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  1. Skiing

    Do any of you here sleep - I get little or none

    With ne i found the sleeplessness is caused to a large degree by the medication. So i try to avoid taking sinemet after 4 pm and i stopped neupro (agonist) and now i can sleep again
  2. Skiing

    New to Sinemet

    I have the same reaction to sinemet at night. I was unable to sleep for a year until i realized that it wasnt parkinsons that kept me from sleeping but sinemet. Now i try to avoid taking sinemet after 3 pm and i sleep much better
  3. Skiing


    Yes very much so. Pain fatigue and mobility get much worse .
  4. Afroney well done. I dont darecto dive down because i might not be able to get my head up again
  5. The thing is i cant get my legs lower in the water because they keep going up.
  6. J that sounds exactly the same. Interestingly for some legs float for others they sink. Weird. Afroney it happens with all kicks.
  7. Noticed this summer i have problems swimming. My legs dont drop but seem to float up all the time so half my stroke is above water. Hurts my neck and back. I cant get them down. Anyone else experience that??
  8. Skiing

    Pain in the leg

    Yes it can suck. Thanks for the vit d tip. I find going downhill very bad . Pain and rigidity worse.
  9. Skiing

    Pain in the leg

    I have the same issue. It comes and goes. But i am never painfree. It can last for weeks. Pain medication doesnt help. The only thing to make it better is hard leg exercise. Functional or weights. The harder the better. Also perhaps check for mercury. after a few years i got the same in arm ellbow and then other leg.
  10. Skiing

    l dopa making symptoms worse

    No one seems to be questioning the pd diagnosis. All they said was that i would long be in a wheelchair if it were atypical pd
  11. Skiing

    l dopa making symptoms worse

    Thanks. Would absorption problems also intere with the soluble ldooa challenge test? It seems to me that it does get absorbed since stiffness and pain increase considerable with ldopa
  12. I have been diagnosed 4 years ago. Ldopa has no positive effect on my pd symptoms. So i had a l dopa challenge again. Not only did my symptoms not improve but they actually got worse particularly my rigor and pain. Mds told me he has never seen such a reaction and is at a loss. My solution so far has been to go without medication. Unsure what to do now? Thanks.
  13. Skiing


    I once read a pathology paper from japan. They counted post mortem the neuronal postganglionic cells in the left heart wall. Pd people had a vast amount of fewer cells than age matched healthy ones. This shows that not only the central nervous system is affected but also the periphersl one. Year 2011 cant remember the author.
  14. Skiing

    Crashed, hard

    For me this is not dose or timing dependent. It can be triggered by food or not enough excercise. But usually it just happens.
  15. Skiing

    Crashed, hard

    I know these crashes pretty well. Sometimes it takes me 3 days to recover. I have learned to accept them. I sleep when i have to.