has improved ,no more balancing acts in the boat.My movements have diminished changing brands of C/l. Even Michael J.Fox has said many times",the best expert for PD is ourselves" I know others who are not doing well and they make many more doctor calls then I do. My last call I got a nurse from the MD clinic call me back.Oh your really want us to help you ,chuckle,chuckle.Im still wondering why I didn't respond. I guess Im glad i can do so well taking care of myself.Another byproduct of developing self leadership skills from Dr.Low
  3. johnnys

    Social Security Disability - Trump's Budget

    Lets go after the poor and sick instead of billionaires like Trump who pay little or no taxes
  4. johnnys

    Mindfulness as therapy

    We had a psychologist come to a PD support group to demonstrate this method.Sort of like meditation which in my view is limited. She was fairly young and I asked her if she ever heard of Dr.Low.No was her reply. In PD emotional discomfort a lot comes from the disease and medications .I have found control mostly comes from my training A thought brings it on and a thought can take it away Do the things you fear and hate to do
  5. people become pessimistic of government because they don't get involved.It's very rewarding and my PD complaints diminish significantly the more I stay engaged in making a difference .The country is far better off today then fifty years ago.Dr.low often said ,men suffer mostly from their philosophy of life .So true wouldn't you say.lol
  6. Here is a good throw in on this topic.Are you satisfied in the care you receive ? Part 2 would could be done for us to help ease the depression we find after our few infrequent visits. Yes we need a strong government run for the people not by the corporations and that includes healthcare. My republican congressman has said many times you are where you get your money in Washington.
  7. healthcare is just one of our struggles. Im so glad I got into volunteering for the Democratic party. One thing you soon learn is everyone has their beliefs but we work for a common good.It is a choice between sovereignty and fellowship. If you think we can manage our own costs in medical care without the help of a governed oversight your delusional.. We need a leader to has a past history of one who demonstrates a total personality not one who leads by chaos and whim. The choice and effort we make today may well decide our children's fate
  8. Parkinson and all the neurological diseases are on the pre existing list.So if your younger than 65 and lose your job your out of luck
  9. Trumpcare is all about the "who cares about the other guy"type mentality.Really healthcare is far the most important priority.The money being stolen and mismanaged on wall street today and monopoly of the large banks makes the healthcare debate almost trivial.Drug companies alone gave over 50 million dollars for the election and they want their moneys worth,Sad A postive note is fight to keep the best of Affordable Care Act is still on and don"t give up calling your Senator Senator Bernie Sanders,Our Revolution ,is a must read
  10. I just called my republican congressman here in NY.He says he is against it. I always mention Im a parky and it helps so don't think our call won't help. So many here could be hurt by a ill thought out bad bill just to prove a point Call today because there is great pressure for a "Trump win" thanks john
  11. johnnys


    I have found what Im doing has a lot to do with my mood.Of course our thinking may get a little slowed during wear off. Usually in the evening my body tends to get stiff and I cant sit around long.Keeping ourselves busy and productive is a better solution then relying on extra drugs last night I went visiting some NM friends and never felt better It's going to be a beautiful day here.85 is predicted . Have a good day all john
  12. johnnys

    Neuropsychological Exam

    My wife who doesn't have PD experiences similar minor memory problems .Mine has definitely better since i got my daily life more organized . Dr.Low talks about the attention mechanism and how it can be strengthened for everybody not just PD. Think,plan and act was the spot.
  13. johnnys

    Differences in c/l by brand

    Hi Mark If anyone is interest where their drug came from I would check the NDC# listed in the prescription.In Activis alone there were 4 sub companies.Im not sure if they actually make the drug or just distribute them.I think many of the drugs use come from Golden State medical supply.Its a very complex subject.ZI did try contacting the FDA without much help .The drug company Activis while they took down my experience never followed up with me personaly. Thanks again for your help in this matter. best john
  14. johnnys

    Alternative Therapy for PD symptoms

    Hi I use to suffer from TMJ pain.It is another tension point in our body as I have found it to come during stress.I look upon it as another stress symptom which I use "distressing but not dangerous". Of course using the method from Dr.Low helps much so i don't get these symptoms very often now
  15. johnnys

    Just Interesting Things about This and That

    After the election I bought Bernie Sanders book"Our Revolution".It's a BIG Eye Opener.You can try and stay positive but it's not going to change the system becoming so imbalanced to the rich.The last time we had such disparity we got the Great Depression.Seems history repeats itself all to often.Detroit was once our wealthiest city today thanks to corporate greed it is one of our poorest with 65% of children living in poverty Our area has also been hit very hard.Most of the major companies like Kodak and Xerox have laid off most of the thousands of workers .Xerox has divested its wealth overseas to shelter from taxes.It can be reversed if people have to will to do it.