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    Photography, Astronomy, Pulling the chain of Aussies when we thrash the convicts at Cricket!
  1. Pokermid2

    The Twilight Zone

    Your words could soooooooo easily be misconstrued johnnys! Good luck with the fishing mate. I'm not a proper fisherman by any stretch of the imagination but I've caught a Yellow Fin Tuna and several small Barra-barra-cuda-dada in my time! The hotel chef made some beautiful tasting fishcakes from the Cudas that evening too! Aaaaah memories eh?
  2. Pokermid2

    My personal miracle

    Being courteous when asking a question or two of someone seems to be disappearing rapidly from society! Or is this an interrogation? (please verify) ...............Good luck for the future nsmeh2. I hope everything goes well for you! Watch out for the high intensity spotlights and the constantly running water though!
  3. Pokermid2

    The Music Store

    Great song and video! Thanks for posting it OWV.
  4. Pokermid2

    The Music Store

    Hi Gazelle......looks like this place needs some resurrecting!
  5. Pokermid2

    mattresses for parkinsons patients

    Oooooh.......did I hit a nerve?
  6. Pokermid2

    The Twilight Zone

  7. Pokermid2

    Dinette Table

    Lead on MacDuff!!
  8. Pokermid2

    Is reincarnation feasible?

    Welcome to the club! I was referring to my re-appearance in actual fact!
  9. Pokermid2

    Coming over the Hill

    OOOOOOOH!! Look what I've found! This is dedicated to that poor old Australian mate of mine, Cryan......
  10. Pokermid2

    The missing poet

    Too true blue! Hows your Cricketers feeling Ryan? Probably just like your Rugby players are feeling.......downtrodden and whupped!!
  11. Pokermid2

    Dinette Table

    They can afford it Dave! Btw.....I also carry the Middleton name.....lol
  12. Pokermid2

    The Twilight Zone

    Come backkkkkkkk!!!!!!!
  13. Pokermid2

    Adapting to a life with Parkinsons

    Thank you kind Sir!