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    Voice issues

    I continue to struggle with the sensation my voice is compromised by a raspy vibratory sound which causes me to "clear" my throat or attempt to do so frequently. People tell me my voice sounds "ok" but it definately doesn't feel as though it is clear when I speak. This only starts arouond 4pm but voice is mostly fine before that time every day. It also seems to me that I am getting some mucas collection low in my throat. Later in the evening, a pronounced raspy sound is more apparent. If I stop talking completely for 30 minutes or more and avoid using my voice, it does help significanly. Using my voice to talk does seem to bring about the problem. Sometimes I have a glass of wine which seems to help as does taking food. And there are occasional days where I seem to have no problem getting the words out without the gurgly or burbly sound. I'm frustrated because finding someone with knowledge in this area has been very difficult. Three months with a local speech therapist was not very fruitful. I have an appointment with the otolaryngology department at a nearby State University hospital in ten days in my continuing quest for an explanation/solution. They examined me about 8 months ago finding nothing mechanicaly wrong and this is a scheduled followup. Since my original visit, it occurred to me this might be PD related although a recent exam by a neurologist found no PD symptons to diagnose. Perhaps they'll tell me I'm barking up the wrong tree. Any comments? Wondering also if medications have been effective in PD patients with voice difficulties?
  2. dunraven

    Voice issues

    Lin, I did have excessive saliva up to about a year ago and reported it to the doctors who did not connect any dots. Now, is has almost reversed in that it seems my hoarse voice is frequently accompanied by a dry throat and mouth. I've started carrying a bottle of water almost everywhere (to sip, not guzzle) which helps and was always included on every doctor's list of important practices for my reported problem. I've also found that a small piece of food or candy in the mouth helps bring on more saliva, a quick fix for the dry throat & mouth hoarseness. Thankfully, no drooling yet. Other probable symptoms (now that I think of it) starting two years ago, noticible bouts of low energy -- difficulties in walking (placing one foot ahead of the other) "sometimes", a tendency to shuffle the right foot/leg, regular bouts of "a wobbly feeling" on my feet, unstable feeling standing. At my regular six month physicals, my doctor has not been concerned about any of these reported occurances but I have been concerned. My gut tells me something is wrong with this picture. I don't feel right. Trying to find an answer here. My hunch is that it might all tie out to PD which my father had until recurrent aspiration problems won out. I was taking PT for a bad knee an it was my PT who suggested I had a walking disorder and should see a neurologist. I am wondering: 1) Does early diagnosis early medication have benefits? 2) Would medication (sinemet)fix the voice difficulties -- the wobbly unsteady feeling? 3) Is it true the positive effectts of Sinemet diminish with use over time and ultimately become noneffective? If true, is it wise to hold off on the medication as long as possible? This is probably the wrong board to find an answer. Curious about the advantages of a movement disorder specialist in your opinion? Dunraven
  3. dunraven

    Voice issues

    I have not been diagnosed with PD. A neurologist was unable/unwilling to make that diagnosis recently. I began to notice changes in my voicing sensations about three years ago. At first, when speaking I felt a slight raspy sensation. A year later it had become a pronounced "raspy sounding voice" and now to the present, a frequently hoarse sound and throat feeling with the need to clear my throat often. Two different ENT's have examined me as well as doctors specilizing in voice difficulties at a University Hospital and all have failed to offer a solution. And it is frustrating since I had been doing some public speaking. A speech therapist suggested I was misusing "my instrument" employing "Glottal Fry" when I use my voice. She presceibed I read "Winning with your Voice" by Dr. Morton Cooper. It may be helped but not significantly. She had me doing the following exercises: 1) Hold the sound /e/ as long as possible on a comfortable note. 2) Glide from the lowest to the highest note ini the frequency range, using /o/. 3)Glide from the highest to the lowest note in the frequency range using /o/. 4) Hold the musical notes Middle C and D, E, F, and G above middle C for as long as possible. Repeat these notes two times. Plus a host of similar other exercises. I am sipping water constantly throughout the day. My voice is nearly perfect until mid afternoon at which time the hoarseness with frequent clearing is required The speech therapist has warned against doing this as it irritates the throat and compounds the problem. I'm wondering if any PD meds might help. It does seem to be getting worse and I'm getting more anxious. Finding knowledgable help has been difficult. I have no problem with a soft voice or volume/loudness issues (yet).