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  1. Lu States

    just double checking my earlier question

    rogerstar.....missed your post. will let you know.....i have no idea where the spinal pain comes from ( have an MRI scheduled for monday ), but i have fibromyalgia and RLS, both of which are treated, and have some relation to, PD. it will be a few weeks before i start, because i still have norco, and i drive a disabled child on occasion, and watch over two teenage girls, also on occasion, so i am sticking with something i know first. then i will schedule a couple of days where my needs are few, and can check out the methadone. i appreciate your imput, lu
  2. Lu States

    just double checking my earlier question

    thank you, i will. i only saw methadone for heroin treatment......which is fine and dandy, but doesn't address my needs. if it doesn't work, or i don't like it, i am sure my pain mgt. dr. will change to something else.........hopefully. thanks again, lu
  3. Lu States

    just double checking my earlier question

    thanks for writing.....i am not too concerned with the stigma, except all i can find about methadone relates to getting off heroin. can find NOTHING online about use for pain, hoped i could find one person, somewhere. i just wanted to know if anyone else has been on it, and what they think of it for relieving pain. it is so odd to be the first to take something for pain on THIS site........everybody on here seem to take as many drugs as i do ! just wanted information on personal use. like i said, thank you for replying, i appreciate it. lu
  4. is NO ONE on methadone for pain mgt. but myself ( well will be soon ) ? i really want to hear what a user for pain thinks......so popping the question up one more time just to see if i get an answer. maybe i will be the guinea pig that will let others know........ sorry to bother. lu
  5. i asked this in general forum, and didn't get a reply.  so, i am wondering if YOU have heard of anyone being prescribed methadone for pain mgt., or have prescribed it yourself.    my pharmacist said that people are going to this that have been on classic opiod's for a long time.......but they worked for me, and i hate that because they are being abused, that those of us on them are yanked off because of this national problem.  i want to know the difference between norco, and switching to methadone ( which i haven't started yet ).  my only experience with methadone is what i have read, and they were all on it for narcotics withdrawal and maintenance.  norco was a fairly good pain reliever bringing me up to tolerable, and now with a pain mgt. specialist i have been put on this.....   i want to know the difference and what to expect.  thank you, lu states

  6. Lu States

    Diagnosed today

    yes....dislike the site changes as well ! in fact, i thought it a different site i had signed up for.....not the old forum.
  7. Lu States

    is anyone on methadone for pain ?

    i have had to change drs. who refused to continue my norco prescription which i rely on for pain management. he sent me to a pain mgt. specialist, who took my muscle relaxer away as well, but prescribed methadone for chronic pain.......which i have. getting an MRI to see what is up with my spine, which is constantly inflamed. meanwhile, i am nervous about the methadone after reading about it online. i would always stop my norco for several days every month or so to make sure i had no withdrawal symptoms, and i never did. people taking methadone say the withdrawals are terrible. the pharmacist said that with the methadone i shouldn't stop like i did with the norco to check on....addiction ? anyway, the methadone sites were filled with people taking it for heroin abuse.......i could find no one taking it for pain. if anyone is on methadone, i would appreciate knowing what you think of it. thank you, lu
  8. Lu States

    Would This Be Too Pushy?

    i agree with swamper and adams234, take it slower.....it needs time to work. it is a strong med., and it helped me immensely, but it was the only one i worried about starting, waited a few days, then took it as recommended. didn't have the nausea i was most afraid of ( HATE nausea more than even the pain i am in ), and it took awhile to start working as it was supposed to do, but eventually did help me a lot. give it time is my thought. best, lu states
  9. Lu States

    Recently diagnosed

    sorry to hear, but this place is a great comfort. hope it takes a very long time to really manifest itself in you. i was diagnosed at the age of 63, but had my tremor ( dr. said it was just a benign tremor, and not to worry ) for over 10 years before i had any other symptoms.........or at least ones i could put together as being " something " needing checked out. i have been told mine is not going to progress rapidly......and so far that is true. for me, when things became really " bad ", sinemet was prescribed, and took most of the obvious signs away. the ones remaining are annoying, but not debilitating. hope your progression is nice and slow like mine ! sorry you are here, but it is a great place, and comforting to find others that understand the quirks. best of luck, and welcome ! lu
  10. Lu States

    tired beyond tired......

    interesting.......worth looking into......thanks, lu
  11. Lu States

    tired beyond tired......

    what in the world is ashwaghanda ? i have never heard of it.......an herb ? curious now
  12. Lu States

    Weight loss and muscle tone

    one part of your post mentions falling......so i thought i would bring that up. i used to fall ALL the time, and could not get up. scoot around to different spots, pieces of furniture, what ever might work. i fell a lot when i first moved out of the city after losing my job ( waiter......lots of stairs ) which i could no longer do. i once fell and it took me 4 hours to get up.......even laid my head on a chair and napped i was so exhausted. shortly after moving my neuro put me on sinemet, the only new drug ( after mirapex which i was already taking for RLS ) that i was given since diagnosed in 2012 at the age of 63 ( for background ). i live in a tiny town now about 2 hours north of my old city.....san francisco. i have been able to get up if i fall now, which is rarely. it isn't pretty.......bum in the air first.....but i can get up ! it, and the much less stress of tiny town, have helped me enormously with all my physical symptoms......brain a mess......but ??? you don't mention your meds, so since the sinemet helped me so much with falling, i thought i would mention it to you. since it is a very common PD drug, you are probably on it, but thought i would bring it up since it helped me in that arena so well. getting up isn't a breeze if i lose my balance, do the " run / fall " thing that is so common with PD falls ( or so my neuro told me ), but i CAN get up, if i find the right chair, table whatever to help. my legs are " dead " weight, and have been for years before i was finally diagnosed, so unless someone is extremely strong, i need a really big guy, or several to pick me up. happily, i mostly fall in my house by myself........saving the public embarrassment for all but a few times. anyway.....maybe it will help you as i think it has helped me......so ....... good luck ! don't you just hate the time when you realize you are going down and there is nothing you can do about it ? that time always felt like minutes to me .....UGH !
  13. Lu States

    Drifting from myself......

    have been following the " drifting " posts and they interest me because of all my symptoms, the ones NOT covered by meds., seem to be my addled brain. losing your memory is one thing, but losing yourself, your ability to write correctly, talk in sentences that make sense, and all the myried number of things that make you YOU, that slip away more and more everyday, simply speaks to me. i sometimes re-read my e-mails AFTER i send them, and realize how backwards they are. i jump from subject matter when talking that has nothing to do with what i was talking about earlier, but got distracted and went off , and then jump back in 10 minutes later and make the point i was trying for before i " leap frogged " over to something else......only to realize i never finished my thought.......so i jump in to someone else's conversation to finish up my original thought. nothing runs linear for me anymore......time, talk, writing.....i just live in a jumbled world now. i keep so many little booklets and pens by my bed ( where i use my computer, landline etc. ), and write down as much as i can about the simplest things. i have learned that if i don't, they will be gone immediately. not that i can find the right booklet again when i need it ! i am no longer myself, and it bothers me quite a bit. i remember the old lu, who made sense, had friends, could follow conversations and speak up at appropriate times. i have lost so many friends because i just do things " wrong ", and at " wrong " times. most can't explain why they can't deal with me anymore.......i just bother them........go on and on.......and often make no sense. sometimes i wish i had a disease that was " recognized .......since most of my physical symptoms are covered now by drugs ", instead of just this person that doesn't even recognize herself anymore. i work up to those days when i will be WITH friends, by making sure i have a " happy face ", try even more to keep up and follow everyone else, make sure i ask about their lives ( all they know from me is i forget things, and have to lie down every few hours.....not sleep, but just lie down ), and when i do, i try to ask questions that shows my honest interest..........not that frozen faced, bore i have become. i concentrate so hard to be " normal " , i wear myself out. small price to pay if i can seem even a little bit like my old self, but it just doesn't last. yes, i know i go on and on. petrified i won't say what i want to, or be misunderstood, i ramble and repeat myself. for those of you who have trouble with that, i am sorry. i can't seem to be brief...... just don't bother reading my post. believe me, i know it bothers people, so......... have a good holiday everyone..... lu
  14. Lu States

    Float like a butterfly

    .....and sting like a bee. made me sad, grew to like clay a lot after i calmed down and understood ali. i wonder why he didn't have DBS as well......maybe they felt with the serious brain injuries he had had, it wouldn't have been an alternative. he was one of a kind, and i grew to love him.
  15. Lu States

    Drifting from myself......

    silly me.......i just wrote back to the moderators and not the thread. i am happy that you get what you need / want from your church, and i know you are kind enough to understand that i get my higher power from nature, and kindnesses i witness or do. i do not need to change, and i know you will accept that. i am so happy for what you experienced in church that day FOR YOU ! you deserved that day ! i am happy ( well, i do suffer from depression, but christians, muslims, mormons etc do as well ) that you had that day. i am me, with my belief system that is not yours, but is a comfort for me, as well. i wish you all the best. xo lu