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  1. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    I’m here! Actually I’m not, we’re in Dublin Ireland! DH and I both retired in July and we are celebrating with a trip to England, Scotland and now Ireland. Having such a wonderful time. We fly home Friday so still plenty ahead of us. Will think of all of you when I kiss the Blarney Stone. Will write more next week when I get home. Love to all!
  2. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    Sure is quiet around here....
  3. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    JB Is that a common side effect of DBS?
  4. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    Just came across an old Post-It note dated 3/27/06 with my handwriting - back when I could still write legibly. Sigh...
  5. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    So glad to see you checked in! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your experience.
  6. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    JB, I've got tomorrow circled on my calendar. Sending prayers and hugs your way.
  7. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    I'm here! I haven't checked in a while and boy what great news JB! You will certainly be in my prayers! I guess I would be excited and scared all at the same time. Actually, John, our little house is in Clayton, GA near the NC/SC corner of Georgia. We are 81 days from retirement and that is scary for me. I have started training a replacement for part of my job. Makes me wish we could mind meld like Mr. Spock and get it over with. We got a new kitten last week. A co-worker of DH's had the mother cat and needed to find two kittens a home. We named her Cassie and she is a delight. Our little old man, Scout, is 15 and he has been very patient with her for which I am very grateful. I will try to check in more often. I am thankful for every one here and love how you are so supportive. Love, Sheila
  8. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    We've had a few flakes which gets me all excited but it doesn't stick which disappoints me! Can someone point me to the instructions on how to post a picture?
  9. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    Linda, thanks for the encouragement and engaging me. It helps a lot. I have never posted a photo but will try to figure it out!
  10. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    JB, I am still here, reluctantly. I have experienced some progression, albeit mild, but enough to upset me for a while. It has greatly disturbed my state of denial. Had my MDS visit about two weeks ago and he increased my C/L which was another blow. Another bite of acceptance I guess...:( On a brighter note, DH and I are set to retire July 20. A couple of months ago, we moved full time to our Georgia "mountain" house up in NE Georgia but are still working full time in downtown Atlanta. It is a b!tch of a commute but we are saving quite a bit of money. Just a few more months to go. It actually snowed a tiny bit yesterday which always thrills me. Hugs to all here! I read everyday to see what you are up to. The smiles you give me help more than you know. Love, Sheila
  11. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    Makes me cry everytime I read it.
  12. She-Ra

    Insurance? I'm only 57.

    One more word before you are officially diagnosed or start medication. Revisit your life insurance, especially if it is term. You might want to consider whole life to keep the payments from going up every time you renew. When our term life came due for renewal (after my diagnosis), we could no longer afford the same amount. We changed to whole life and bought a much smaller policy for end of life expenses. It was certainly a reality check.
  13. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    Peace, I am so sorry to hear about your beloved horse. It's so painful when they leave us.
  14. She-Ra

    Good morning!!

    I'm still here !! Not as super as I used to be. Will post more later. Hard to do on a bumpy express bus and an IPHONE
  15. I am in Atlanta and unfortunately, Emory is about the only local source for MDS's and it can take months to get in. MDS are usually associated with and near a research university. Other sources would be Vanderbilt or UAB in Birmingham. I go to Dr. Victor Sung at UAB. Also, Augusta's a good source, too, I think the hospital is called Regent University Hospital but I am not sure. They keep changing it.