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  1. blessed4431

    Favorite brain game??

    Regarding music I forgot the Nuro psyc said playing an instrument and singing as well as different types of music stimulate different parts of the brain also dancing.
  2. blessed4431

    Favorite brain game??

    I participated in a PD research project on cognition. During the project I used lumpsity (sp?). But prior to that I had gone to my PD Dr because I was having trouble remembering my address, who's president, my kids middle names and often times got lost when I was driving. I had no clue this was connected with my PD, I had to go through lots of test with a Nuro psychologist . She assured me it was PD related. When my PD is bad my cognitive ability gets worse. Through this study and testing I learned a lot. It was suggested that you should use your brain differently by doing things like: sudoku, cross worlds, jigsaw puzzles, learn a new language, try writing with opposite hand, take a different route when driving, if you knit or crochet do a different pattern. Just challenge your brain. This is a great topic. When I was having issues I thought I had a brain tumor I kept it from my family. I was quite upset that my dr never told me about this part. I was 49 when that happened
  3. blessed4431


    Thanks for this. I have great faith and love to share this with like minded folks
  4. My description of my dystonia. It is like I have an alien inside my body and it is twisting my arm in all different directions. I have no control and this thing inside has taken over my body part and twisting it in directions God never intended
  5. These come in a variety of sizes. I suggest before you buy a big bag that you either go to a natural food store and buy just a few or you go to wal mart and try out their turmeric. This is what I buy. OO size capsules on Amazon or at the health food store. I make several different capsules cayanne (for when We are getting colds, ginger for colds or tummy issues, cinnamon etc anyway I makes lots of different capsules
  6. Yes I have it in my ribs also they feel like they are having sword fights
  7. I mix 3/4cup of tumeric and1/4 cup black pepper. I buy my capsules on line and make them myself. I use to wait till dystonia started to take. But I found if I take two capsules two times a day for me it works great. In a pinch if I forget or something I keep those little yellow mustard packs (that comes with hot dogs ) with me at all times. I have been in a traffic jam and had dystonia in my foot and sucked down a couple mustard packs and away it goes. Also pickle juice has turmeric in it. You can buy the empty capsules on line mine take about 1/4 teaspoons in them. I suggest you try plane old yellow mustard. I hate mustard but will do anything to get rid of the terrible pain. Regarding the Bladder dystonia. I can't remember who asked. It made me feel like I always had to go to the bathroom. My MDS told me it was not bladder dystonia. U went through a bunch of test with a urologist gynecologist for her to say bladder dystonia. Also you could try the turmeric capsules they have at wal mart is what I tried at first then I wanted to make sure I was getting turmeric and I wanted to add pepper to get through the brain blood barrier I think is what it was called. Please try either this or yellow mustard. I also make pickles and put extra turmeric
  8. blessed4431

    Mucuna Puriens - A Herbal Alternative

    Thanks for the information
  9. blessed4431

    Curcumin supplements offered by Costco

    I take turmeric and black pepper capsules daily
  10. I have it I my feet,calf, bladder, hands and ribs
  11. I take turmeric and black pepper capsules it works great for me
  12. I love this lets all share our ideas here is mine. Inseted of a towel to dry off I use a Terry cloth robe. I just get out of shower and put on a robe
  13. blessed4431

    Do any of you have a service dog?

    I also have been looking into this.
  14. blessed4431

    A Friend Quietly Grieves

    I'm praying that our Heavenly Father will wrap his loving arms around him.