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  1. Skiing


    Interesting. I cant bike anymore. My just just would too slowly and my upper body slumps over the handle bar.
  2. Thanks mihai Stiffness lack of movement at times strong tremor and pain most of the time
  3. Skiing

    duopa pump

    Much like that man i have to think every movement that i make. Its very exhausting but if i dont do it i dont move since meds are not working for me. Now i am so used to thinking i marvel at everyone who just walks.
  4. Thanks mihai for your kkind words. My mds (plural) have decided there is nothing more they can do. I do have a good physio. I have to constantly relearn and adapt when losing functions. At the moment i have to find a different way to put on trousers....
  5. It is hard to get no or very little relief from meds. Its a gamechanger
  6. Hi chuck. I am also unresponsive and was told i am not atypical but not a candidate for dbs. Apparenrly a small subgroup of typical parkinsons just dont respond to meds. Bad luck. I guess. Good luck and recheck with your mds
  7. With ne i found the sleeplessness is caused to a large degree by the medication. So i try to avoid taking sinemet after 4 pm and i stopped neupro (agonist) and now i can sleep again
  8. I have the same reaction to sinemet at night. I was unable to sleep for a year until i realized that it wasnt parkinsons that kept me from sleeping but sinemet. Now i try to avoid taking sinemet after 3 pm and i sleep much better
  9. Skiing


    Yes very much so. Pain fatigue and mobility get much worse .
  10. Afroney well done. I dont darecto dive down because i might not be able to get my head up again
  11. The thing is i cant get my legs lower in the water because they keep going up.
  12. J that sounds exactly the same. Interestingly for some legs float for others they sink. Weird. Afroney it happens with all kicks.
  13. Noticed this summer i have problems swimming. My legs dont drop but seem to float up all the time so half my stroke is above water. Hurts my neck and back. I cant get them down. Anyone else experience that??
  14. Yes it can suck. Thanks for the vit d tip. I find going downhill very bad . Pain and rigidity worse.
  15. I have the same issue. It comes and goes. But i am never painfree. It can last for weeks. Pain medication doesnt help. The only thing to make it better is hard leg exercise. Functional or weights. The harder the better. Also perhaps check for mercury. after a few years i got the same in arm ellbow and then other leg.
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