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  1. My Dad is 80 and has been on Parkinson's medication for a few years. Detrol la was added a few months back for urinary urgency and within 7-10 days he was admitted to the hospital with general weakness, excessive fatigue, etc. At the hospital, a urolgist saw him and changed the incontinence medication to Centura based on some test (something to do w/ volume of urine remaining in the bladder) he had done their at the hospital. He continued on the Centura until ~10/10/12, when the decision was made to switch back to Detrol because of price and insurance coverage. On 10/15/12, he complained of facial numbness, weakness on one side of the body, general malaise and said he needed to go to the hospital-I requested he be taken to the hospital and he was and later admitted back into the hospital. I mentioned the coincidence of the start of the Detrol x 2 to hospital admission and his GP stopped the detrol. NOW, the nurse at the ALF states the doc only stopped the medication because I insisted and I am the reason he went to the hospital was because I requested it. Main question-Can Detrol la interact w/ Sinemet, Comtan, Celebrex, Remeron, or Potassium? I understand the timing may be a complete coincidence but am frustrated w/ the nurse demanding a change in medication because she feels nothing is/was wrong. Thanks, Stacia Britt