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  1. New normal

    DaTscan results

    Dr Okun, Does a DaT scan dx PD? Can someone have PD with a negative DaT scan? Thank you.
  2. New normal

    PWP hurricane victims?

    Very good point. As I advanced with PD, I noticed PWP talked about their "stash" meaning they had extra meds stored. I asked my neuro for a separate rx I could get filled,that allowed extra. There have been times it has been necessary. I agree with Patriot to be prepared for,emergencies re: your meds. Still hoping our forum PWP in the distressed areas are ok. Thanks for the comment, Patriot. NN
  3. New normal

    PWP hurricane victims?

    Texas Tom...Music Man...Old &Slow... Regular forum members in the path of the recent hurricanes. I pray you and all others from that area of destruction are safe and doing well. Hope to hear from you soon. NN
  4. New normal

    Tuscan AZ MDS/neuro?

    Stump DH has VA neuro appt on Nov 13...while not realistic, I was going to try to match days. I am sure he will have others, so it makes sense to try to do same town. I called one of the Tuscan clinics...asked receptionist which neuro focused on PD....and atypical PD...she responded none of them treated atypical PD. Hmmm, made me rethink that. Are ALL PWP typical? They then recommended a woman who left the clinic and was practicing alone...her bio never mentioned a residency...she got her MD from Arizona State College...hmmmm....the other option was a college clinic ...and I dislike a teaching environment at this point...so will keep looking. Stump, we fished Flathead lake Montana...most beautiful of all time...only one small trout..but we were out at dawn...went out again at dusk...can't beat that...a magical memory. You may want to check it out...we loved it just as much as we did the first time. DH scheduled for one on one elk hunt in Idaho Oct 13..... still wants to do it....and it is a nice diversion right now and motivation to be active. Thanks for your efforts. New Normal
  5. New normal

    Tuscan AZ MDS/neuro?

    Thanks for the info.LV is too far. The whole idea is to both go to the same town. If we worsen, there is a shuttle. most neuros I looked for were not very appealing. Hmmm....we'll see how it works out. Hop you are well, Linda. Never know what the morrow will bring...just one day at a time...one foot in front of the other... NN
  6. New normal

    Tuscan AZ MDS/neuro?

    Thank you, Linda. Need to find a neuro in Tuscan. DH had a stroke toward end of our "bucket list" trip. We flew home and our VA rep encouraged us to see the VA /ER in Tuscan and get referred to a VA neuro. It is our regional VA hospital. Our Phoenix neuro is out of the country til end of Nov.and has no back up. Tuscan is a bit further than Phoenix, but a better drive. If we have to drive 3.5 hours...I'd like to combine my appts with DH in Tuscan. So far not much luck. Linda, doesn't a doctor have to do a residency? Researching docs, one did not show residency. ?? NN
  7. New normal

    Tuscan AZ MDS/neuro?

    Hi,folks, please private message if you can recommend an MDS/Neuro in Tuscan, AZ. New Normal...
  8. New normal

    Good morning!!

    "Grieving is good. As you said, jb, stuffing feelings is just not how we're wired. I strive to feel my grief, accept myself just as I am, then release it all so I can live and love again." Well said, Diane. Linda, my prayers are with you. As you well know, we are all a sum total of our experiences. Empathy and kindness to others are products of our challenges. You are especially blessed to be anle to relate to others. Perhaps your little kitty was part of your evolvement. Hugs. NN
  9. New normal

    Eye Muscle Tremor

    MM it was freaky to have eye lids twtch & tremor during a response test. Neuro sd it was not indicative of PD. He said eye tremor is more like blinking arythmia rather than a tremor. For what its worth. I wonder if muscles that fixate for the "mask" look cause tremor activity near eyes. As you say, with PD, how do ya know? Great question. Will be interested in replies. NN
  10. New normal

    NAUSEA ad nauseum?

    Shop guy & Linda: DH went to end of island to get me orange flavored ginger nougats. It has helped when nausea strikes. i am improving. Good news, we are staying close to a blueberry farm.. I am turning blue, but enjoying lots of fruit. I pretty much have my self dx confirmed. Nausea & other symptoms return if I dont take potassium. We leave island 8/17. Will get labs done in states. Northwest locals? We will be nearby til middle of Sept. I'm considering going to neuro while here. Please PM me if u hv doctor suggestions for me. many thanks. NN
  11. New normal

    NAUSEA ad nauseum?

    Thank you, Pathfinder. After my last post, i continued to get worse. I realized ...again...I wasnt taking potassium...and each time I've bn hospitalized, potassium was very low. So I started taking it...noticed good improvement...but it doesn't last long. Dr Google via "E medicine" has a great discussion re: potassium reminding me potassium levels are critical to balancing cell activity and regulating cardiac. We r in Canada...this is a holiday...all clinics r closed til Tues. most of today, i was vascillating of going to ER. $1,000 upfront. So, instead, I've bought pepto bismal for nausea, magneseum for muscle weakness, increased potassium prescibed , still hv waves of nausea, but am coping. We got bananas, and fruit. I really appreciate responses...with over 2 thousand miles from home and doctors, forum friends are important. Lessen learned: move potassium rx from vitamin shelf to daily rx routine as prescribed. It is more than a supplement. Again, thanks folks, NN
  12. New normal

    Your most valuable advice to a newbie ?

    Welcome to the forum. What i find great about the forum is diversity of thought and personal history. Plus, the patience and tolerance for independent thinking. Hope you post often. There is someone out there who relates to you and needs your perspective. NN
  13. New normal

    INcreased sense of smell?

    This is FIRST time I've heard this, thanks guys. The smell sensitivity became a major distraction..I smelled laundry softening sheets when entering a room, etc. it was overbearing and combined with vomiting dry heaves.. Yet, in the total scheme of things, it is viewed as minor. Ya have to experience it to understand. my grandson has severe lymes disease...and very sentive to smell. Now, I understand he grabbing his shirt to block odors. Dr Google says PWP who retain a sense of smell are more likely to eventually move into a parkinsonian atypical PD. For me, I see now my chemistry was major messed up for nearly 3 weeks. Long story, but apparently i became very low on potassium. Once I took the rx of potassium I am SUPPOSED to take..and added magnesium, Vit D, calcium...I recovered. Scary to think if I just medicated the symptoms. So lesson learned. "Sense of smell" used in diferentiating between PD and PD + can be tricky. Who knew it can be gone...then return in different levels? That dang PD can keep you on your toes.. (.pardon the pun.) Again, guys, thanks for responses. NN
  14. New normal


    Well said, my friend. NN