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  1. invisable

    Good morning!!

    Sounds like those kitties may just be on their way to feeling comfortable. Yes, they love to look out the window, most love the sun (except mine, she prefers shade!) Glad they are eating. Kitties never finish all their food, especially wet food, it's a "kitty thing." Sounds like you and your hubby are doing a good job. You may just find yourself getting very attached to the little sweethearts!
  2. invisable

    Good morning!!

    Oh, yes they love anything with a cover over their heads, or a place to crawl into. They love closets, mine was in one today. A place to call their own. They make many cat hide-a-way type things, that they can crawl into, if you want to check the pet store, they are soft and bed like. Have their litter box in the room too, but not too close to their food, they like some distance between. I hope they eat and drink soon. It will take them a while to get used to their new surroundings, after a while, they will probably want the run of the house and scratch to get out of their room, but for now, it is a good safe haven for them. Poor little sweeties, they are scared. PM me anytime, I have had cats my whole life, I love all animals, but cats are my favorite.
  3. invisable

    Good morning!!

    Cats do not like change and are very attached to their home, actually even more than their owners. If they do not drink, some cats, mine for one, does not drink any water, and I must always give her canned food so she does not dehydrate. As far as eating, you tried all the right things, I would think very yummy canned food (like fancy feast) would do it, tuna is not good to give on a regular basis, but to entice them, it is ok. My cat hid for days in a spot that I could not reach, but she did sneak out for food when I was asleep. Even though you want them to come out of hiding, leave the food and some soft cat treats close to the hiding place. Cats can hold out and not eat if they are very scared, try to stay away from hiding place as much as you can and have food nearby so they don't have to come out to far to get it. If they go more than a few days without food, you may be going to the vet with them. Dogs can go longer, but cats cannot, their body weight is so low that they go into an anerexic state very easily because they feel sick from not eating and can't eat and their liver gets affected quickly. This was all told to me by a vet. Too bad they took up hiding in bathroom, but if you have another bathroom, use that one, let cats be, with food nearby and when they feel safe they will come out. Cats are very sensitive creatures. Good Luck
  4. invisable

    Tremor only at certain times

    Can a physiological tremor occur only on one side?
  5. invisable

    Sharing Our Music

    Linda - I saw Judy Collins and Peter Paul & Mary at the Chautauqua Institute in Chautauqua, NY. A huge, all wood, pale yellow, open air ampitheatre........wonderful setting for such music. Yes, Michael Jackson was a musical genius in my opinion, loved the "moon walk" too. Such a sad life in many ways though. The Moody Blues are one of my all time favorite bands, saw them just 2 years ago for the 10th time. Nights in White Satin is actually my least favorite song by them, my favorite being Tuesday Afternoon.............
  6. invisable

    Sharing Our Music

    Beautiful Linda, saw Judy Collins in concert. Forgot to add Josh Groban and Peter Paul and Mary, saw PP&M many times live. Cried when Mary died, saw them again after that, just wasn't the same. Always loved Where Have All the Flowers Gone. Flybaby, agreed on Poems Prayers and Promices, beautiful song, love John Denver, say him in concert a few times. That song and Turn, Turn, Turn by the Byrds are 2 of my most favorite songs!
  7. invisable

    Sharing Our Music

    Another Neil fan here, saw him a few time in Buffalo. Holly Holy is my fav. I have 11 favorite bands: Sorry, just couldn't eliminate down to 5, just couldn't......... 1. Beatles 2. Rolling Stones 3. Moody Blues 4. John Denver 5. Barbara Striesand 6. Cher 7. Grassroots 8. Bread 9. Donovan 10. Kinks 11. Elton John Remember on my 16th birthday, my parents bought me a record player and the Abby Road album by the Beatles. Had my bestfriend sleep over (still my bf today.) We pulled the arm over on the record player and player one side of Abby Road over and over again, late into the night......my poor parents. Oh my goodness, I forgot Josh Groban, saw him in concert too! Thanks for letting me relive the memories Discovery, it was fun, kind of miss those days........
  8. invisable

    Tremor only at certain times

    I have not been diagnosed with PD and only experience tremor during the above times. I supposed it would be logical to think they are physiological tremor, which one MDS suggested, however the tremor is only on one side. Can a physiological tremor be one sided? Thank you.
  9. invisable

    Monosymptomatic Resting Tremor - PD Varient

    I understood that I may not pick up any other symptoms of PD for 10-15 years, are you saying in most cases I would gradually pick up other symptoms & tremor would slightly worsen in the period before 10-15 years? Realizing every case is different, but referring to what you said above "in most cases." Thank you again.
  10. invisable

    Tremor only at certain times

    I do realize that stress, etc. prompts the tremor and brings tremor out, but it is common to never have tremor at all during other times?
  11. invisable

    Good morning!!

    Well, jb, we have a few things in common, I "skipped" kindergarten, well actually didn't skip it because I was smart like you were, but got "kicked out," well actually, was just "suggested" that my Mother keep me home for another year because all I did was cry for her, my birthday fell late in year, so I was 9 months younger than many, which made a difference at that age. I stepped right up to the plate for 1st grade though! I have some regrets too about wishing I had pursued a carrer of "passion," rather than just applying at a company that was hiring, about 10 years in, didn't want to turn back, but not a very happy camper for the remainder..........oh well, too late now, that's for sure. Love Fall, it is my very favorite time of year, love everything about it, to be honest Summer is my least favorite time of year. So, bring on the pumpkins!
  12. invisable

    Workout Progress

    Did somebody say "music?" I was a music hound growing up.......Rock n Roll & Folk music.........late 60's & 70's. Everything from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Byrds, Moody Blues, Yes band to John Denver, Peter Paul & Mary..........just to name a few. As you can see, I am much more into music than workouts........... Sorry, looks like I'm doing some serious hijacking...........just couldn't resist!
  13. invisable

    Good morning!!

    jb49 - Love your posts, you have a very unique way of writing, I can "hear" you when I read your posts. You also have a way of conveying a sort of peace with each post. You must be a very content and peaceful person. That is something to be truly admired in this hectic crazy world. I love the way you appreciate the simple things in life and bring them to share with us, thank you for that.
  14. invisable

    Tremor only at certain times

    Dr. Okun: In your practice have you ever encountered a patient with PD tremor ONLY during stress, fatigue, hunger, being cold and no tremor at all at other times? How common or likely is this in your experience or knowledge? Thank You.
  15. Dr Okun: If one has an isolated resting tremor varient of PD with no other symptoms, would tremor be expected to progress at least somewhat in years before other symptoms appear? I understand that other symptoms of PD may take 5-10 years or more to be seen, but what happens to initial resting tremor during this time, does it change at all? Thank you for your time.