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  1. mike709

    Talking about it

    Sounds like you have some great friends and family. I was just diagnosed last September 12. I just had Dbs surgery last month. I hope it helps. I had to quit working because it was affecting my job.. It was hard giving up a job I worked at for 28 years. My wife and kids are awesome and understanding. I wish you luck.
  2. mike709

    DBS Update

    when thjey put the leads in I was in over night. When they install the battery its out patient procedure I don't have much hair so they really have to shave much Your awake but don't feel anything. You answer their questions but feel no pain my MDS said I need to take a driving test because Parkinson's limits your ability to judge distance and other mental things The battery will last at least 5 years. . I was diagnosed last September, but think I had years before that. Took me about 3 years to get diagnosed.. I feel a little better. It will take fine tuning to get it right. I go back October 1 to see if it needs adjustment I am still taking levodopa 4 times a day 250 mg. but should go down as it is fine tuned. I decided to do it when my meds where wearing off fast and my dr said its better to sooner than later Hope this helped
  3. mike709

    DBS Update

    Well I had DBS lead implants on July 20, generator on July 27 and programming yesterday. It was an adventure to say the least. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The programming was an adventure. When she started messing with the settings it was weird. At one point she had my face numb and my wife said my face looked like the mask from the movie Scream. But the dr said she had to check all the electrodes. She got it set pretty good. The tremors aren't as bad but I still walk slow. My wife asked about me driving and the doctor said NO. Until I take a driving test. Which sucks because I am used to doing most of the driving. But all in all it has been worth. Thanks to those who gave words of encouragement.
  4. mike709

    Back Pain

    I was just at the doctor today for back problems. I can barely walk and it is hard bending down and rolling bovver in bed(like PD doesn't make hard enough to rollover already) He said it is a bulging disc putting pressure on my spine. He gave me steroids and suggested injections, but I will try the pills first. He said the PD could be aggravating it because of walking hunched over.
  5. mike709

    DBS surgery date

    I finally got a date for dbs surgery. I go July 14 for an appointment to get the screws put in my head and a ct scan. Has anyone had the screws put in prior to surgery? Then I go July 20 for the surgery. On July 27 the transmitter is installed. August 18 is my programming. I am nervous and excited. It will be done at HERHEY MEDICAL CENTER in Hershey Pa. DR Mcinnery will be doing the procedure.
  6. mike709

    Stomach problems.

    Does anyone else have stomach problems? I have been having terrible heartburn and a lot bloating. My MDS says it could be my digestive system is slowing down. After I eat I feel full for hours sometimes. And I seem to get full fast.
  7. mike709


    Thanks everyone. I go today to get my results from testing and an MRI next week. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Does DBS help with insomnia . I have it so bad I was awake for 30hrs the other day and still trying to recuperate from that.
  8. mike709


    I finally go to the neurosurgeon for some testing on May 7. I have 3 appointments that day I see a PT Neuropyschologist and the Neurosurgeon. My MDS already has me an appointment for July 30 for programming. Getting nervous and excited.
  9. mike709


    I went to see my MDS on Wednesday and we discussed DBS surgery. She has me set up to see the neurosurgeon she works with and I am set up to see him on May 8. He has me scheduled for a few tests that day. I'm getting excited but scared. Will DBS help with sleep problems? How painful is getting the halo put on? My biggest fear is being awake for the surgery. She must be expecting this to happen soon because she has me set up for programming on July 30.
  10. mike709

    sleep problems

    Sorry I haven't posted in a while . I hope everyone is doing well ? Does anyone have sleep problems ? It seems like I don't sleep for 3 days and then all I want to do is sleep. I slept for 10 hours last night getting up once and tonight I cant sleep. I cant stand this anymore.
  11. mike709

    Where did the Passion go?

    I have lost interest in almost everything I used to spend hours on the computer and even that seems to be a chore anymore.
  12. mike709

    sense of taste

    My sense of smell is gone . I use to work for a chemical company and we filled chlorine cylinders and when some would be accidentally released everyone would be running away but not me I couldn't smell it.
  13. mike709

    Stomach problems

    Lately I have been having stomach problems. When I eat it seems it doesn't take much to fill me up. I am nauseous most of the day. I also get a lot of sour stomach . Could this be from PD ? I have read that your digestive system slows down. My MDS sent me for a swallowing test but haven't got the results back yet. I also noticed when I sit my right leg has to keep moving ,does this happen to anyone else?
  14. mike709


    Link my last day of work was today after 30 yrs working. I am lucky I have short term disability for 6 months while I start the process good luck to you.
  15. mike709

    Dr visit

    I went to my MDS on Tuesday and she said I am beyond the young onset phase. She asked me what I do for a living and I told her I work for a chemical company and explained what my job duties are and she said I shouldn't be working there because she is concerned for me. She also changed my meds from sinemet to stalevo so I can get better results from it. I have to file for disability any suggestions don't know where to start.