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    Get paid for your opinions!

    WEGO Health is launching a paid Truvio survey for the Parkinson's disease community next week. To see if this is the right fit for your diagnosis experience, please complete this form:http://vclz.co/1ndl7su
  2. My name is Nichole and I'd like to share an opportunity with this community to participate in a paid research study. Participants will be paid $35 for just a 10 minute survey using their smart phone. This study is intended to allow people with Parkinson's disease to give their opinions to health care professionals across the nation. To participate click here: http://vclz.co/1ndl7su If you have any questions about Truvio or this study, please contactsupport@vocalize.co. Thank you. #parkinsons #parkinsonsdisease #healthresearch #truvio