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  1. What has been your experience on this topic and can you share what you have done effectively to manage this? HELP!
  2. epaduareyes

    After DBS

    Hi Dr. Okun, My husband had DBS left brain/affects right side 3 months ago and I believe we have not reached the optimum results so we are patiently waiting .. I've seen him fall more than a few times and he falls on the right side. Is there an explanation on both the falling and why the right side? He also feels the tingling sensation from the knees down not just the right leg but the left leg as well.. We were advised that as long as it is tolerable and we have more on times, we should overlook the tingling sensation. Question is since is only the right side that should be affected for the most part, why is it that he feels the sensations on the left leg as well. Is this an indicator that his unilateral DBS is potentially affecting both sides ? and that he may not need the other operation? He is a candidate for the other side of the brain operation but we are waiting for the 6 months mark before we make any decision? What is your best advice in our effort to decide whether to go for the other side operation? Thanks much.
  3. epaduareyes

    studies on DBS interference?

    Hi Doctor Okun, Will casino machine interfere with DBS stimulators? Thanks.
  4. epaduareyes

    Blueberries and coconut oil

    HI Ms. Holden, What is the difference between Cocunut milk and coconut oil? What would you consider moderate coconut oil consumption for a PD patient?
  5. epaduareyes

    coconut oil for PD

    What do you think about adding coconut oil in a PD patient diet?
  6. epaduareyes

    Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery STN placement

    Hi Dr. Okun, Thanks for the responses. It has been very helpful. A follow up question on the treatment of non motor symptoms of PD. You mentioned medication, therapy and integrative approach in treating behavioural issues. The medication adjustment made within the past year.. taking out comtem and just sinemet, counseling through a Psychologist, strengthening his spiritual belief in God has significantly made improvement. DBS surgery is scheduled for May 13.. we will certainly watch out for behavioural changes, hoping not. You therapy and integrative approach. Would you mind expanding on these two treatments. I assume, we will need to see a Psychiatrist more actively.. ? I am also inclined to seek natural treatments through oure integrative medicine etc. Which types of doctors are best to help my husband .. what background should they have? My best guess is to find ones similar to Dr. Ward in your clinic?... Thanks again for all of these helpful information. Emma
  7. epaduareyes

    Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery STN placement

    Hello again, A follow up question on pending DBS strategy. The DBS will be bilateral but will be staged. one side first, he will be observed and then evaluated for the 2nd surgery. 2 sides with 2 stimulators. Do you agree with the staging? Thanks.
  8. epaduareyes

    Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery STN placement

    Hi Dr. Okun, My husband is stable enough to be qualified for the DBS. He has seen a Psychologist this past year for general counseling and has helped stabilize the Non Motor symptoms of PD but he has not seen a Psychiatrist. We were informed that he will be observed on his motor and non motor symptoms after DBS. Our wishes as a family of course is for my husband to take the least medication as much as possible and ultimately to be weaned of Non Motor symptoms medications . LIke you said, there is no guarantee on the results of DBS. Have you had patients with similar motor and non motor symptoms that were succesfully weaned off after the DBS surgery. Can integrative medicine help in the non motor symptoms especially? Thanks .
  9. Hi, Recently my husband asked for meds to help his low sex drive. Incorrectly, he was prescriped wellbupropin to replace fluvoxamine which is for his impulse compulsive disorder/gambling, depression/anxiety symptoms of PD. He was told to stop fluvoxamine totally so he did. He had slurred speech, hallucinations/delirious symptoms so was hospitalized. He was diagnosed with Serotonin... withdrawals from fluvoxamine.. should not stop cold turkey.. Anyway, thank God, he is now stabilized and back to normal and he is back on PD meds Sinemet and amantadyne as well as fluvoxamine and clonazapene .. which has helped stabilize his non motor.. He is undergoing thru DBS surgery in May and would like different perspectives.. He will be off PD meds a day or two before the surgery( needs clarification/confirmation).. but should he continue to take Fluvoxamine and Clonazapene? In the future... are there any natural treatments for Psychiatric symptoms of PD? Thanks.
  10. epaduareyes

    Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery STN placement

    Hi Dr. Okun, Thanks for the fast reply. We are working with the doctors at Scripps Clinic Torrey Pines. in La Jolla, Ca. I heard that you recently visited the site and we are blessed to have good doctors and are connected to you. If I were them, I would ask for your expert advise and they may have already. I followed FLORIDA movement center and your website is robust and very impressive!! Yes, thank God that the non motor symptoms over the years was recently stabilized the past year or so and even with the recent episode, he is stable with the continued use of fluvozamine and clonozapine .. and he is taking 1600 mg of Sinemet and Amantadyne so I believe the DBS surgery is a go. The consultation with a Psychiatrist I believe is very important, most especially after the surgery and even during the surgery.. I would be interested in hearing a confirmation of what is the general plan as to whether mind meds, fluvoxamine and clonozamine should or should not be stopped a day before the surgery.. knowing how my husband reacted when taken off completely ( not weaned off) from the fluvoxamine.
  11. Hello, My husband has had PD for 15 years as a young onset and is now facing surgery. His symptoms has been Motor: Rigidity, freezing, a little dyskenisa, dystonia? ( snaking. now taking 1600 Sinemet and amantadyne. Non Motor: Impulse control disorder/gambling: depression, anxiety, insomnia: anger etc. This has been controlled but not eliminated by fluvoxamine and clonozapine. recently, the DBS team learned a lot about him.. He was taken off Fluvoxamine and replaced by Wellbupropin and had negative complications and was hospitalized.. serotonin withdrawal symptoms.. slurred speech first, then hallucinations, seeing people/hearing voices ,delirious and then physically couldn't walk for a week or two..just now recovered.. Facing DBS surgery in May, STN placement.. bilateral but will be staged in two.. DBS team evaluatted him that he will be improved with his rigidity but maybe not freezing.. Non Motoer symptoms may be positively impacted too.. I'd like to get your expert perspective on target placement based on symptoms described above. Thanks.