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    Thank you. Are DAT scans not routine? You would think they would be to diagnose 100%. Thank you again.
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    So recent it was this morning. I have been having problems/symptoms for many years related to PD. I am 53 years old. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus and 6 months ago RA. After about 18 months of having a infrequent right hand tremor it got majorly worse and my RA Doc wanted me to see a neurologist. The doctor this morning asked me a series of questions and asked me to preform a number of tasks. The tremor is bad enough that I have problems using computers, eating, dressing, writing and holding things. I trip excessively and drag my right foot ever so slightly but enough to show wear on my shoes. My hand writing is nonexistent. It looks a heart monitor reading and when I do get a good signature going my letters get progressively smaller. I can be standing and make a quick turn around and lose my balance. I can be squatting down and stand up and lose my balance as well. I also do not swing my right arm. My question is do I need a second opinion or are these symptoms going to get me the same diagnosis with another doctor? I spoke with my RA doctor and she said she suspected this to be the diagnosis. Thanks Maggi