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  1. Linda, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a complete recovery.
  2. Very informative. Thank you
  3. hi do you know how to look up a member?



  4. I am experiencing a lot of hair loss. I take 1 25/100 3 times a day. 1 rasagaline a day. I recently was advised by my mds to add entacapone to help the c/l last longer. I read hair loss can be a side effect of rasagaline. I have been taking it for 3 years but the hair loss seems worse since I added the entacapone.. could it be the combination of the two? Wondering if you have any information on this. Thanks ,
  5. SoCalGal


    Hi everyone, My MDS has prescribed Entacapone so that my off times will be lessened. I am tremor dominant so it’s mostly the shaking that bothers me. Has anyone used this drug. It made me nauseous. Don’t know if I will continue using it. It did seem to lessen the tremors. Would appreciate hearing about anyone’s experience with this drug. Thanks, Lorraine
  6. Hi Gardener, I was diagnosed in 2014 and am tremor dominant. To me the worst thing about pd is definitely the fatigue. I also just keep going. I think the Sinemet adds to the fatigue. About 20 minutes after a dose I start yawning. I don’t know the solution to this so I just keep going. We are supposed to go on a cruise to South America in February . I have mixed feelings about doing this because of the fatigue. We will have to see. But I am not giving in to this as long as I can! Best wishes, Lorraine
  7. SoCalGal


    Thanks for the info. Hope to get to the bottom of this soon. It has been very hot here in LA and that doesn’t help . Hydration definitely a must
  8. SoCalGal


    Hi all, for the last few weeks I have been dizzy. I know sinemet can cause dizziness but I have been on it for 4 years now since diagnosis. I didn’t have this until now. Had a neuro appt and I told him and he said the disease can cause it. Then he took my blood pressure and it was 98 over 70!! I was floored because at the doctors office it usually is in the 140 range. Now he wants an mri of my brain and an ultrasound of neck to see if blood is getting to my brain and also an echo of my heart. Yikes! Anyone else have dizziness? Thanks, Lorraine
  9. My best wishes that things go well for both of you. Lorraine
  10. Tweets, your post could have been written by me. I have many of the same problems. I am tremor dominant. I am on a low dose of sinemet. 25/100 at 6, 11, and 4. Tremors come after about 2 to 3!1/2 hrs. When the tremor comes I get anxious and so I shake more. I probably should up my sinemet but don't want to because I don't have too many other symptoms. My mds at ucla says she doesn't want to chase the tremor with more Meds. Anxiety definitely makes my tremor worse. I try to stay active. Tremors much worse when sitting and not moving. Had a root canal on Tuesday and was really anxious about it. Turned out not so bad. Tremor was awful in days right before. Breathing exercises help but not always. Have to try and stay calm! Good luck. Lorraine
  11. The exact same thing happens to me. Whether it's my husband driving too fast, or an exciting football game that my team is losing, whatever the situation if I'm stressed I shake crazy. In the next month I am having root canal and a colonoscopy. Shake, rattle and roll!!!
  12. Hi Sunbird,. I take my last dose of 25/100 sinemet at 4. I have some tremors in the evening but not much else. When I get in bed at 10 my tremors really lessen even though I am not asleep. No problems when I wake up several times at nite. I take my morning dose at 6 but really don't feel "off". Don't understand why i don't have any Meds for 14 hours but don't have a problem. Lorraine
  13. jb, please know that your posts do add so much to this forum in a positive attitude. I have read so many of your observations and great stories and when I am feeling a bit down, they lift me up! The very best to you. Lorraine
  14. SoCalGal


    Oops. Posted in wrong forum. Sorry
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