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  1. Innovation and "out of the box thinking" are a always a good thing! Here is another theory....... Zhittya Regenerative Medicine Oct 20, 2018 Webinar Broadcast Zhittya Regenerative Medicine uploaded its October 20, 2018 Webinar presentation on YouTube for those people who missed the live broadcast. In this 60-minute presentation, Dr. Jacobs discusses the most recent information supporting our hypothesis that a lack of blood flow in the brain is the initiating event in Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases and why we believe our drug candidate, human FGF-1, may potentially treat these devastating diseases. In the presentation, Dr. Jacobs also provides updates on the current status of our pending FDA-authorized clinical trial for Parkinson’s disease patients, and our plans to initiate similar clinical trials in subjects with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), multiple systems atrophy (MSA) and Alzheimer’s disease. You can watch that presentation at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zELPN3e1_VE For any future announcements please subscribe to our YouTube Channel, by clicking the red button that says “Subscribe” Sincerely, Zhittya Regenerative Medicine
  2. Dancing Bear

    PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    Reference “medical pump”. Got one issued with some training through urologist. Insurance doesn’t cover but can get reimbursement through an FSA account if you have one or RHA. You want an FDA approved device/kit. Andro has one on Amazon for about 200.00. For me it was helpful and I think is a solution short of riskier implant surgery. It is all about blood flow. Wife appreciates me trying solutions we would have laughed at years ago.....
  3. Dancing Bear

    PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    Purely comments on the physical/medical side of things....urologist said implants last resort and insurance coverage will be based on failure of other incremental efforts first. Cialis/Viagra in adequate dosages and then or in combination with pump appliance. PD brings larger intimacy issues and expectations to the forefront no doubt as discussed above.
  4. Dancing Bear


    Donco13 I gather your insurance doesn't cover care at the Cleveland Clinic for Brain Health in Las Vegas. There is an MDS from Cleveland Clinic who went to Phoenix. I believe he is at the Barrow Institute. His name is Dr. Ryan Walsh. Hope this helps.
  5. Dancing Bear

    PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    Will be seeing my urologist this week and will report back on the implants thing. My google search for info appears to point out that after cialis or viagra, the next step is to try the "suction pump" before the ultimate -- surgical implants which carry their own set of risks. For those with other conditions like BPH, ED may have been an issue before a PD diagnosis.
  6. Dancing Bear

    PD is not the end

    Amen sister!
  7. Dancing Bear

    PD is not the end

    Agree with your sentiment. I have had a great life (not easy) filled with many blessings. Got my diagnosis at 61 but with slow progression I am still capable of doing many things. Just got back from a trip to help my brother out who has lymphoma. Who could have predicted our senior outcomes so to speak? I do the rock steady boxing program a few times a week and hit the elliptical trainer regularly. This past week I joined my 33 year old son in Memphis, TN at a predawn bootcamp style work out with 25 other relatively young guys-- 45 minutes of burpees, sit-ups, pushups, jumping jacks, windmills, and running. I hit several physical "walls" but finished the course in a pool of sweat. Doing that at sunrise with my son--priceless! Having no one suspect I had Parkinsons but was just a senior participant? That was exhilarating just to be one of the guys @ 64. yrs old. I have to keep challenging myself. Thankful each day, nothing taken for granted!
  8. Dancing Bear

    Social Security Disability...who has been denied w/PD?

    Thanks all for some great insights and info. After helping my 61 yr old brother put his SSDI application in these last 2 weeks for cancer, I must say that simply applying for regular retirement benefits at 65 in a few short months holds an attraction to me. My PD case is not severe enough I think (score about 12 on UPDRS) and I am not sure my MDS would support the effort in my case. Will take another look at the blue book info then decide.
  9. Dancing Bear

    medicare coverage

    I am no insurance expert but might an insurance broker that deals in Medicare sups give you a better breakout? Just a thought if there is such a broker.
  10. Dancing Bear

    Bible Verses....

    Thanks Linda, I have heard it preached that for the faithful Christian, the last day on earth is truly the best day of their life because the passage from this imperfect sin sick world to an eternal life in heaven. Hard to get one's mind wrapped around the concept of eternity and perfection with the human mind. How is your summer going? Is your msg inbox full?
  11. Recently someone recommended a free book to me from the Phinney Foundation so I in turn highlight it here., "Every Victory Counts" is very comprehensive and downloadable in several electronic formats or in print. Helpful info on a variety of topics . Google it for the links to download.
  12. Dancing Bear

    Social Security Disability...who has been denied w/PD?

    Thanks much all. Wrkjnky13 ...I sent you a message reference the pilot. Will probably try and give it a shot at applying for SSD. DB
  13. Dancing Bear

    Term Life Insurance -- Premiums?

    If anyone out there in forum land has been successful in obtaining term life insurance with Parkinsons as a pre-existing condition, could you share what companies you obtained the insurance from and approximately how much the premium Is (20 yr term or ?). Thanks DB
  14. Dancing Bear

    Bible Verses....

    Happy Fathers Day to all Parkkies! May you be a great example to your kids (and grown children) in dealing with life's challenges large and small. The article below reminds us of the great responsibilities parents have from a biblical perspective. The Lord shows the way in his word. PARENTS, OBEY YOUR FATHER BY JASON JACKSON Children are the most vulnerable creatures on earth. In the Encyclopedia of Biblical and Christian Ethics, the following astute observation is found: Sadly, many are not nurtured successfully. Some are the consequence of procreative irresponsibility, and many more are left to rear themselves. Children are plugged into the social engineering of a godless pop culture. Adolescent sex symbols are encouraged and popular TV sitcoms represent a lifestyle of self-indulgence — an “ideal” bed-swapping environment in which the motto is, “Oh my God, let’s have a baby.” When Paul addressed a Greco-Roman culture in which child-rearing left much to be desired, he revealed a divine truth that transcends time. God’s plan for parents will always meet the needs of children — in any age and culture. Human wisdom does, however, find its way into the hearts of even Christian parents. Let us evaluate our thinking in light of God’s Word. Parenting God’s Way The apostle wrote, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right” (Eph. 6:1). In this clear statement, Paul conveys the divine will that there is a specific relationship between children and parents. Children are to obey their parents, because God has designed the home with this order. Children are those who need nurturing, for they are developing. They require instruction and correction (Eph. 6:4). Children are not peers at this stage. There is an authority—subjection relationship in God’s family plan. This authority is delegated by God, and a parent must exercise that authority with respect to God who gives it. No parent can demand, with intrinsic authority, this or that of a child. Too many parents act as if they are “the Creator” and the child is “the creature.” Parenthood is a gift from God (Ps. 127:3). And so, faithful parents exercise limited, God-given authority for a God-given purpose. Paul also taught that God’s domestic arrangement involves a special role for parents — authority in action. They must communicate instructions and the apply correction. Children are to listen and obey. Parents must assume the role decreed by God. They must provide instruction and correction, training their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4; cf. Matt. 15:19). When parents are not parents, children still grow up, but their spiritual development is compromised. Paul reminds us that the Christian family includes spiritual responsibilities. The parent-child relationship and the exercise of the parental role are designed by God to mature a person who is sensitive to spiritual realities — a person who accepts his own spiritual responsibilities. Children need to learn “what is right” (Eph. 6:1). They must learn that obedience to the Lord is the ultimate motivation for all behavior (Eph. 6:1). This is accomplished by parents who regularly teach their children to obey out of a sense of duty to the Lord. Obedience is not mere compliance. Obedience means listening and doing what is required for the right reasons. According to the Lord, this is best taught early. Wouldn’t you agree? So that we may help our children learn to obey the Lord from the heart — the seat of behavior — we must teach them obedience from the earliest of years. This spiritual quality is taught by the parents who: Give clear expectations, some of which are morally inflexible. Provide consequences to disobedience that are fair and clear. Show consistent follow-through with rewards and punishment. Demonstrate a concrete example in that parents themselves are obedient to the Lord. Parental responsibility means helping your kids go to heaven. It takes time, attention, and divine insight. Be there for your children. Be a Christian parent. REFERENCES Harrison, R. K. (editor). 1992. Encyclopedia of Biblical and Christian Ethics. Revised Edition. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Ephesians 6:1; Ephesians 6:4; Psalm 127:3; Matthew 15:19 CITE THIS ARTICLE Jackson, Jason. "Parents, Obey Your Father." ChristianCourier.com. Access date: June 17, 2018. https://www.christiancourier.com/articles/1190-parents-obey-your-father ©1998 – 2018 by Christian Courier Publications. All rights reserved. ISSN: 1559-2235
  15. Dancing Bear

    Exaggerated Startle Reflex

    Hello Doctor Okun Can you educate us on this Myoclonic jerking issue? Is it part of the Parkinsons family of symptoms or a separate related malady?