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  1. Natasha Kogan

    Nutrition interventions

    You can be vegeterian and still be on keto
  2. Natasha Kogan


    just don't forget we are different .. my story - I started from 2 mg and the final dose was 14mg a day. long release pills it allowed me to start l-dopa 1.5 year later no side effects now I am with the new pill called accordeon and I stopped requip because otherwise I have overdose
  3. Natasha Kogan

    I think I have parkinsons

    https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/mind-guest-blog/the-fat-fueled-brain-unnatural-or-advantageous/ Hope Scientific American is serious enough 😉 Here is one more link https://www.google.co.il/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2874681/&ved=0ahUKEwjJvdC2yqDaAhVLa1AKHerzBVQQFggvMAI&usg=AOvVaw3e8GGPIiHFwX51xHrOtB9A
  4. Natasha Kogan

    I think I have parkinsons

    Great to know you are free of tremors! One of my friends has migraines, he doesn't take any meds He is on keto , but I don't know if it helps him with his migraines , I don't know why he moved to keto - it was more than 10 years ago.. This is not true our brain needs carb, I will find reference and post it here.
  5. Natasha Kogan

    I think I have parkinsons

    a high healthy fat, low carb diet like the Mediterranean diet << this is not Mediterranean, this sounds more like paleo or keto diet keto should be great for the brains weither you have PD or not. in any case I agree with the others - this is not PD Hope you find a way to deal with it. good luck
  6. Natasha Kogan

    Nutrition interventions

    https://www.ketogenicforums.com/t/keto-and-parkinsons-disease/19400 Just thought that we can look for Parkinson in ketogenic forums will read it later
  7. Natasha Kogan

    Nutrition interventions

    you are definitely not a predator!
  8. Natasha Kogan

    Nutrition interventions

    a can of cod liver could be an option! you promised to send a link to the company page here is what I found: https://shop.perfectketo.com/?_ke=a29nYW4ubmF0YXNoYUBnbWFpbC5jb20%3D
  9. Natasha Kogan

    Nutrition interventions

    Cod liver this looks exactly as the one I buy - Cod Liver from amazon look at the % of fat!
  10. Natasha Kogan

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    This is very painful subject. Many people just don't want to know. If u r healthy it is such a fun to be your friend, there r so many things we can do togeather! But u r ill and it spoils everything. Actually you are spoiling everything! One of my friends used to tell me about some people which are very ill and still are so positive! This you people do a lot of things :going out late, travelling,.hiking. ‏if they do it why you can't? Look at Yourself You don't Look ill. Yiu need to be positive and everything Will Be OK
  11. Natasha Kogan

    Nutrition interventions

    Btw, about new ideas - 2 additional sources of fat: Nutiva, Organic MCT Oil From Coconut and Nutiva, Organic Hemp Oil, Cold Pressed
  12. Natasha Kogan

    Nutrition interventions

    Ahh, I'm falling behind with mitochondria subject .. nkrocker , you r my only hope 😉 I met my nutr-st , it was interesting, but I spent half a day in Ikea and the other half fighting with my ..hmm.. gut Planning to work on the menue and other details tomorrow, will share the new ideas (if i have any) Tired. Sleeeeeeep!
  13. Natasha Kogan

    Nutrition interventions

    LindaG, As far as I understand it takes 2-3 days to enter ketosis , so if you change from fat to carbs and back you probably never achieve it? A friend of mine says her dyskinesia disappears when she is in ketosis so I want to check if it works for me...
  14. Natasha Kogan

    Single with PD

    >> I notice it most when I'm due for the next dose me too. I read somewhere that dysk. may appear in the middle or at the end of the "levadopa cycle" seems strange for me too
  15. Natasha Kogan

    Nutrition interventions

    just in case you haven't seen it - found 1 old post of Kathrynne Holden about keto