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  1. Prospector99

    Music and Parkinson's Disease

    I had always wanted to learn to play guitar, so now, 45 and retired, I bought a Stratocaster and an amp. I’ve been teaching myself with YouTube videos and music apps. Sometimes I’m too stiff to play but when the meds are on it’s a blast. I found that dedicating an area in the house just for music, almost like a studio or stage with everything ready to pick up and play, makes it much more enjoyable. FYI I take rytary and selegilene right now. Diagnosed at 40. Just came off mirapex. Boy does that drug suck
  2. Prospector99

    Stroke following dbs surgery

    I hope he gets better quickly. someday I may need DBS myself. Please keep us updated on his condition.
  3. Prospector99


    Sorry didn't get much info about it. Here is a relevant link. http://uknow.uky.edu/content/uk-parkinsons-patient-experiences-symptom-relief-new-medication
  4. Prospector99


    It looks interesting. My mds is one its principal investigators. I'm not advanced enough to warrant it yet in his opinion. Plus it's like 60000 a year? Someone correct me if I'm off on that. Insurance ain't gonna like that.
  5. Prospector99

    Patient assistance program

    I've never tried the brand name version. Wonder if it does work any better ??
  6. Prospector99


    Hi there glad you've found this site! It's nice to know you there are others out there dealing with the same concerns isn't it? Sinemet is a great drug and makes a world of difference but for me nausea was a real problem for a few months. Hope you get to avoid that. Like you, I also get stuck on words sometimes, man that is super annoying. . Anyway good luck
  7. Prospector99

    Tremors and walking

    No not from walking. I'm extra stiff and shaky for about a half hour after doing weights but then everything loosens up and it's bliss for around an hour.
  8. Prospector99


    I managed to do a sprint triathlon a while back. I think I was second to last but I didn't care. The change from biking to the run is just killer. Way to go young dad!
  9. Prospector99

    Disability or no disability that is the question

    That is really good advice to start slow. I did just that just sort of got acclimated for about 5 months. Then started adding things until, as predicted, I added too much and had to cut back.
  10. Prospector99

    Disability or no disability that is the question

    The calculus that goes into that decision can be overwhelming. The elephant in the room is the financial end of going on disability. If you can make it work I say do it. Going on disability will leave you with a lot of time to fill, but think of all the things you could do. Volunteer, exercise, nap, raise kids, whatever. At least for me the reduction in stress was the biggest benefit. My body absolutely wilts under pressure now. If you feel like work is killing you it may be time to bow out gracefully. Jeff
  11. Prospector99


    Great ideas all around! My strategy has been to first: get out of the house and go somewhere. For me a ymca. In a different thread I equated it to having it be the one true job for each day. At home it's way to easy to put it off. Also I find depression creeping in if I stick around the house all day and I'm loathe to return to ssri's. Second: do a machine then weights then stretch. Some days I'm really tired and don't go very long others I might go 90 minutes. In 16 months I've dropped about 16 lbs. a lb a month is safe and easily attainable goal. It's weird it took pd to actually get me in shape I never made time for exercise when I was "well"!
  12. Prospector99

    this cant be right

    Hi and welcome. That visit where your doctor politely informs you that have pd is a real barn burner. The good news you will find out is that pd is a very livable disease for a very long time for most people. My advice is read read read old threads and post all the questions you want. We all like to help.
  13. Prospector99

    Neurology Doctor Visit Today

    Actually if you meet the income thresholds and other criteria they will give it to you for free for a year. http://www.azilect.com/HCP/PatientSupport/PatientAssistance
  14. That is great news!! You have a solid mds
  15. Prospector99

    DBS at 39? Pros and cons

    Sorry where are my manners!? Welcome to this forum, I hope you find it as useful as I have.