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  1. martin g

    Sinemet and Vitamin B6 use

    My wife is regularly using sinemet for PD. Her doctor recommends that she also use Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate. It is reported that Sinemet interferes with P-5-P and that P-5-P interferes with sinemet. Do you have any recommendation on how she can get the benefits of P-5-P (B6 vitamin) without losing the effectiveness of Sinemet.
  2. i want to ask the doctor a question

  3. A family member has PD. After her last visit to a dentist, where Novocain injections were given, a large cavity was extracted, and a crown prepared, she suffered repeated migraines and a sharp deterioration in her physical condition. She recalled a similar aftermath to a prior dental visit where Novocain was injected. Have other PD patients been adversely affected by the drilling that accompanies dental visits and/or the Novocain. Are their alternatives to Novocain that can be recommended when dental work is performed? Thanks. Martin
  4. martin g

    Amino Acids - Hinz Protocol

    I am helping a person with PD. She has used sinemet for 5 years. Switching to a protocol created by Marty Hinz (Hines) using amino acids and mucuna has been recommended. I have been unable to access any reliable studies of the short or long term success of this protocol. I would like to make an intelligent recommendation to her. Do you or others involved in the forum know of any studies? of any evidence that the protocol works? of any dangers from following it? Thank you