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  1. McCall

    "Levodopa Phobia" Case Studies

    Dr. Okun said on these forums that Levadopa doe NOT cause Dyskinisia, it is the progression of the disease that causes it, so if someone has been taking it for a long time and now they have Dyskinisia then they think it was cause and effect.
  2. McCall

    parkinsonism vs. the disease

    I was told that Parkinsonism was one of the other similiar conditions, such as MSA or PSP or CBD. Husband's doctor was not sure about diagnosis in the begining because one of his earliest symptoms was bad balance and falls.
  3. I am wondering if anyone here has been stopped by the police, [for whatever reason] did you tell them right off the bat that you have PD? did they believe you? How did they treat you? I know some of you carry the I am not drunk I have Parkinson's disease card, did that make any difference?
  4. McCall

    For those that think C/L causes Dyskinisia ?

    the reason I wanted to know others experiences with this is that when I first came on this website and read the physicians forum, Dr. Okun was very clear that C/L did not cause dyskenisia but was in fact the advancement of the disease itself. and obviously if a person DID take C/L and later developed it, would think it was caused by the C/L. Whereas if they never did take C/L and got the dyskenesia anyway they would then know it was the PD itself causing it. I hate to see the idea that it is caused by the C/L and so people being warned off taking C/L when it could be helping them.
  5. I believe Dr. Okun that C/L does NOT cause dyskinisia . So I would like to know how many of you that took C/L later developed it and how long had you been taking the C/L before you developed it? I believe that if you are going to develop dyskinisia that you will even with NO C/L, that it is just the progression of the disease itself.
  6. McCall

    PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    I am curious if any of you men with ED and PD ever seriously thought about penile implants? This is a serious question. My husband and I thought about it, and it might have helped for another year or two but he could not get himself to do it which since I had gotten BA for him, kind of bugged me. But it turned out just as well since my physical condition deteriorated to the point sex would have been very painful for me.
  7. McCall


    One of my husbands first symptoms was bad balance and falls. This was before he was diagnosed with anything. He has been on meds now for 7 years but they never did much for the balance. watching him walk through the house reminds me of a pin-ball game. trouble is I am not much better on balance and I don't have PD though I have several other unpleasant things.
  8. McCall

    I think I have parkinsons

    The smell thing is not a hallmark of PD. my husband was diagnosed with PD 7 years ago now and still has an acute sense of smell.
  9. McCall

    Peeved PreClinical Parkinson's Person

    I was the first to notice symptoms in my husband's case, he tended to shake a lot when under stress, or hard physical labor, I commented to my son that I wondered if he had PD. So when my husband went to see our Dr. she did a couple tests, mainly the cogwheel test and found he had that and told him he had PD. He also had been losing his balance a lot. I made an apt. for him with the head or neurology at Brigham and women's in Boston. He confirmed the PD again with just a few in office tests so in his case there was no long time till diagnosis. He was 62 than, he is 68 now. Things have progressed quite a bit but he can still eat by himself, and toilet and shower. His balance is quite bad now but he seldom uses his cane or wheelchair, except when out. He has swallowing problems as well and a lot of stiffness, constipation, and urinary incontinence, some memory problems etc. I know that some people have a great deal of trouble getting a diagnosis, but many others get it first thing.
  10. McCall

    Social Security Disability...who has been denied w/PD?

    I suggest that the OP apply for the SSDI anyway, because if you are eventually approved you will get back pay to the time you applied, and if you don't get approved then you start collecting at 66 anyway.
  11. McCall

    Space is your best friend

    When my husband finally retired, we moved from the small house we had on Cape Cod to a 2500 sq.ft. house three stories brick, in WV for 36K. I had bought it 5 years earlier in anticipation. The idea was that my youngest son and his family would move and live with us to take care of us, since we both needed assistance. That was one reason we moved the other was financial since we now live on SS alone
  12. McCall


    Fortunately for us my husband made it almost to full SS time before he had to leave work. So he did not have to apply for SSDI. He just started collecting his regular SS and I then collected spousal benefits against his record. However, applying for benefits is not hard it is the proving with complete medical history that is difficult.
  13. McCall


    By affordable healthcare do you mean Obama care? If so there are not asset restrictions, other than for a subsidy and even then it is income based Not based on Having a house or money in the bank.
  14. My husband was diagnosed in Feb. or 2012 but I think he had it for some time before we realized something was really wrong. He was 62 then and he is still working and driving a 200 mile round trip commute most every day. He is hoping to make it to 68 before retireing but at least 66 which is another year. But you just never know, he is declining slowly but steadily. I wish we could afford for him to stop right now, but we can't.
  15. McCall

    Robin Williams had early PD issues?

    He played the Dr. in Awakenings and he knew about Parkingsons. I can imagine if it were starting to affect his incredible mind, that he might think it was time to go before he was not himself anymore, but it is so horribly sad.