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  1. jds6958

    Tumeric and other supplements

    Curcumin in of itself does not cross the BBB well. There is a patented form called Longvida offered by several companies that has been clinically shown to cross the BBB rather well. As for curcumin and PD, rat studies have done well. But that is as far as it has gone. Metab Brain Dis. 2017 Jul 10. doi: 10.1007/s11011-017-0060-y.
  2. jds6958

    Bible Verses....

    Thank you for the encouragement Linda...yes, it appears that the PM box was full, but it has now been cleared.
  3. jds6958

    Bible Verses....

    Hi Linda... Whew...It will be difficult to not turn this into a book. My wife and I were of Baptist background. In 2012 I really began to challenge how I understood certain Biblical doctrines. In short, I came to the conclusion that Jesus (Yeshua) did not come to change any parts of the law of God, but to teach it, along with dying for our sins, affording us grace. This would mean that I believe that commandments such as resting on the Sabbath, Lev. 11 dietary instructions, etc. are still for all in the faith today, and are there to bless us. This understanding came from beginning to look at the scriptures from a contextual first century Hebraic perspective. I began doing some online video teachings with a close friend. The ministry really got more attention than we ever anticipated. I felt that we were to be doing ministry FT. I was working as a Black Belt Six Sigma Engineer at one of the top teaching hospitals in the U.S. But, we sold everything and moved the recording studio to CR to save costs. We have been doing that for about six years. We receive about 3 million video plays per year and we partner with four organizations to help the widows, orphans, homeless and drug addicted in various parts of CR. Our doctrinal perspective often raises eyebrows and comes with a lot of front end misconceptions. It is quite a mind shift from common mainstream Christian theology in several ways, but the basics are still there (Saved by grace through our Messiah). But, if I have not scared you too much, the website is testeverything.net. The ministry is called 119 Ministries, named after Psalm 119. Thank you for listening and asking. May YHWH bless you and yours.
  4. jds6958

    Restore Gold

    Thank you Fred. The ministry is a 501c3, so it does not supplement WHP, but any gaps in WHP is picked up by me, and several other supporters that have benefited from RG and wish it to benefit others.
  5. jds6958

    Restore Gold

    Yes...we have an open ongoing contest on the WHP FB page. That is the easiest way to apply. We randomly select several people a month. I cannot guarantee I will always see PM's here, but I can try to stay on top of it.
  6. jds6958

    Bible Verses....

    ESV The Parkinson's cure I am looking forward to 1 Corinthians 15:52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. Shabbat shalom!
  7. jds6958

    Restore Gold

    That is very kind, thank you.
  8. jds6958

    Restore Gold

    Exactly. It is appreciated that you noticed that. No company offers their product for 50% less than they have to either. We also give away three months of RG every month to people who cannot afford it, simply because we can, and we want to.
  9. jds6958

    Restore Gold

    That all makes sense, and I understand what your are saying. Ministry is my #1 passion and always will be. Helping with WHP simply became a secondary passion of mine because I was diagnosed with PD and what came out of that. I credit Fred for leading me on a path that changed my quality of life and I have told him that. It is difficult to feel like you know something that can help people with PD and literally change lives, and not talk about it. It almost seems wrong. Such motivation is also behind my passion for ministry and helping people less fortunate. I fully understand from your vantage point that you do not trust RG or the reasoning behind it. I also understand that you do not believe it can help. I respect that. I desire to help people with PD in the way I know how and have seen and experienced with my own eyes. I do feel that ministry is what is supposed to consume nearly all of my time. WHP is only about 1% of what I do with my time and will never be more than that. From time to time I do help with the writing of blogs for PD, which I feel reaches more people than simply 1:1 conversations. While PD is horrible there are people in much worse shape than PD, and that is indeed where I spend most of my time. If I am going to take time out of that to help those with PD it is going to be in the way in which I feel I feel a real difference can be made. I am sure that is all understandable. I am sure I will pop in from time to time. I am humbled by your statement that you believe I can help in other ways, but I am not too sure. Everything I know about PD is related to the problems on the cellular level, and how to possibly address each of those issues at the root cause. Like I said before, my posts are rather biased to my particular study and the outcome of that study. This is a good board and with some good knowledgable people on it. It serves the PD community well and I am glad to see that it exists.
  10. jds6958

    Restore Gold

    I fully understand, and thank you for your comments. The OP was looking for people who take RG. I helped provide that. Parkinson's and RG is something I understand very well and I considered it to be a moment in which I could contribute. I don't have time to participate in many other posts. I run a full time international Christian ministry and I am quite busy. I only stepped in because the thread was brought to my attention and I felt that it was a moment I could help. I was wrong, and I am sorry. I am happy to hear that you are doing well with Parkinson's.
  11. jds6958

    Restore Gold

    Yes, I know. In my first post, I said my post was going to be biased and I fully disclosed my relationship with WHP. I made every attempt to be transparent and fair. There is no hard feelings. If my expertise on Restore Gold brings no value to a thread about Restore Gold, then my comments are not necessary.
  12. jds6958

    Restore Gold

    Very well. I apologize. I was simply trying to be helpful according to the thread topic. I will not make any more comments.
  13. jds6958

    Restore Gold

    Not sure what you are referring to exactly. We operate in the red slightly intentionally.This is so we can make RG so affordable as compared to the alternative of buying all ingredients separately. For example, RG costs with 7 ingredients about as much as buying the same dosage of TUDCA alone. The only way we can do that is to operate with nearly no margin. WHP was formed to help those with PD. I suppose if RG was not available we would all have to go back to buying the ingredients separately at nearly double the cost. TUDCA alone might be just a few dollars a month more affordable. The last time I did the math, it was about $4.50. So if a few dollars a month are important, and the other six ingredients in RG are not considered immediately important, than a TUDCA alone test might be the way to go. If one desires a TUDCA alone test, Premium Powders and Element Nutraceuticals are sources of TUDCA I trust. I had several brands tested in a lab prior to RG and those faired the best in quality and dosage. I took both of them for a while until RG was available. Mitochondrial dysfunction is perhaps the largest issue in PD, which is what UDCA/TUDCA appears to address. UDCA/TUDCA also seems to slightly help neuroinflammation but not as much as one might like. UDCA/TUDCA cannot do anything for existing alpha-synuclein aggregation, as it is not water soluble. So the persistent immune response would be ongoing. The oxidation would also still be an issue. Because of these issues that UDCA/TUDCA cannot address other 6 other ingredients were added to RG. I hope that helps clarify. Your comments are appreciated.
  14. jds6958

    Restore Gold

    I don't know. I understand what you are saying, however, people are being able to walk more normal again, tremors are going away or substantially reduced, able to sleep through the night, remembering dreams again, more energy/less fatigue, better focus at work, better mood, etc. We get emails and feedback everyday, people thanking God for Restore Gold...I know that if I stop taking Restore Gold, my symptoms begin to return after about three weeks. I have seen others say the same thing. Even "Beatit" earlier mentioned that his tremors worsened when he discontinued taking it after WHP was overrun with demand. That was a bad few weeks. We had so many people emailing us saying that their Parkinson's was coming back because we ran out of RG. I recall my quality of life before RG, and after RG. I know what happens when I stop taking it. I suffer, and my whole family suffers. I know I made the right choice for me, but it does not mean that it is the right choice for everyone, including your mom. It is not my desire to argue or suggest everyone should try RG. We already know it does not work for about 18% of people. That might be enough of a reason right there for someone to not try it. A person that only has a few years left to live should just consider l-dopa or carbidopa. Anyone that is rather progressed in PD should not bother with RG. There are those that cannot afford RG, which is a sad reality. WHP operates in the red already, so nothing can be done about the cost as the ingredients in RG are already discounted over 50%. People with GERD or a very weak stomach may not want to try RG, as it can cause digestive distress. Those that don't really care about their PD symptoms or progression should not try RG. Those on thyroid medication or antidepressants should not try RG either. I can't tell a person that they should or shouldn't try RG. That is a personal decision each person should make. What was right for me and others might also be wrong for others. There are certainly valid reasons to criticize RG. There are no placebo controlled trials, most doctors are not aware of RG yet, it makes sense that someone might want to wait for years to see if such things materialize, even if it is years.
  15. jds6958

    Restore Gold