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  1. Bills

    Getting a dat scan this Tuesday

    Thank u, I'll upload my pics once I pick up the cd.
  2. Bills

    Getting a dat scan this Tuesday

    What about them?
  3. Bills

    Getting a dat scan this Tuesday

    How do I go about that?
  4. Bills

    Getting a dat scan this Tuesday

    I don't have a doctor but just a nuerologist, she told me to just live my life and I respect that. We have done so much blood work and sent me to specialist that I don't even know what else to do.. I agreed and I'm just going to move on from here.
  5. Bills

    Getting a dat scan this Tuesday

    Results are the following... Normal datscan. No scintigraphic evidence of parkinsonian syndromes. Imaging findings favor an alternative etiology such as essential tremor. I don't have a tremor but my nuerologist put that in so I can get approval I'm guessing. I thought I would be going over the images with my doctor but all she got was the report. I called the imaging facility and I can get the images on a cd in a couple of days, I asked if I can go over the results with the doctor who looked at the images and gave the normal findings but they siad they don't do that. So I'll be picking up the cd and look at the images myself, I could go over the images with my nuerologist but I'm guessing she has better things to do. I wonder if doctor Okun is able to look at them and give me some feedback. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy this Guinness.
  6. I've been having issues for 3 years with my balance and twitching muscles, sometimes my fingers twitch and wonder if they are tremors and not twitches. I saw a MDS a year ago and his only findings was traces of rigidity on my right arm that were only noticed when he had me move my left arm. The MDS claims I don't have pd even with that finding. I asked him for a dat scan and he gave me a firm no. I recently asked my nuerologist for a dat scan and she siad yes. Has anyone read the accuracy on them?.. Also if there are things I should do so the test can be more accurate?
  7. I have been having symptoms for three years, how accurate will this test tell me if I have Parkinson's disease? Also how do I prepare for it so the test will be more accurate?
  8. Bills


    So having three years of symptoms and then having a datscan rightnow does not prove that u do or do not have parkinsons?
  9. Bills

    Need some feedback on this

    Yes I'm aware of this, I also feel unsteady on my feet but I pass all the balance tests so they don't recognize it as a symptom, also twitches everywhere.
  10. Bills

    Need some feedback on this

    I saw a MDS last year and he found some rigidity, he didn't diagnose me and said I didn't need to worry and to follow up with my doctor.. I later emailed him to clarify his findings, he responded with this. I am looking for rigidity in the testing you described. My examination revealed "trace" rigidity, which means it's barely detectable only when I have you perform a movement with the opposite side of your body. This finding by itself can be found in healthy people. I note it for completeness' sake, but by itself, it doesn't point to anything out of the ordinary. Your doctors should have received a note from me th atdetails all of my findings, including the trace rigidity. As I said before, I don't think you have to be worried about PD. The rigidity of PD after 2 years of symptoms would be much more apparent. Nonetheless, I agree that your doctors can keep an eye on these findings and determine if anything is progressing. I emailed him again to clarify. On your initial evaluation, I did make note of some slight rigidity in your right arm. This was not cogwheel rigidity, and it was only present when you were moving your left arm. As I mentioned, this is a subtle finding that can be found in many healthy people, and is not (on its own) a cause for concern. I asked Doctor Okun about the maneuver that brought out rigidity. The distraction maneuver brings out rigidity in the opposite arm. It is a great test as it can reveal hidden cogwheel rigidity and this usually does not occur in normal people (specific type of rigidity). Hope that helps. It usually signifies mild rigidity which can be one of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. To me it sounds like dr Okun is pointing to pd more so then the MDS... I looked everywhere about rigidity vs cogwheel rigidity and it's basically the same... I also looked into if rigidity is normal and it's not, only people who have rigidity is people with pd or if u are taking medication.
  11. Bills

    A question about rigidity and testing.

    Yes doctor I know that I need more than rigidity to be diagnosed with parkinsons but since they did find rigidity on my right arm ONLY when my arm was at rest and used my left hand to tap my right knee. My question is since there was rigidity is it most likely that I will develope parkinsons in the future?
  12. Bills

    Craving a Normal Conversation

    I feel the same way when I see someone my age
  13. Bills

    A question about rigidity and testing.

    Sorry to bother u again doctor its that I can't follow up with the mds due to having a new job and different insurance. My question is due to finding hiding rigidity would it be highly likely that I will developed parkinsons?. Give it to me straight, what percentage do I have that I m developing parkinsons.
  14. I'm saying before u guys were on meds
  15. Bills

    Can anyone relate to these leg symptoms?

    How long did it take your symptoms to come about and what were they?