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About Me

Male, Age 64,  DIagnosed  PD April 2013, (DatScan + Symptoms)   Under care of an MDS
Major symptoms...right  leg/foot gait & shuffle when tired, right hand resting tremor, no right arm swing when walking, sloppy hand writing in script, executive function degradations, anxiety/apathy.  Slow Progression. Not physically limited.   No PD in family history but Alzheimers on maternal grandparent side.
Meds start June 2014   Current Meds   Sinemet 25/100  4x/Day,  Requip 6mg ER 1X/Day , Rasagiline 1mg 1X/Day , Rytary 23.75mg/ 95mg  3 capsules  3X/Day
Diagnosed OSA July 2014  Using CPAP with beneficial results. 
Have been through LSVT LOUD Speech Therapy Program
Starting the Rock Steady Boxing Program March 2018
Participating in 2 clinical trials at this time.  Give back to the cure efforts where I can while I can.


Savoring life’s opportunities, travel (while I can), and being with family.  Thankful to be able to enjoy newly reordered "priorities". 

A New Testament Christian (Do you have a Bible question?) 

Retired Military/Airline Pilot      Have flown C-150/172, T-37/38, F-4C/D/E/Gs, F-16 A/B/C/D, B-727, and A-319/320