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  1. Do you have an opinion about these types (maybe not this specific one) of special walkers with laser beam line?
  2. jsaltsgaver

    Stutter Steps

    Are there other known causes? Is it ever a case of the meds "kicking in"?
  3. jsaltsgaver

    Stutter Steps

    Are stutter steps always caused by too little dopamine? My husband has days where he has a lot of stutter steps and falls or almost falls and other days where he has very few stutter steps. It seems like it happens more when he's tired or not quite awake like during the night or right after he gets up from a nap. It has also happened after he has walked more than normal or used his stationery bike.
  4. jsaltsgaver

    Exaggerated Startle Reflex

    Hi Dianne, When I first saw the post topic and read the beginning of your post, I thought my husband used to experience something similar. He would always jerk out of the way when I was doing anything near him. When I would hold his pill too close to his face, he would jerk out of the way before realizing what was going on. He would also always tell me to slow down when I was driving the car. I think these things stopped happening when he changed from regular sinemet to Ritary. In fact, one of the first things he told me he noticed about the change in meds was that he wasn't clenching the arm of the chair anymore. I guess you're talking about something different?
  5. jsaltsgaver

    The period at the end of the sentence.

    Wow -- you have somehow put into words what many of us feel. I really hope you can somehow find joy in your life, because you have been a really exceptional spouse.
  6. jsaltsgaver

    The period at the end of the sentence.

    Genden, Please accept my condolences. You have been a great help in sharing your experiences. I am one of the many on the same journey. May you find rest and peace knowing that you did a great service to your husband.
  7. jsaltsgaver

    Evening restlessness

    Thanks Gardener. I just can't come to any conclusions with my husband.
  8. jsaltsgaver

    Evening restlessness

    Hey Gardener, Have you been to the doc yet and asked about the evening restlessness?
  9. jsaltsgaver

    Those diagnosed over 60 and their experiences

    My husband was diagnosed at 65. His major symptom was tremor in left arm and some anxiety. He did great for 5 years, mentally and physically. He could have lived by himself. He had some surgery that drastically changed his mental status. He was still fine physically, but could not have managed mentally. Everyone is different, but make sure your father exercises as much as possible, because I think it really helps.
  10. jsaltsgaver

    Evening restlessness

    I know what you mean -- we haven't been given a great explanation either. Our MDS initially thought it was too much dopamine, but we've found that the restlessness (mostly pacing and not being able to sit down) stops about an hour after his levodopa dose. The restlessness is almost an anxiety issue that seems to be alleviated by a very small amount of sinemet. My husband only does this after dinner, not after breakfast or lunch.
  11. jsaltsgaver

    Evening restlessness

    Gardner, My husband is very restless in the evening. If we try to go to dinner, he can't sit still after he finishes eating and usually gets up to walk around. It makes it really hard to go out. At home, he gets up and starts pacing. I think I've decided it is a wearing off issue, but I'm not really sure. I'm anxious to hear what your doc says.
  12. jsaltsgaver

    Morphine in hospice care

    My husband has gone from 190 to 132 in a short period of time. So far, he still eats OK, but I agree with you Genden -- it seems like he is still losing weight even with a reasonable amount of calorie intake.
  13. jsaltsgaver

    Cannabis CBD Oil

    Was your CBD oil hemp based? It is my understanding that hemp based CBD oil is the only legal form across the country. I've also been told that hemp based CBD oil is not strong enough for PWP.
  14. On the constipation side, have you tried magnesium (the citrate kind)?
  15. jsaltsgaver

    For caregivers only

    As you know from our private conversations, my husband also has pretty severe psychosis. We tried Nuplazid, which improved, but did not eliminate, his psychosis. It helped quite a bit with the delusions, but not hallucinations. The insurance company decided they wouldn't cover the cost any more, so we're fumbling around again. The hallucinations have been reduced by substantially lowering his levodopa dose. Fortunately, although his motor skills suffered by the reduction, he is still able to manage OK, except things requiring small motor skills, like tying his shoes. I will try just about anything to make our lives a little better, so we are now experimenting with MM. We're early in the experiment, so it's hard to say whether it will help. Next week we will celebrate our 32nd anniversary. I'm so unhappy that the guy I married is no longer here. In fact, he sometimes doesn't know who I am or thinks there are several of "us". I can relate to everything you write about how emotionally draining it is. It is also a very lonely experience, because as much as non-caregivers think they know what is going on, they really don't. I am much more sympathetic to anyone who is dealing with a remotely similar circumstance. Please know that I think about you often.