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  1. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    Good morning all, We hit 60 degrees yesterday....snow all melted but my guess is don't put the snow plow away yet...one more taste of white stuff in March. Yesterday was reading through Lurkers and Posters and notice Linda last post was 1/30/2017 then a posting the next day by Roger with a comment something to the effect of "sorry to see Linda leaving" and she did say she was having problems navigating through the forum. That's all that I could find. This morning notice some small buds on my cherry tree plus it's nice to have the sun out instead of the cloudy days...it helps my outlook on life. I feel sorry for those in California with the rain and mud slide plus tornado in San Antonio. Hope all is safe. Patricia
  2. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    Dianne, my prayers will include you today and the days to come as you travel through another of life's many different roads. Peace be with you.
  3. Island Woman

    URI Virus/Flu

    PatriotM, have never had any problem with flu shot but this time I was at my Dermatologist for yearly skin check and the sign in clerk sneezed right in my face...3 days later...the worse cough and soar throat I've ever had. When I got my voice back the doctor heard from me. As of 1/1/2017 Rhode Island Health Dept. announced that any one in the public environment with a cough/cold are required to wear a mask or stay home. I informed the doctor of that but it was to late for all the people she infected that day plus her coworkers. Yes I agree it's up to each whether they have the flu shot or not plus everybody's health situations are different. Patricia
  4. Island Woman

    URI Virus/Flu

    I'm surprise no one has brought up the subject of the Flu that has seem to have taken over most states and it's effect on PD symptoms. I had the most terrible cough plus fever for 16 days and the only thing that helped was plenty of rest and forced liquids. Also noticed my meds didn't seem to help at all with PD symptoms. Yes, I did get the flu shot in Nov. but was exposed to the virus. My only suggestion it to wash and wash your hands often and stay far away from anyone who shows signs of a cold. Patricia
  5. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    Morning All, well the other day we hit 59 degrees and today back to 25...no wonder so many are sick with viruses. In on location they decided to close schools for 3 days in hopes the students and teachers can get an extra jump on this bug. Computer has been heading for a slow death and getting time to bite the bullet for a new one...but I hate changes not to mention learning a new program. Sure I'll be pulling my hair out. Marcia have no idea how to upload a photo...tried once but never worked...good luck. Bard, -8....to cold for me...please keep it up there. Dianne, hope you're over your cold...I hear from relatives in Seattle that a drone hit the space needle. Jb, how many resolutions have you broken so far? For all that I missed saying hello, stay warm/stay cool. Patricia
  6. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    Tom, that's a little chilly for Austin...my forecast for today is 8-12 inches of snow but next Thursday 50 degrees...strange weather pattern...stay warm. Patricia
  7. Island Woman


    one thing they showed me at PT was to try standing with one foot in front of other...heel to toe and put your arms out...please make sure you're standing next to some thing....I use the bed and keep 1 finger touching just in case...alternate legs...once you get comfortable try closing your eyes...that's the hard part....good luck patricia
  8. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    Marcia looks like a true white Christmas...today it's 50 degrees...no wonder everybody is suffering around here with a cough...had to go to 3 drug stores looking for cough medicine that wouldn't interfere with PD meds.....one store told me they couldn't keep cough syrup stocked. Dianne hope you get that pain under control soon...keep laughing. Jb keep that snow up north...no sending it to New England. Linda, haven't checked your weather in awhile...you're another one who likes to share with New England. Merry Christmas to all and lets try to embrace 2017 with fun and laughter...to "H..." with PD...we are fighters. Patricia
  9. Island Woman

    new aid to counter tremor

    yes looks very interesting...please pass on any more info you find out about it patricia
  10. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    jb, sorry to hear you've got this blasted head cold that is going around. Yesterday some one told me their theory of why we get a cold this time of the yr.....it's because we are digging out Christmas decoration from either the cellar or attic...thus exposed to mold or dust. I say it's the weather change....one day 60 and no coat...next 35 and freezing. Feel better my friend. Patricia
  11. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    Dianne, thanks for sharing your psychologist suggest concerning going through stressful days....I'm going through some stressful stuff and have been trying to fight it but doesn't help...tried extra exercise but only made it worse...so have decided to read, eat, sleep and breath plus get some sun when it's out. Thanks again. Patricia
  12. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    Happy Turkey Day to all and let us take a minute to remember what we are thankful for. I'm thankful for all the great friends I've met here....you all are the greatest. Patricia
  13. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    Peace, go ahead with your plan and tell them you're watching out for their health by cutting back the sweet syrupy recipe...if they don't like it...don't eat it but really a plain sweet potato has great taste in its self...bring bottle of maple syrup for them. Patricia
  14. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    Evening jb, thanks for asking...doing ok...just waiting for next oral surgeon "party" on the 21th...trying to keep the stress level in tack but have to confess I attacked the Halloween candy yesterday so today flying high on sugar...when will I ever learn. What a beautiful moon out tonight...hope everyone takes a minute to view it. Wonder if we will hear coyotes tonight. Patricia
  15. Island Woman

    Good morning!!

    Tom, she's a beauty!