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  1. Kristakj78

    Anti depressants

    It didn't allow me to PM you Linda.
  2. Kristakj78

    Anti depressants

    Thank you Linda. I appreciate and respect your support more then you know. I have a pretty good hold on my available resources, especially with my health insurance coverage. I guess it all takes time...one day at a time, and one step at a time, lol, no pun intended. I am however still very interested in how many of us are on anti depressants, and which one works best, (still taking into consideration and knowing we are all different).
  3. Kristakj78

    Anti depressants

    I just got prescribed 20 milligrams of Celexa and I felt like it kept me up the entire night. I took it in the evening and I was literally up from 12:30 a.m. until 6 a.m. I've always had insomnia but nothing like that night. I only took it that one time. What time of day do you take it? My MDS said maybe I should try taking it in the morning.
  4. Kristakj78

    Anti depressants

    I have an appointment with a psychiatrist but not until December 9th. I did not like the last one I had. She diagnosed me with PTSD and clinical depression. My MDS doesn't want to deal with either of these issues because she says it is outside of her field at this point. It just stinks because she is the only one I have ever trusted to deal with any of my medicine. My ex-husband had a horrible experience on Cymbalta but that is because he is bipolar and it triggered his Mania. What really gets my goat about so many of these diseases... Especially Parkinsons is that there is so much trial and error before you can find the right thing. We are all so different and we all have such different attributes of the disease and we all have such different reactions towards all of the medicines. I have been on almost every Agonist that is out there. My body rejects all of them now . I'm only 38 and I have four boys . I'm so scared. I don't have much family or friends in the area so I've been reaching out for help through counseling and even churches which I would never expect to see myself doing . I'm burnt out on my Sinemet right now too. My husband helps at times very well but he has his own s*** load of issues. When I first got diagnosed I was so happy because protein never affected my medicine. Silly me... I thought I was one of the few that slipped through the cracks for the first year when it came to the Sinemet and protein combo. Now I'm extremely affected by protein. I thought I had a good grasp on the medicine thing, and maybe I did for a while... Even the doctors were saying how much they trust me with understanding my own body but it's crazy how your body's tolerances throw a curveball at you when you least expect it. I feel like I'm starting from scratch again and I'm scared so much. The reality of this disease has actually started to sink in with me. I don't want to be a burden on my children.
  5. Kristakj78

    Anti depressants

    Is anyone out there on anti depressants? I know we are all different, but if so, what works for you?
  6. Kristakj78

    Sinemet CR dosage ?

    Did the sleep study help?
  7. Kristakj78

    Allentown PA young-onset group

    I just got an email that they cancelled it for this month and it will be the second Tuesday of next month.
  8. Kristakj78

    Sinemet CR dosage ?

    I was told not to split extended release. What is the difference between IR, CR and ER?
  9. Kristakj78

    Sinemet CR dosage ?

    I live in NE Pennsylvania too! I am in Allentown. My current MDS works out of Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton. I understand and feel your pain. I try to hide my tears, but it is hard...almost impossible at times. I have insomnia too, lol, as you can tell by the time I post things.
  10. Kristakj78

    Sinemet CR dosage ?

    I was diagnosed 3.5 yrs ago too. I am feeling soooo many of the same things as you. I feel overmedicated as well, but without the Sinemet I am totally off, (i.e., can't walk, crazy rigidity, ghost face, speech issues, etc.). I find on my, "on" periods I am just like you...the fastest in a grocery store or Walmart with my shopping cart. I completely RELATE. I am on 9 pills of regular Sinemet 25/100 a day and 1-2 extended releases overnight as needed. I also take up to 3 of the 10 mg doses of Baclofen, (a muscle relaxer), before bed and during the night to help me sleep. I have tried every agonist out there. I used to tolerate Mirapex, but went off it to have my son, and when put back on it, along with the regular Sinemet, my dyskineas were bad. I felt like my whole body was vibrating tonight at 2am as well. I get it. I don't get tremors much, so this was concerning. I feel like I am on a Sinemet burn out. I have even gone so far as to break up the regular Sinemet pills,and only take 75% of one to avoid dyskineas. My MDS is aware of all of this. I feel like Im at a brick wall with my meds and alternatives. The side effects stink. I completely understand and relate....oh, and Ive even tried that new form of Sinemet, Rytary. It is kind of a combo of regular Sinemet and extended release in a capsule. It didn't work for me. I got dyskineas on it. Ugh. It's not fun finding the right med mix.
  11. Kristakj78

    MDS vs a regular neurologist

    I have an appointment with a regular neurologist at University of Penn in Philly. I currently have a movement disorder specialist neuro. How many of you have a regular neuro vs. an MDS neuro?
  12. Kristakj78

    Allentown PA young-onset group

    I believe so.
  13. Kristakj78

    Klonopoin and dementia

    Ive been up since 1230am. The Celexa isn't helping thus far. I will give it more time and call my MDS in the morning. I have Googled some articles coorelating Celexa and insomnia. It can actually trigger insomnia in some. I am still on the Klonopin and a muscle relaxer Baclofen too, and not getting sleep. Not cool. I have a SUPER busy day tomorrow. This sux!!! ????
  14. Kristakj78

    Allentown PA young-onset group

    No, the 2nd Tuesday of every month.