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    Parkinson's and violent behavior

    Thank you everyone, especially Jillian for your story. My husband's dr. has decreased his dosage of Azilect from 1 mg to 1/2 mg. We have talked things out a little and are trying to get past it. The problem is, as you mentioned, now I am afraid to bring things up, afraid to be alone with him, and would rather be at work. I'm sure that will change over time, but right now it is a horrible feeling. We are going to try counseling, as well.
  2. Just joined the forum because I am overwhelmed by my husband's recent behavior. He was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's about 10 years ago and is 52 years old now. We have had heated arguments in the past, but never violent. Two nights ago he got very angry and slapped me in the face. And, last night he again got very angry and screamed at me for about 20 minutes, very abusive, and punched holes in the door and in the walls. He has never done anything like this before, and it is not even like it has been coming on, it just came out of the blue. We have an 8 year old daughter, and I am afraid, because he is totally out of control when this happens. I asked him to call the neurologist to see about medication that might cause this, he told the doctor he had become more "agitated." They said it might be the azilect. But he has been on the current dosage for 6 months. Has anyone heard of anything like this? Any advice? I'm at a loss as to the next step.